Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Will Not Take It Anymore!

I heard a woman on the Glenn Beck radio show the other day comparing Obama big government policies to spousal abuse. She is a counselor to abused women and believes that the symtoms are similar to those exibited by the citizenry of the United States.
You see the denial--"Oh he really loves us and HE knows what is best." The abused citizen always returns to the abuser saying--"He has gone through hard times and therapy and he has REALLY changed from the man he used to be." Then we hear the old line--"We really deserved that abusive treatment; We have been so bad in the past." I think you get the idea. Biden, most Congressmen, and the whole leftist regime may be partially correct when the look on the "lumpen proletariat" as stupid and illiterate--"We just don't understand these serious issues. B--L S--T! We are just stupid for believing in them so often and putting these greedy commie weasles back in office.
Oh, My apologies to that good consevative ferret Woodsterpen; He can't choose his own family tree.
So with this correlation in mind; I refer you to this link - Big Government-My Congressman's history has been exposed and it ain't pretty. A divorce decree filed in 1990 shows spousal abuse and assault on his wife--resulting in a broken jaw. (See the red outlined areas.) Now I can hear you all saying that everyone has had family problems and this doesn't involve the real issues of the day. I am no innocent in these matters, but I didn't beat my wife and children! And more than that, I believe that this is an ingrained disease of the Leftist power mad elite. They are abusers--They are hypocrites--and they must be stopped!

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