Friday, October 29, 2010

Have A Spooky Election Day All!

As you may know, union activity has been defrauding Americans out of Billions for many years. What you may want to know about is the extent to which unions--especially the Communist SEIU and government employees unions such as AFGE will go to corrupt your vote.

One example I discovered is from 1997, when an honest Democrat/////WHAT?? Yes there have to be some out there somewhere. Well this honest union guy was at his union hall manning the doors one weekend when a delivery man showed up--with voting machines. This guy was not at a polling center but at a union hall. He said there must be a mistake and the delivery man just winked and said "No the machines have all been "fixed">nod> nod> wink> wink.

Well the same is being done right now in Nevada by the SEIU whose computer techs are in charge of the machines. We are told by election officials that it is only a glitch. Well, I have it from reliable sources that the same glitch has showed up here in Cinncinnatti and elsewhere around the nation. Funny ain't it that this glitch always favors Demoncats?

The White House political machine has been gutted recently as has the economic and National Security staff. Word has it that Valerie Jarrett, Axelrod, and Deadfish Emanuel are running scared and fear stalks the Halls of Power. That's right, Barack The Mighty fears the upcoming GOP tsunami and the resulting house investigations which will expose the widespread fraud and corruption in the 2008 elections. Those "Mean Republicans" will be calling for criminal charges and Possibly----IMPEACHMENT--OH NO! And what are the Demoncat leaders doing now??--HMMM?? And what will they do in the wake of the ongoing ethics violation trials already scheduled for Rangel and others?? HMMM??? Why they will throw poor Obama right under his own bus and declare no knowledge of the rampant Chicago corruption gone Washington style.

That's what will happen if we see some guts out of the upcoming Conservative leadership instead of the Rhinoplastic aisle crossing Obama sycophants ready to do their own bowing and kowtowing.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I don't really care at this point if the new majority does nothing but say NO or flood the hall of congress with investigations or both for that matter, just put a stop to this communist agenda until 2012 when both chambers of congress and the White House are occupied by Americans.

scott said...

Well said. I believe that Congress should adhere to the physisicians creed--First, Do No Harm!