Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Barack's Bad Marketing

Here we see the latest winter fashion straight out of the Marxist NYC fashion centers.
No, really folks, this hat and other Communist Obama paraphernalia is for sale at

I believe that a new marketing campaign of this "titanic" scale is needed to bring Obama back into contention for the 2011-2012 race. He really should COME OUT of the Marxist / Leninist closet.

LA Times Tuesday...

A top former White House aide to Barack Obama sees a "titanic struggle" emerging as the Democratic incumbent confronts awful economic numbers and Republican political opposition that seems bent on defeating the guy for some reason. 

David Axelrod, who used to work in the White House but has since fled back to Chicago as the reelection campaign's top political strategist, uttered his unfortunate floating metaphor to a New Hampshire audience Tuesday.

Speaking at a college in Manchester, Axelrod also used a sailing metaphor:

"In 2008, we had the wind at our backs. Now, we don't have the wind at our back. We have the wind in our faces, because the American people have the wind in their faces."

Here I will show you some of the failed Obama marketing schemes of the past few years...along with a couple of  idiotic media stunts that should be scrapped or updated and brought out into the light of the New Obama Socialist world view!

This year's new campaign strategy must be "organized" into a Communist model or the Obama presidency is facing a train wreck.

There is more news on the Communist Front at The Warrior Bard--"Are We Communist Yet?"


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That is a great collection.

Scott said...

Thx, I save the best for just such idiocy in

Dean_L said...

My favorite is the put it in D vs. put it in R at the top of the cliff. It's just so apropos.

Nice compilation work!

Scott said...

Thx Dean for the kind words---D & R are not interchangable...Barack says WE must move forward as good progressives...NO THANKS!