Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Audacity to Complain About TEA Party Signs (R)

The hypocrisy of the left runs amok!

This week the Demoncat leadership is in Palm Beach Fla. cozying up to the lobbyists and management of the very companies that they demonize in public. To name a few--Golman Sachs, McDonalds, Big Oil and energy companies, Big tobacco and brewinc corporations, and Tribal casino owners who wish to expand into the Same Day Cash Loan buisness.

It is just another case of smoke and mirrors for us, while the payoffs are spread thick as always.

I suggest that you read some exerpts from Charles Gasparino's (of FOX Business News) new book--"Bought and Paid For"-The unholy ulliance with the Obama administration and Wall St. He discusses the open trading of stocks and influence right on the floor of Congress.

We are the bad guys attacking Democracy and padding our wallets though.

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