Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Bash America Tour--2010

"Americans Behaving Badly" You have been at it again haven't you? Speaking out, looking for the truth instead of reading the Huffington post and watching MSNBC; and voting for those mean conservatives! Well you are going to get yours my "little pretty". You can't hide from ME!
As we see the plainly orchestrated and half phony bomb threats occur two days before an election, the bad news releases come out in an oddly coincidental fashion. Well, I don't believe in coincidences. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" and as Saul Alinski taught us--"When you are under attack you must move even faster and harder on the counterattack!" Big Sis Nepolitano has pulled the (Executive controlled) NSA in under her wing to investigate civilians for cyber crimes. No warrants, no oversights, this is simply suppression of your free speech on the Web under Obama's constant watchful eye.
Obama and the Chicago Gang have begun to use the resources of the Pentagon to form dossiers on Presidential candidates and other opponents along with their supporters.
Charlie Rangel has introduced the blueprint for a bill which will give Barack the Great his domestic military response force that he wants so badly to kill Tea Party dissent and stir up violence--not suppress it.
The left has hacked into the computer system of one of Barack's main targets--Americans for Prosperity.
The TIDES Foundation,Soros, and the Huffington-Puffington Post/Investigative Wing are suing Supreme Court Justice Roberts over his decision permitting a corporate voice to be heard on the political scene---ONLY UNION THOUGHT AND MONEY ALLOWED HERE!
Now The Despot in Chief is taking AF One and Two, 40 aircraft, his helicopter fleet, his limos, his teleprompter, and a massive staff using 800 rooms in India and on an overseas tour to scold you bad Americans.
What we are seeing here is the typical angry man/childish response of the street agitator Obama. His response to any of his own shortcomings or failures is denial and then a lashing out against presumed enemies. His whole psyche revolves around reactionary tactics.
While overseas Obama will be conducting a massive "outreach" program to the Islamic world. And all the while denying his Christian faith and his American roots. He is morphing into the "Global President" again. He feels safe and secure in this role. Globalist/Communist supporters at home and abroad will rally to his side at his time of tribulation here at home.
This is a time of extreme danger for freedom fighters here in our Nation. Many forces are being brought to bear on us that we may be slow to respond to. But be alert. The leftist usually steps in his own s--- sooner or later.


Gorges Smythe said...

"...investigate civilians for cyber crimes..."

D'ya reckon that's why someone from the US Department of Justice was snooping on my blog today? No joke! Guess an old geezer with a big mouth IS kinda dangerous.

scott said...

I've come to expect Govt. intrusion--but maybe it's the bad crowd you have been hanging out with--like ME! My sister is DHS though so let me know if you face any thugs at your door. LOL She really is though. Highly placed too!