Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Change--Change--NOT AGAIN!

Here we see Princess Pelosi and Whorehouse Harry Reid as they unveil the next incarnation of the HealthScare Deformity Bill. Reid proclaims it to be a compromise (With Whom? The Republicans were locked out of the room!) And a consensus--(Lovely Word That)--This would be a consensus of whom and by whom? The elitest Leftist power mongers--that's who. Just like the "consensus" on Global Warming it is a farce. It exists only in the minds of the "brightest and the best" like the Harvard and academia elite that Hoover
installed in power last century. Remember Hooverviles, oh that's right history has been rewritten. Get an old textbook and find out what progressives like Teddy, Wilson and FDR have really done to bring down this nation. But I digress. Pelosi in the meantime continues to change the language of the same old crapolla under disguise in this bill. It will be exposed for what it is slowly over the next week. They presume that people will get tired and just say oh go ahead take my liberty why not. KEEP AFTER THEM! If it looks like crap, it smells like crap, and it tastes like crap, it must be crap. And if it has to be hidden behind closed doors it must be very ugly as well.

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One Ticked Chick said...

Jeez Louise, that photo of Pelosi is frightening. When politicans confer behind closed doors, you can be sure nothing good will ever come of that.