Tuesday, January 18, 2011

EarthFirst Mourning Loss of a Tree - Crying & Screaming

Green is Good, Green is Great.

Yeah right. Last week Obama's greenies in the EPA and Interior Dept. canceled the mountain-top mining permits in WV that Barack promised to uphold during his campaign. These permits were Ok'd by the EPA and the Army Corps. of Engineers and were issued in 2007.

Barney Frank is throwing hissie fits over Obama,s  unchanging stand on fishing catch limits offshore of Mass. Small fishermen will lose their boats and buisnesses under regulations that say that they cannot catch any species at all after their limit is met on "one" species during the season.

The Western Watersheds Project and La Cuna De Atzlan (A group that wants to reclaim the southwestern United States for "Native Americans" and Mexicans) are suing the Federal Government to stop the building of solar powerplants in California. 

These regulations and lawsuits are mostly based on the Endangered Species act. There are hundreds of species waiting to be added to this list which will strangle the energy industry and manufacturing in general nationwide. The Wolverine alone, if admitted to the list, will put thousands of acres in Michigan and the whole northwest off limits to development.

As you probably know, all drilling is now prohibited in Alaska and all offshore facilities in US waters.

"Big Sis"Nepolitano considers climate change to be our most dangerous national security threat--besides the right wingers of course.

NASA, NOAA, and the UN climate council have declared 2010 to be the hottest year since 2005. This comes after they discontinued using all the climate data above certain latitudes of course.

Hydro-electric power generating facilities, smaller, less invasive, and very efficient are being halted by enviro-litigation nationwide.

The state of Virginia's supreme court is demanding that the Univ. of Va. disclose records and e-mails tying them to the phony science of Michael Mann and Penn. St. They first denied that such records existed, then they sued to keep them private. Fraudulent practices abound in this academic cabal.

Representative Darrel Issa and Paul Ryan among othersrs are calling for investigations into Obummer's  corrupt, unlawful, and unconstitutional use of executive power in all areas that cripple US economic growth. Obama's wish is to control all development and strangle the energy sector until it submits to more regulation; no matter that he proposes to investigate this matter from the executive branch. The raising utility bills for all Americans "through the roof" will be the result.

This land and power grab is slipping under the radar as we worry about the "tone" of congressional debate and who is going to sit on who's lap during the State of the Union address.

Keep your eye on the ball (along with your land and state's rights) people. GREEN is the new RED! The radical environmentalists must be watched, debunked, and defunded if possible at every turn.

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