Thursday, October 7, 2010

Evil Stalks US

Are we getting mad yet. Anyone out there ready to join my "Neo Crusade" They can bash our nation from top to bottom; from within and without. They can destroy our economy intentionally all in the name of social justice. They can divide us racially and by class to the point of civil war. But when they attack our faith and threaten to subjugate us under Sharia, I know we are truly under an evil influence. I say behead the enemy where he stands and ship him home wrapped in bacon.
Now that I have your attention, let me quantify this rant by saying that I do not call for violence against these 6th century throwbacks on our own soil. I do, however call for all citizens to prepare for attacks on us and to respond accordingly. I call on our conservative resurgence to go after Islamic radicals who call for the destruction of capitalism and violence on our institutions. These so called Imams should be deported in disgrace immediately. All construction of mega-mosque Jihadist training facilities should be halted and the backers' funds seized and the perps jailed. All spreading of Islamic influence should be halted in our prison system. All positive reference to the Koran and Islam in general should be stopped in our public schools and publicly funded colleges. All public funding and tax breaks should be cut off for Mosque and Islamic school construction and teaching. These restrictions are in place for all Christian causes, and Muslims deserve no better treatment. Sharia law and all of it's proponents must be opposed at all turns. These hooded thugs are using our own legal system against us, just as the communists have done for years. We need leadership with some cajones who will draw the line in the sand right now. Look at Britain and France and you will see your Islamic future otherwise.


tha malcontent said...

Yes, Evil Has Been Stalking Us Since this Idiot Was Elected, and we must do a reversal of that mistake as soon as we possibly can.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Insead of "pigs in a blanket" we would have "blankets in a pig". I think all of our troops in the middle east should start dipping their bullets in pigs blood also ... make it public knowledge. With or without your approval, the libs are going to bow down to the rest of the world. They're going to ruin this economy just to prove we're no better.

scott said...

I think we should start shipping crates of pigsfeet and pork rinds to all the mega-mosques here at home as well. Non violent, yet somehow fitting and effective.