Friday, September 16, 2011

A Tribute To Inner City Achievement

I must offer this Friday tribute to Soulstraw tee H8R--Attack Watch goon par exellance' and to all of the hardworking...sic...minions out there...Even though he can't read a lick and his writing / comprehension skills are falling faster than the SAT national averages for inner city urban yutes, I am sure that he will soon find his way out of his Mama's basement and into a cushy Obama funded stimulis gig. It must be hard for an up and coming organizer to make it these days, what with the BUSH CAUSED recession sill going on. Why, an innocent young man could turn to ANYTHING nowadays! He might even promote Black Panther violence

But we must give all credit to the Dear Leader and the wonderful Great Society programs that Pelosi and Reid have sponsored over the last two decades for keeping us in the fine shape that we find ourselves in. We must not stray from the path that Liberal Democracy has led us on!  

Look at the FINE leadership that the Church of the New Black Reconstruction offers the Yutes of today!

And remember that Barack has promised us that jobs (at $275,000.00 a pop) are right around the corner in all of our cities!---Detroit needs all the help it can get... 

I am SOOO SORRRY if my images and remarks have offended any victims of White Capitalist Oppression out there...I make no excuses for my intolerant behavior, but I have a job to do and I must express myself to accomplish my goals in life.

I have a DREAM...

They are even making new television shows about us out there Soulstraw! I am sure you can audition for a role.
H8RS is sure to be a hit! 

So have a great weekend out there everyone!
Great things are right around the corner!
Stay tuned for my next post on the EPA Environmental Justice racket that dispenses Obamacash by the Billion to urban Liberal special interest victims groups. Come and get yo's HERE RIGHT NOW!

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