Monday, September 12, 2011

Hell No You Can't

 "YES WE CAN" elect Barack Obama president, but...

No we can't mention his middle name.
No we can't win the war on terror.
No we can't expand oil exploration, drilling or refining.
No we can't build nuclear power plants.
No we can't convert coal to oil.
No we can't extract oil from shale.
No we can't punish companies for knowingly hiring illegal aliens and conspiring with them to commit tax fraud and identity theft on an unprecedented scale.
No we can't build a security fence on our southern border.
No we can't deport people who've entered our country illegally.
No we can't allow a small percentage of social security funds to be held in individual retirement accounts.
No we can't reduce government spending, waste and corruption.
No we can't adopt a less complicated tax system that would help to expand the economy.
No we can't allow medical professionals and their patients to control the healthcare system.
No we can't create a voucher program that would allow millions of poor children to attend schools that are capable of teaching them how to read and write.
No we can't allow parents to be involved in the reproductive decisions of their minor children.
No we can't fund technologically advanced weapons systems for our military.
No we can't thin out our nation's forests in order to prevent massive wildfires from erupting on a regular basis.
No we can't tolerate free speech on talk radio.
No we can't cut off government funding to "artists" who use our money to insult our religious beliefs.
No we can't allow the general public to determine the definition of marriage.
No we can't prevent the government from seizing private property for the purpose of selling it to large corporations which generate greater tax revenues than individuals.
No we can't scrutinize the scientific evidence behind the man-made global warming hypothesis.
No we can't tolerate religious leaders who denounce homosexuality.
No we can't smoke cigarettes on private property.
No we can't outlaw the murder of unborn children.
No we can't allow Christian symbols to be displayed in public squares at Christmas time.
No we can't employ terrorist profiling techniques at airports.
No we can't fire Marxist teachers from institutions of higher learning who spew anti-American rhetoric in class and seek to erode the moral foundation of their students.
No we can't carry handguns for personal protection.
No we can't order foods that contain trans fats at our favorite restaurants.
No we can't stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.
No we can't question the patriotism of neo-communist radicals and terrorist sympathizers.
No we can't impose the death penalty on unrepentant serial killers.
And no we can't remove from office judges who rewrite our Constitution from the bench.

Yes we can vote into the highest public office in the land a completely unqualified liberal activist just because he happens to be half black, but no we can't live as our forebears intended, with limited government interference in our lives, an expectation of equality under the law, and genuine pride in our country.

United States

From DarcPrynce


A story of Big Brother gone MAD from the "Enlightened Brits"....

Social services faced outrage  yesterday for taking four obese children from their parents.
The couple have lost a three-year battle with the authorities and their youngest children – girls aged 11, seven and one, and a boy of five – will either be ‘fostered without contact’ or adopted.
The move follows a failed attempt to solve the children’s weight problem by putting the family in a ‘Big Brother’ house, having a social worker present to monitor all meal times, and imposing a curfew and strict rules about their lifestyle.
The couple were given a three-month deadline to bring down their weight.
After that failed, the family were moved into a two-bedroom flat.
In one report the family was sanctioned for letting the one yr. old "crawl around the house"!
The strain of constantly being monitored is said to have led to the 56-year-old father moving out in January this year.
He said: ‘To have a social worker stand and watch you eat is intolerable. I want other families to know what can happen once social workers become involved.

‘We will fight to the end to get our beloved children back.‘

I am sure that these bureaucratic nannies with a power fetish do not have any children of their own. But they will be telling you how to raise YOURS very soon I am afraid.
Read more at the Daily Mail


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The Big Brother is here now ... remember, "It Takes A Village"?

Scott said...

Yes, but he grows more intrusive day by day if we allow him to.