Friday, October 23, 2009


I swear that I am getting Obama burnout. Every day it is the same thing, the same lying rhetoric and leftist propaganda. I can only watch it on the net in soundbytes. This guy never stops to take a breath as long as TOTUS the teleprompter is up and running. This guy drinks too much of his own Kool-aid. His hubris and narcissism is munumental for a plain street thug that just doesn't get it. Can't he give us a break and go to work sometime? I forget who said it, but it is said that the tyrant/despot is like a man on a bicycle--he has to keep on peddling to keep from falling off. I think I' m going to switch gears and look and see what Nancy Pelosi, Whorehouse Harry Reid, Leaky Lehey, and Barney Frank are doing.&%$YU^*%&*OH NO--THE BAD OLD DAYS!!!

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