Thursday, October 29, 2009

It Pays To Have Connections

The Annointed One after the Soros Coronation.


Open Society Institute, Feminist Majority, People for the American Way, The Tides Foundation, The Tides Center, Alliance For Justice, NARAL,Pro Choice America, America Coming Together, Camp for the American Future, Amnesty International, The Sentancing Project, Center for Community Change, NAACP, Human Rights Watch, Prison Moratorium Project, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, National Lawyers Guild, Center for Constitutional Rights, Coalition for an International Criminal Court(to try Bush and Cheny--his sworn enemies)The American Prospect,, Planned Parenthood, The Nation Institute, The Brennen Center for Justice, The MS Foundation for women, The National Security Archive Fund, The Public Citizen Foundation, The Urban Institute, American Friends Service Committee, Catholics for Free Choice, Human Rights First, Independent Media Institute, Media Matters, MADRE, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Immigrant Legal Resourse Center, National Immigration Law Center, National Immigration Forum, Lynne Stuart Defense Committee, Peace and Security Funders Group, ACORN

A Short List of Congressional Sellouts to Soros--Charles Rangel, Al Franken, Tom Udall, Joe Sestack---This is insidious and treasonous---Not to mention that Soros is making Billions shorting the US dollar. He said that this recession has been very good to him and his investors. Warren Buffett has profited as well. Soros just avoided arrest for destroying the Malasian Pound and almost doing the same to the Brittish currency. Pictures are to be found as far back as Obama's campaign for the Ill. senate with Soros sitting behind him. The Soros Puppy!

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