Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Next Step Toward The NWO?

(AFP) — An Israeli general warned on Monday that the risk of all-out war has increased in the Middle East where the Arab Spring of revolts could turn into a “radical Islamic winter.”
“What was considered as the spring of the Arab people could turn into a radical Islamic winter, and this raises the likelihood of an all-out war in the region,” General Eyal Eisenberg said.
     With the upcoming UN vote on Palestinian statehood there will come an opportunity for all supporters of the worldwide Islamic Caliphate to capitalize on the international fervor against Israel.  
     Where the Obama regime will step into this discussion, and to what degree they will support Israel is hardly clear. In last week's post--"The Defender of the Faith" I passed on the news of a new Obama policy supporting UN Resolution 16/18; which in many member states makes uncomplimentary speech about Islam a punishable offense.

    In a seemingly unrelated story, the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife swat team with Justice Dept. warrants / under Obama regime orders invaded a US company, Gibson Guitars and confiscated materials and computer records.  An excellent commentary on this INJUSTICE DEPT. THUGGERY is written in The Business Insider--Guns and Guitars. This attack on US buisness is defined by the CEO of Gibson in the video above. But what really stands out here is the fact that the Obama regime is not only pushing a Union agenda, but also enforcing a UN mandate against the use of certain foreign woods and materials, even when the corporation under suspician has obtained all necessary permits to procure said materials.
     The reason that I connect these two issues becomes clear when you realize that the Obama regime is supporting UN mandates in both cases; and I feel that this pattern will only continue when it comes to UN gun control mandates, Agenda 21 land confiscation initiatives, and children's "rights" agenda items which deny the rights of parents to raise their own children as they deem fit. This has been roundly supported by Hillary Clinton (The Big Village) and Our Dear Leader in the past.
     I fear that this New World Soros driven agenda will soon be implemented in the Middle East against Israel.
     The NATO invasion of Lybia was only a test case for the UN policy of "The Right to Defend". This is a George Soros / Samantha Power / Hillary Clinton plan to isolate and eventually invade Israel. Israel will be the main target when the next shoe drops. America will be next!
     It seems that the national sovereignty of free western nations worldwide are being attacked by using the corrupt, Islamist / Communist controlled UN to issue mandates. 
     Our "New World Leader" will implement these unconstitutional laws inside our own borders without any discussion in Congress or with the American people. This policy must be stopped before it gains any more momentum. 
     If we allow this denial of our national sovereignty and our Constitutional GOD given rights to continue there will be NO TURNING BACK. No election will matter under such circumstances.


Anonymous said...

You know, if they can do this with guitars because of wood; what is to stop them from doing it with guns?

Scott said...

A move to defund the UN as linked to in this post will be a start...Defunding ATF and related unnacountable Bureaucratic thug agencies will help also. Quit feeding the bums and they become irrelevant.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Chicago style politics coming to a country near you.

Scott said...

"Demonic" ain't it?---Ann Coulter