Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moonbat Watchlist

A Chinese philosopher once said-- Wait beside the river long enough and you will see the bodies of your enemies float by. I tend to agree, however a true activist knows that you must identify and isolate your enemies. You must study their tactics and develop a strategy to oppose them at every step. Make no mistake the Left has an enemies list and While I mabe low on the totem pole, I know that I have been targeted. It is a badge of honor that I carry proudly. Here follows a list of Communist, Socialist, Or so called Progressive organizations in positions to damage our capitalist system and utterly destroy our system and replace it with somethink akin to a Chavez bananna republic. This creeping incramentalism has been infecting the nation for decades and many of these groups are populated by usefil idiots who have drunk too much Democrat Kool-Aid. However, many are non-profit orgs. funded by your tax dollars and overseas globalist interests, and their leadership is pure Communist. This is an ongoing project and I will be updating when possible.
Soros is the major Pimp-Daddy behind many of these groups. A known international criminal billionare who almost destroyed the Brissish pound, he now lives in exile. His cohort Maurice Strong came up with the global warming scam back in 1983, and now lives in China. Both men are major Obama mentors and financial backers. Soros is the man pulling BHO's strings and his intention includes the decline of the US dollar and the fall of capitalism. The meltdown last year is largely a result of his "alleged" cyber attack on US holdings. 1.2 Trillion dollars dissapeared last Sept. from our entire banking system. This was before the housing bubble burst, and before the Tarp and bailout fiascos. Mortgage relief programs are coming up now , and the scams and corruption involved are immense. Keep your eyes out for these organizations, people, and corporations and the ties they have to Dems. in congress and this corrupt administration. They are the real daggers at the heart of America!
ACORN, SEIU, NTA, SEA, AFL-CIO, The Tides Foundation, The Apollo Alliance, Community Organizers International, Center for American Progress, Greenpeace, Operation Free, The Wilderness Foundation, Move on.org, Media Matters, The Sierra Club, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, AARP, WFP, The Calif. Lawyers Guild, The World Can't Wait, The Congressional Black Caucus, The Congressional Progressive Caucus, NAACP, The New Black Panther Party, Jesse Jackson--Rainbow Push, Al Sharpton--National Action Network, La Raza, The Daily Kos, Thw Huffington Post, Al Gore,Progressive Insurance, GE, MSNBC, Keith Olberman, the Sanders', The Heinz Foundation, SPUSA, Socialist International, CAIR, Al Jazeera, Sharia Finance, Citgo/Hugo Chavez, Castro Inc., more to come----

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