Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Liars Poker And The Dead Cat Bounce

"He Has The Whole World In His Hands..."

As we begin another glorious new year under the unsteady hand of our Glorious Leader, let us give thanks for some of his accomplishments we have endured so far under his regime.

The Dead Cat Bounce as you may know; is the false bounce that Wall Street and our economy enjoys momentarily from the infusion of the FED's fiat money.---Liars Poker is known to many as the decietful manipulation of the numbers on a dollar bill in order to scam the unsuspecting doofises in  this world. We will see more spin of the so called lack of inflation and invisible job growth during the coming months. All   successes will be due to the great due to the fine work of the greatest scam artist and manipulator the world has seen in many a year. I am in awe at how "He" has gotten away away with so much in so short a time. "He" deserves the Nobel Prize for sculduggery.

We are thankful that "He" has returned safely from his sixth vacation...I think...I lose track sometimes.
We must prepare for "His" state of dis-union speech---The Liars Poker Tour---Part II; where we will hear of the deficit reduction plans and hard choices on spending "He" will undertake now that the Pelosi/Reid/Obummer theft of FIVE TRILLION in office has already been accomplished.

We must bow to his very successful stimulation of his Demoncat cronies, The Green Lobby, Goldman Sachs and the world banking community under his steady watchful eye. The failing blue states are just about ready to default on their massive debt, and Barack just can't wait to jump in with your bailout money---all with long national government strings attached of course.

We must thank "Him" for his unwavering support of global Communist causes and his outright surrender to Russia and China under the newly enacted START treaty.All this is taking place while China's military is growing exponentially---I am sure "He" will kow-tow accordingly when the Chinese premier appears for his State Dinner next month. 

"His" gay agenda has been successful in disgracing and demoting the accomplished Navy captain on the Enterprise already, and I am sure many disgraces, disclosures and lawsuits will ensue. Soon women will be aboard all of our submarine--"pig boats". This will do wonders for moral too be sure!

As "His" "Health Deform" bill takes affect and so many unions and corporations are scrambling for the doors to find a way out of it, we find out today that forty-five doctor run hospitals will be denied the rights to build under "His" grand plan. The much denied Death Panels are to be a reality now under executive rules. There are so many new regulations to enact in the next two years it just boggles the mind.

"His" outreach to the Muslim world has been such a grand design---We can see the results in the Christmas holiday attacks on Christians in Egypt, Denmark, and the attempts all over the globe.

"His" takeover of the American oil industry will soon be a reality as we see that drilling will be denied us for the next seven to ten years.----meanwhile; Soros and the Brazilians, along with Mexico, China and Viet Nam will make billions in the Gulf of Mexico as we pull out. The leftist run EPA is enacting a new 600 page package of regulations for all carbon producing energy companies, raising your bills considerably.

Finally, I would like to thank "Him" for "His" great moves in bringing us together as a nation. We see that the illegal aliens, blacks, and anarchists ;along with the radical Left with media in tow; are calling for violent open revolt here at home just as seen in Europe.

All we can hope is that as more of "His" plans come to the forefront we will still be alive to see the fruits of "His" intense labor on our behalf. Go---Go Big BO---Please go away soon!

Thanks also to RWPIKE'S MANIPULATIONS AND CARICATURE'S  for the photo.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Well we know that none of his NEW ideas will make it through congress. What we have to worry about are his cabinet and czars. So, we need Congress to start defunding some of these grandiose schemes of his.

Scott said...

Very true--The real power rests in the hands of the leftist entrenched bureacracy. Unchecked executive power in the hands of appointed children!

Rodney Pike (rwpike) said...

Thanks Scott