Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ray Stevens - Come to the USA

We seem to be entering a stage in this election cycle where the left is grabbing onto any straw and bringing out any page of it's group identity playbook. FREE PONIES FOR EVERYONE! We have Bloomenthal of Maryland calling on the "New Americans" for support. You have Brown in California promising free education for all including the illegal La Raza nation. Finally you have Bill Clinton promising everything in the storefront and building an Obama thug force at the same time. Just serve in a "Community Service" capacity and you get a free education and a government check for life. Appause..... Applause...from the collegiate moonbats and the hispanics. Manna from heaven from the left again. Praise Obama--Praise the Clintons --Anything is possible if we believe in the Hope and the Change..........];,];.]GAGGGGG

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