Friday, October 23, 2009

The Numbing of America

Hic' Hic' Cough, Cough. Like I always say lead by example. You can tell a lot about a person by who he hangs with too, like rev. Wright and Bill Ayres. Well now another George Soros agenda has been brought to light in Obama's great plan to "Transform America". Legalizattion is the end game. He admits it. Let's all get numb and dumb***** I think they are dumping LSD out of airplanes and putting anti-depressants in the water supply already--just kidding. But' just look around you and listen (if you can stand t0) to some of the mind numb useful idiots that support this faker. I really don't think he has the IQ of most of the dangerous bunch he has ammassed in this admin. It has never been published, nor have any of his school records. Brain damage anyone? While I do approve of the decriminalization of marijuana, I don't believe it should be glorified or used to de-moralize our society. If these liberals weren't so dangerous it would be funny.

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