Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Vermin Has Morphed

Here we see the dreaded Jacassian Demonmouse. He is believed to have infiltrated across our southern border as have so many diseases and harmful species. Normally docile and cowardly by nature, this mega morph has been genetically engineered to respond violently to any intrusion on it's stolen territory. It seems to have taken up residence in the DC area and is leaving a huge heap of crap and rubbish wherever it abides. Beware of it's backbiting tendencies. This hybrid shows no morality or any loyalty to it's pack, family, or followers. Seemingly cannibalistic, he will eat his own without any qualms. This creature will creep into any home, hospital, or school in order to spread it's filth. One of it's weaknesses is a deathly fear of FOXes. Show him some real opposition and he will run every time!

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