Tuesday, October 5, 2010

News From Little Chicago

Here in my "ville" Republican candidate Bill Johnson is in a real uphill battle against Demoncat entrenched union boss Charlie Wilson. Youngstown, OH is at the epicenter of this extremely gerrymandered district in which I live. Barney Frank's district control tactics have got nothing on what has been done by these gangstas' I live with.
I must attribute this report to America's Morning Show with Quinn and Rose on WPGB Pittsburgh, 104.7. Warroom.com.
Youngstown politics is as corrupt as Cleveland (voted most corrupt nationwide--beating out even NY) and Chickago put together. With the demise of almost all steel and related industry in our "rust belt" drug gangs and union gangsterism run a close race for control of our livelihood. Recently, random killings of churchgoers in Youngstown have been hushed up by most drive-by-media. An 80 yr. old man was just shot and murdered in his car after leaving church, and his wife lost a leg. The local fish wrapper attributes these killings to gang initiations. I might suggest that they also investigate nearby MegaMosque Jihadist training facilities near Dayton and elsewhere for attacks on Christians, but it is just a thought.
Youngstown has the highest taxes in the state--27.3%--and one of the highest unemployment rates. The city auditor and at least one councilman in Youngstown are currently under investigation by the Feds. and the state on corruption charges. There are more polititicians in jail there than in public service. One in particular, Lee Fisher was recently photographed hugging a known local cocaine dealer.
Now here comes the cavalry to the rescue of Representative Wilson and Gov. Strickland (in real trouble here) who back Obamacare and Pelosi agenda items to the hilt. The disputed Senate seat seems to be a Republican romp. Jumpin' Joe Biden arrives here today. Next week Barney Frank hisself is the Guest of (dis)Honor at the Mahoning county Democrat Committee fundraiser. The Pelosi scare bus arrives in St. Clairsville this weekend. Obummer was here two weeks ago>> Talk about arsonists coming right back to the scene of a fire! This valley was decimated by Urban Redevelopment, Fannie and Freddie toxic assets, and the orchestrated meltdown that followed. Now the new Financial Reform bill penned by Frank and Dodd themselves promises more of the same with racial quotas for banks serving "underdeveloped communities". Seems to me that we need to get out the pitchforks and burn Barney at the stake when he arrives. Only in effigy of course.-----Barney's words--- RealClearPolitics - Video - Barney Frank: Idea That There Could Be Too Much Regulation Is A "Fantasy Unrelated To Any Human Experience"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping watch on the Eastern Front of Ohio. Here in central Ohio we have an assorted collection of RINOs and Leftists, with a rare Conservative in the mix as far as candidates go.

I found you by searching for posts on the Flight 93 Memorial. I know about the shape of the memorial and the tower that is essentially a minaret, plus the orientation toward Mecca. What I'm trying to vet right now is a post that claims that the restrooms are sharia-compliant, i.e. there are footbaths , no urinals (because muslim men are not permitted to stand when they urinate?), and the toilets face away from Mecca. Ive not been able to vet this at all. Any insights?

Thanks for your good work, and I'll add you to my blogroll.