Monday, January 31, 2011

Moo Cows for Obama Campaign Video

Here we see happy cows! They are celebrating Obama's new regulatory designs for their imperialist, oppressive farmer overlords. They say BO isn't just crying over spilled milk.

     As part of the new EPA response to the Gulf oil spill, dairy farms in the United States will be required to meet strict federal standards for "milk spills" just as if they were oil spills. PETA must be so proud of our young president! He is going after those evil meat and milk lovers. That's right--since milk contains animal fat, the EPA now considers it to be a possible environmental hazard. Dikes, berms, and catch basins will have to be built surrounding farms. Farmers will have to train "First Responders" in emergency cleanup operations.

     Never mind that government intervention in farm production; especially the dairy industry has driven milk prices higher than the price of oil. Meanwhile farmers are forced into communist style cooperatives to sell their product at even a small profit.
     When you permit radical environmentalists to make such decisions affecting a major industry and staple food production it affects every American; middle class and poor alike. You will be facing food riots here in coming years if the planned inflationary policies of this regime are allowed to take root.

     And this is supposed to be Obama's plan to free up business by discarding oppressive and unnecessary regulation? Right. The Great Deceiver marches on--straight left.

Got Milk?


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That ourht da git all them moo cows to a votin' fer Obamer. That and MO's rear end looks familiar.

Scott said...

y'all rednek neo-cons lisen to yo' critters now!