Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chinese PLA Menace Exposed

Under a Republican controlled Congress back in the 80's there was a law passed requiring the Defense Department to publish a report on Chinese military activity on a periodic basis. What follows is a sample of the latest analysis. The entire report is linked below. Among the findings I discovered an internal memo from a senior Chinese PLA  general. In it he states that the "US cannot be attacked in a first strike at the present time due to our capacity to detect their existing missle sites from satelites and to detect a launch immediately".  This only underscores the fact that such a first strike has been considered and discussed at the highest levels of the PLA. You will see here that China is fast at work trying to update their nuclear systems and to hide their existing missles underground...This is chilling...but what will our response be? I am not optomistic.

Human Events...China’s White Paper announces the regime’s “active defense” security strategy, which pretends to focus on defense and promises to attack only if attacked.  But Mosher says China’s use of the term “active defense” is just a euphemism for the PLA’s “determination to strike first in the event of a crisis.”  He concludes “active defense” is “not defensive at all, but is a strategy of offense and expansion.”
China is growing its strategic missile program backed by a developing anti-ballistic missile system.  The Pentagon expects China to invest considerable resources to maintain its nuclear arsenal, which Beijing claims will never be used unless it is first attacked by atomic weapons.

But that view disputes a 2005 statement by Gen. Zhu Chenghu, a dean at China’s National Defense University, who said that if the U.S. used conventional arms on Chinese territory, "We will have to respond with nuclear weapons," according to the New York Times.

The Pentagon reports China added 25 new multi-warhead road-mobile, solid propellant intercontinental-range ballistic missiles to its arsenal in 2010.  Beijing’s growing nuclear arsenal is kept safe in deep underground bunkers connected by 3,000 miles of tunnels, a complex that until this report was kept secret.

The Pentagon also for the first time affirmed China is developing a nationwide missile defense system.  Reportedly Beijing’s nonexplosive, high-speed interceptors can hit missiles at heights of up to 50 miles.  “In January 2010, China successfully intercepted a ballistic missile at mid-course, using a ground-based missile,” according to the Pentagon.

China’s hegemonic intentions, aggressive behavior and sobering militarization demonstrate an emerging, dangerous new global threat.  The U.S. and its allies must prevent China from becoming a global hegemon that would use that position to push its Marxist ideology...
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The entire Defense Department report can be read HERE.

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