Friday, October 8, 2010

The Modern "Moneychangers"

I always find strength in Christ's word in Mathew 2 when he says "Woe unto ye Pharasses and scribes." The Pharasses being the elite of their day and the scribes being the record keepers and historians; we see the same sort of lying cheats at work in our halls of power every day. They rewrite history and cook the books with impunity and apparently the Obamazombies eat it up.
Pelosi tells us that for every Food Stamp dollar spent we receive $1.79 of economic impact! REALLY?
We hear from the regime that payrolls were up last quarter. However, we learn that this is possible only when we include unemployment checks as "payroll."
We learned yesterday from a Harvard/Gallup study that the regime has been lying to us since March about the unemployment figures---DUH. The actual figure has been over 10.1%.
We now have record numbers of "poor" Americans on Food Stamps--14.8%--
Food Stamp Nation by Pat Buchanan on - A Syndicate Of Talent--However they have raised the bar so that almost anyone is elligible for this assistance now. Being poor in this nation now means making less than $40,000.00 a year. I guess that I've been poor for a long time and didn't realize it.
I saw another report of 89,ooo Stimulis checks being sent to dead people and felons.
TARP bailouts are only supposed to cost taxpayers 50 Billion now becaus of paybacks--however--they have found 64,000 cases of fraud in the program, and more lawyers and investigators must be hired to root out the fraud. This extends to overseas banks and the true extent of this corruption will probably never be known.
Fed. Res. head Bernanke is going to rob you even further by printing more cash to prop up Wall St. He and tax cheat Geitner have plans to increase inflation in order to raise Govt. revenues.
The dollar fell to a fifteen year low against the Yen yesterday and George Soros said again that he does not believe that the dollar is going to be a viable currency. (He said the same about the Pound before the Maylasian crash and the near crash of the Brittish Pound where he made billions.)
A Princeton study just came out that implicates Obummer in the Fannie/Freddie-toxic asset scheme and subsequent bank failures.
Max Baccus has sent letters to the IRS calling for the investigation of GOP contributors such as The Chamber of Commerce. However, other non-profits who deliberately break federal law by supporting only Dem. regime causes are not named.,, the apollo alliance, center for american progress, acorn, tides foundation---The list is too long to name here. All thieves and heathens!
We have much work to do after Nov. 2 throwing these bums out, and then digging into the corrupt practices at work deep into our system. Real investigation and oversight is needed, and should start immediately. When we regain a leadership role I want to be prepared to "hang" some moneycanging liars and their cronies. ---OFF with their heads. Obummer says it is to be "hand to hand combat" after the elections. Well bring it on baby thug!

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