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The Turn In Your Neighbors Bill

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There’s been a lot of spirited online rebellion in the last couple of days in reaction to Obama for America’s “Attack Watch” campaign. In typical American fashion, people are reacting to Obama’s announcement of a new criticism watchdog, replete with web site, by going out of their way to criticize and make fun of our President.
I am glad to see this, because it shows that the American sense of life–which has found expression in the Tea Party movement and is aptly symbolized in the classic “Don’t Tread On Me” flag–is alive and well. (Republican wins in the recent special elections are also a great sign.) I must admit I’m somewhat torn about discussing Attack Watch, however. This is because, as much as I want to join in on the frequent Obama-heckling tweet-fests (they’re fun and cathartic), I don’t want to increase the amount of resources squandered by Attack Watch. But maybe I should just get over that, because this is all for a good cause: that of showing that Americans won’t stand for anything that smacks of censorship of criticism of their elected officials.

Well, here is something that should make your eyes bleed!

The following...House Bill--HR 963...was submitted by Republican Representative Mr. Smith of TX.

H.R. 963 The see something say something bill. Currently in the House of Representatives. 
This piece of legislation would give immunity to anyone reporting "suspicious" activity to the police.
Now you might say that it is a moral citizen's duty to report suspicious activity to the police. You would be correct. Nothing wrong with wanting to prevent crime or help stop a crime. Currently though if someone fabricates a story and makes a report to law enforcement and it is not true then they are subject to being sued or arrested for filing false reports.

H.R. 963 would remove any penalty for making a false report to law enforcement. Anyone could accuse anyone else of any crime they could imagine and whether or not it is justifiable or even remotely true is of no consequence. In other words if the neighbors kid is tearing up your lawn and you call his parents and complain and he gets in trouble you he could call the FBI or DHS and then you would be fighting a federal investigation because you caused a 12 yr old to be grounded. (Let's say you were loading lawn fertilizer in the back of your van. He could say he saw you making a bomb) Normally that kid and/or his parents would be on the hook for making false statements to law enforcement. With the passage of this bill they would be immune to being sued for any damages they caused.
Tactics such as this have been employed throughout history by every authoritarian regime from The Inqusition to Saddam Hussein. Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were BIG fans of policies such as this. I encourage you to write your elected representatives and tell them to vote against legislation such as this. While discussing it on here definitely helps to make more people aware we have to tell congress to vote against it or we're doing no good.

What really burns me up is this bill was drafted and sponsored by a Texas republican. Just more proof that the Republican party is filled with just as many anti-American, anti-Constitution, and anti-freedom wannabe dictators as the Democratic party.
H/T to Royce Nugent

Ready for the Gulag everyone? (Go to this link for an Attack Watch update!)

The SS was formed in 1925 under the then name “Saal-Schutz” (Assembly-Hall-Protection), intended for providing security for Nazi party meetings and as a personal protection squad for Adolf Hitler.[1] Under the leadership of Heinrich Himmlerbetween 1929 and 1945, the SS was renamed to “Schutz-Staffel” and grew from a small paramilitary formation to one of the largest and most powerful organizations in the Third Reich.
The SS grew from a small paramilitary unit to a powerful force that served as the Führer‘s “Praetorian Guard“, the Nazi Party’s “Protection Squadron” and a force that, fielding almost a million men (both on the front lines and as political police), managed to exert as much political influence in the Third Reich as the Wehrmacht (Germany’s regular armed forces).

From Gulag Bound

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