Friday, May 21, 2010

Financial Deformity And Decline

The time has come to decide for yourselves how much faith you really have in the US markets and the viability of our dollar on the world markets. Congressman Weiner is attacking Glenn Beck and Gold Line. Obummer is ready to nationalize the remaining banks not already under executive control. A September or October suprise is in store and it will probably involve the fall of the EURO (Soros designed). Check the Soros Watch--linked on this site. Look who is doing the telling and who is listening in this pic. And this Senatorial hack has the temerity to question the ethics of Goldman Sachs or any financial institution. Of course Goldman, Fannie and Freddie, as well as Soros and the 6 or 7 global money traders and hedge funds will not be affected by the new rules. Only small buisness and regular middle class Americans will be on the hook again as Cap and Tax passes and the Big Boys pull in TRILLIONS to redistribute to their cronies and despots world wide. This last sudden fall of Wall St. was only a test. It was orchestrated out of the Chicago Commodities market at the behest of one middle eastern billionare hedge fund operator. Soon others fell in line and panic ensued. I hope my friends and followers have diversified their investments.and own only real property and convertable assets. I was one of the first to make this call three--four years ago when I saw people investing wildly in Fannie and freddie. I saw the outcome long ago. These men have no souls and they have bought and paid for your representatives and the Presidency itself. Civil strife and worldwide revolt is their goal and it is on our own horizon. Maybe sooner than we expect.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Watchdogs Alert!

Over the next few months the left will be covertly moving to nationalize the Nov. elections. Statewide primary turnouts show a very light Demoncat turnout here in Ohio and elsewhere. The Soros backed Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner corrupted the vote in the 2008 election here by installing new quick voting rules, while not allowing thousands of military overseas votes, presumed to be Rep. votes. She lost her bid to run for the empty Voinovich seat. That may turn to our favor--or maybe not if she can do her dirtiest from inside the system. New voting machines in many states will be used to manipulate the vote and fraud will be the norm in many close races. The latest move by the Whitehouse and the FCC involves the "Deem and Pass" strategy we heard of this year. This is an attempt to shut down our voices over the internet before the elections. Net Neutrality will be imposed despite the recent appeals court ruling that the FCC has no right to restrict net speech or content. Any scheme to marginalize us or shut us down will come to light soon. Racial intimidation will be used to demonize Americans with opposing views at every turn. Immigration debate will turn one against the other as the Obamanation has planned all along. We are being ruled by 20% of the radical Marxists in this nation and 30% of dumbed down sycophants. The dangerous ingredient in this mix however is the fact that THE BUREAUCRACY writ large is controlled by the moonbat left. They will try to regulate us into oblivion if they can't do it legislatively. Now we must keep an eye on our backdoors at all times. Howl like a hound with a treed coon if you see corruption or fraud, and proclaim unfair practices and abuse of power at any supression of voter rights or other violations. Your so called representatives will play "CYA" games. It is up to us to expose this takeover before we lose the chance forever.