Monday, January 31, 2011

Chaos And The Left Go Hand And Hand

                  Our Hero Parties While Egypt Burns

     Whether or not Obama himself has influenced world events effectively enough to bring on violent revolution in the middle east is not entirely laudable. However his tacit support of The Muslim Brotherhood has been enough to spur on many Leftist sycophants in this country and abroad. The Egyptian authorities just don't know what to make of the mixed messages they are getting from Washington. This is by design! Good cop bad cop is the rule of this regime. Hillary calls for a peaceful transfer of power or "transition" as she calls it; "Bite me" Biden says Mubarak is not a dictator; Carter says he must step down; and propagandist Gibbs him haws all over the issue while saying that we don't pick sides.----REALLY! Well Obama clearly chose the Iranian tyranny over the popular uprising there, where there were WOMEN murdered and hung afterward. Now in Egypt; his silence; or his double speak speaks volumes.
     At the expense of tooting my own horn, I stated in 2009 (somewhat tongue in cheek as is my wont) that Obama believes that The Muslim Brotherhood and the Caliphate that they envision and desire to return to world domination will rule the Middle East. The leftist radicals, Socialists, and Communists; with the Bill Ayres / Bernadine Dorn crowd in tow;---see the attached video--- that desire worldwide chaos see this as an opportunity to bring America to it's knees once more. The Muslim Students Association, Palestinian support groups, Hamas, and Hezbollah and other dangerous organizations with ties to Jihadism see an opportunity to spread Sharia around the globe and here in America.

     I see that Erin Klein reports that "Something Big" has been smuggled into Gaza last night and that Egyptian tanks are moving on the border with Gaza. There much more here than meets the eye! I have a sickening feeling that this will be a major change in the power structure involving a more serious threat to Israel than ever before. I also feel that this was driven and supported by many unseen hands with desires on our throats! 

     I am posting an article above by the Jerusalem Post that reiterates the threat to Israel and the United States.

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