Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ode to the Moonbat

From his ship we must bail. He's so big he can't fail. Save the Moonbat. The War Pigs he hates but the war stays on late. Thank the moonbat. He gives you a home where the criminals roam-with the Moonbat. See no jobs to be had? It's your system that's bad says the Moonbat. He shuts down your mills, for a mouse they might kill. Save the Moonbat. Here comes a big storm. The earth is too warm. Warns the Moonbat. But it just got so cold. Shut up you're too old! Screams the Moonbat. To the Workhouse you go. You must go with the flow. Yes Moonbat. All praise to the One. But, your faith it is done. Prays the Moonbat. I'll take all your money, so the future is sunny-For the moonbats. A fair wage for all, But your system must fall. Yea Moonbat. You must all act like me, so we now can be free. Blesst' Moonbat. He takes all your books that were written by kooks. Not like Moonbat. All truth as we know, from the One it must flow. Hails the Moonbat. He takes all your screens, your jams and your dreams. All moonbat. To replace them with his. How much better this is. With the Moonbat. To my home I now turn, but he says it must burn. Oh Moonbat! And now that he's done, all our cities are gone. No Moonbat! Where's everyone at? Save the Moonbat!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The first step is the hardest

Go on folks , sign your lives and your children's lives away to tyranny and oppression. It will only hurt you a little bit. You can believe me. I am Harvard educated and far more intelligent than you. I know what is best.

Envy is a sin

I truly believe that class envy is at the root of all Leftist agenda items. It is their tool to push their agenda on this mostly conservative nation. Everything from healthcare reform to cap and tax, redistribution of wealth via unionization, and so called reform of our financial system is based on class envy. What we must realize is that the elite on the left now control all branches of government, the mainstream media, our schools and huge sectors of a once free capitalist system. And know this--They never have and never will have your best interests at heart. While they decry profits, industry, reinvestment in our "failed system", and all innovation. The power grubbers--so called progressives of both parties-- in all sectors-- are aligning themselves for complete control of all aspects of your lives.