Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Parents Are Idiots

Here is the second edition of...

Clowns are SOOO much fun....

But not when your mother is one

That dog keeps chasing me!

Her mother's pride...the future head cheerleader...OR ELSE!

His father's pride and joy....HMMMM?

Drives better than her mom

Moochelle told you fast food was bad for your kids!

Baby smuggler caught in Walmart!

A sure bet to replace Jerry Brown!

Who...THEM? Naw, my parents are dead!

Endangered species

What it means to live in a FREE socialist country

Well... sometimes freedom is overated

This generation will remember you Obama!

This is my creation...and my personal advice...
Never leave your children alone with strangers!

Have a great holiday little ones!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Model citizens!

Scott said...

It's just possible that these children of the Libtard Left could be the Conservative counter-insurgency of the future...Lil' rebels WITH a cause as it were. I feel a recoil coming from today's yutes against years of bad lefty policy.