Monday, January 31, 2011

Cairo: Anger starting to focus on Israel, US

This paper may give you some real insight as to what danger really lies at our own door next! Just hit the link above. You surely won't get any real news here at home. I find it difficult even to make an honest assesment of this situation with all the sources at my disposal.


Teresa said...

Why do foreigners always blame the U.S. for their problems? And, these same countries complain when we intervene, then when we don't intervene. This is so ludicrous! No person on either side is willing to budge and compromise and that is why this chaos and the protests in Egypt are escalating out of control. This is an extremely chaotic situation to say the least.

Scott said...

We are the willing subjects for the world's derision. We will have to adopt more of an Israeli attitude I think. They say that what they do in their own territoty or in their own national interest is no one else's buisness, and they carry in accordingly. Donald Trymp has the right idea in this case also. Quit being "dissed" and start taxing China and the other theives. Only strength demands respect, not kowtowing to despots at White House steak dinners.