Friday, September 30, 2011

Governor Perry Is Getting Off Track

Sorry all you Perry fans, I am just saying that Perry should quit paying so much attention to the Leftist media and their operatives.

The candidate from Texas just showed up here in Wheeling, WV last night for a $2500.00 a plate fundraiser. More power to him I say!
He would not allow any interviews while he was there, and the media were not permitted access to the event at the White Palace in Wheeling Park. The fundraiser was sponsored by Bob Murray of Murray Energy Corporation.
The WV Republican Party said that they had no idea that Governor Perry was even going to be here!

This is a excerpt from his remarks last night.

WHEELING - Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry told supporters in Wheeling on Thursday that the federal government must get "out of the way" of private job creation.

The Obama administration is only interested in creating government jobs, and is not increasing efforts to create private sector jobs, he said.

"Government cannot, will not, and never has created a permanent job," he said. "That is not what it does. Government can create hurdles to job creation - which is what we're seeing in the federal government today. Or, reduce the various hurdles - as some states have done - by lowering tax hurdles, by having a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable."

The only thing predictable about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today is that "it's going to kill more jobs," Perry said.

"The government needs to get out of the way," he said. "Quite frankly, the federal government needs to do some of the things that they are constitutionally required to do, like support our borders with Mexico ... instead of getting off on all these other issues.

The 10th Amendment doesn't say anything about Washington, D.C., delivering health care."
That amendment gives states the powers not specified by the U.S. Constitution...
Read More...The Intelligencer

As I said perhaps Perry is getting a little gun shy of the press coverage he is getting. His poll numbers have fallen due to these staged Leftist media attacks and some on the right have fallen for the bait.
Buck up Mr. Perry! Things will only get tougher as we get closer to nomination time and just wait until Barack and the left open up full bore on you!

Keep a stiff upper lip and all that sir!

No offense intended fans...just testing the waters...
Originally from The Warrior Bard

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