Monday, January 10, 2011

Right Wing "Vitriol" From #3357-2408

What follows is just a small sampling of the Moonbat Leftist Hate-filled assault on conservatives and conservative values. Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the compilation. You can read more on her site and it is linked on my Facebook page. Sheriff "Nutnik"--Dutnik of Pima County Arizona, (I remember when police officers were conservative as a rule even when voting Democrat. Today men like this have become radical union activists at best and a danger to their own constituents at worst!) The New York Daily News, and the rest of the leftist hacks on NBC and MSLSD should look to their own back doors before throwing down on the Tea Party or talk radio with blame for the shameless shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and all of the innocents that were killed...

Let us all remember the words of Van Jones, Francis Fox Pivin, Union Czar Bloom, AFL-CIO chief Trumpka, SEIU head Andy Stern, and countless La Raza supporters and illegal immigration proponents who have called for violent revolution in our streets as the only solution to our national crises.

 This could blow up in their own faces when the rhetoric really hits the fan. OOPS...More violent vitriol---sorry. Maybe Obummer wants to bring a gun to this fight!

No, but he has just said that he wants to issue a Federal tracking number to me and all internet users in The United States.

The loony left in Congress is introducing legislation today to limit gun sales to all citizens---AGAIN>>

One Demoncat Congressman wants to make it a Federal crime to use any angry speech when speaking to, or about any Federal official or legislator....And who decides what speech is acceptable? Why, the left of course! Watch the following , and see the true hypocrisy and who wants total control of THE TRUTH, as seen by your betters of course.

Just never mind that this atrocity was committed by a flag burning, grudge holding, anarchist, 911 truther, and devout atheist, if not a Satan worshiper. That truth is not to be published.

Video evidence of the violent left in action follows......


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We will always be on an uneven playing field as long as WE think and the Left feels. MSM is feeling it too.

The right controls the congress and no anti-First Amendment law will survive.

Scott said...

Of course the conservative congress will not pass a gun control bill--however there are still bureaucratic and judicial methods for the left to employ.