Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Government Sucks!

This weekend we have another moonbat rally on the Washington Mall. John Stewart wants to bring sanity back to government---PLEEEEZE. All these mockery rallys are doing is giving more legitimacy to Glenn Beck's message on 8/28. As a centerpoint of said "restoring sanity" rally is a march by government workers. The name?---"The Government Doesn't Suck March". On a newly established website "Loop" I think it is called---they want you to name 1000 examples of why government doesn't suck. DUH--- EVERYTHING government touches turns to sucking soon afterward. The defense of our Republic from foreign invasion has been the only success I can name, and they are on the way to sucking that up too with open borders and unilateral disarmament.
However, at this point, I must offer one absolutely insane sucking example of Big Brother's intrusion into our lives.
In New York City there is a proposal on the ballot this week--- The result of which will be the elimination of gun ownership rights for possibly millions. If passed, you will not be allowed to have a weapon's permit for any gun--including a shotgun--if you have a littering fine, too many parking tickets, or unpaid bills of any variety. There are so many more truly sucky govt. rules and regulations that they fill volumes--reams of paperwork--and miles of files. These government "union" workers must justify their existence by adding to this burden on Americans, just so they can shuffle more paperwork to dig a few of us out of the mess. Problem is, the privileged few pass through while the rest of us lose ground and remain buried in the morass. Constitutional, personal, and property rights are lost forever at every turn.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The government does suck rally!

scott said...

HAAA--Rally on old boy!