Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matthews' Insider News: Obama Will Have "Special Night On Guns..."

Last night's Altered State of the Union speech was not the end of your bureaucratic nightmare--only the beginning!

Green Dreams and The Divine right of Bureaucrats

I will attempt to interpret some of the weasel words in last night's "inspirational" Obummer speech, although I could barely make it through to the end.

"China is doing it --blah blah--You can't make it without ME--blah blah--Cooperate or else--blah blah--Edison, Invest, I command your inventiveness.

 Top down command and control--blah blah--We need a Sputnik moment--more regulations--keep Americans safe--blah blah--bigger new agencies--blah blah--no Bush tax rates for the bad rich--blah blah--No more exploration for Big Oil--take their money--blah blah--Invest billions in renewable energy that only supplies .6% of our energy usage--blah blah--

Take the bad bankers money; give it to my political cronies in GE, Siemens, and GM and invest in Government first!--blah blah--

Give more money for teachers unions and children's indoctrination centers--blah blah--Trains, trains everywhere' going from failed city to failed city, that no one will ride, Give up your cars--BIG GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES ALL AROUND--BIG UNION JOBS THAT WILL COST YOU BILLIONS--blah blah--

Now I will create a whole new top down Executive run-non-transparent regulatory system that is answerable to no one but ME you will have no say in it whatsoever! By my executive order you must comply with all regulations on "ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE" and adhere to all rules on "FAIRNESS and RESPECT FOR HUMAN DIGNITY">>THE EFFECT OF ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS MUST BE APPLIED WITH RESPECT TO THEIR EFFECT ON MINORITY AND DISADVANTAGED GROUPS---HOWEVER I DEFINE THAT! A WHOLE NEW BIG BUREAUCRACY IN THE MODEL OF DHS WILL BE CREATED TO TO RUN IT ALL!

Oh yeah, Islamic Americans have their place--blahh blahh-- And bless the gay troops.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Scott, your piece here has given me a tingle up my leg.

Scott said...

We all get that tingle when we hear THE DEAR LEADER speak---Ohhhh that tingle is in my stomach---ohhh.