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Stoopid Mooslims

Prince Chuckles saves Gaia!
Another aristocracy runs aground through inbreeding,

There was a time long ago when Muslim civilization predominated as a result of Islam imposing itself on what were then the most advanced parts of the world. Inevitably the barbaric ideology brought the Middle East into long-term decline. Today, people from the Islamic world often come across as crazy and not very bright. There's a reason for that:
Nicolai Sennels is a Danish psychologist who has done extensive research into a little-known problem in the Muslim world: the disastrous consequences of Muslim inbreeding brought about by the marriage of first-cousins.
The practice of marrying close relatives, which has been prohibited in the Judeo-Christian tradition since the days of Moses, was sanctioned by Muhammad and has been going on now for 50 generations (1,400 years) in the Muslim world.
This practice of inbreeding will never go away in the Muslim world since Muhammad is the ultimate example and authority on all matters, including marriage.
The massive inbreeding in Muslim culture may well have done virtually irreversible damage to the Muslim gene pool, including extensive damage to its intelligence, sanity, and health.
According to Sennels, close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred.
For an example of the cretinism inbreeding can reduce people to, refer to the Prince of Wales.

But let us not forget Al Gore when it comes to cretinism today in the United States of America!

This useful but dangerous idiot has made DEPOPULATION his latest cause. Yes he wants you to stop having babies to save Gaia the Great.....However, I presume that the Mooslim world and the Latino masses south of our borders are to be permitted to have dozens of wives and hundreds of anchor babies tied to America's hip just as in the welfare states of Europe.

Hat tip to Moonbattery

Why I Hate Bureaucrats!

Can't Obummer find enough US citizens to install in positions of unvetted aristocratic power. I guess not, as he has appointed this British Socialist / Communist / Statist--Dr. Allison Oldale--seen below--- to be the head of our own "Ministry of Competition" at the FTC. This means of course that she will determine the outcomes of "free market economics" (picking winners and losers) according to The Regime Agenda.

As BO himself has dictated through the NLRB---

"SEIU lawyers shall be in charge of all NLRB rulings."
"Unions shall be installed as soon as a vote can be initiated, without oversight or any time for businesses to respond to union demands." This is despite the fact that Congress denied passage of a Card Check law.
Yesterday HE totally sidestepped a question concerning the NLRB ruling and it's job killing ramifications. As HE stated in his condescending and divisive press conference---
"I will not comment on the Boeing decision as a judge will decide the outcome of this case."
When asked about HIS unconstitutional dictates and the legality of the Right to Marriage act HE said that HE would not put on HIS professor of constitutional law robes. The fact is HE was never a "Law Professor"! Although he played one in class and on TV.

                                                      Hat tip to A Retired Marine

Here is the lowdown on the latest Socialist "Mall Guard" to infect the ranks of our government and it's autocratic rule. This one flew clean under the Leftist media radar.
This is well worth the read----

Former Chief Economist of the United Kingdom's Competition Commission (UKCC), Dr. Alison Oldale, has been appointed to the position of Deputy Director for Antitrust in the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
Go ahead and read that again. I'll wait.
That's right. A British government agent has been placed in a senior management position where she'll have a significant impact on mergers, acquisitions, and the inner workings of the FTC. That an unelected foreign antitrust regulator will play a key role in restricting the property rights and economic freedoms of Americans is serious cause for concern.
Traitors In Our Midst
Did we lose a war? Or have we just run out of pro-antitrust economists in the USA? ... there is absolutely no justification for a US government agency to hire an employee of a foreign government for a position of substantive authority over US citizens and businesses. The Bureau of Economics is the FTC's clearinghouse for reviews of mergers and other interventionist policies. Most of the Bureau's work is carefully shielded from public view. So on top of this institutional secrecy we now have a senior official whose loyalties are with a foreign government — one whose interests are not compatible with the alleged principles underlying the American constitutional system.
Dr. Oldale's appointment is public confirmation that the FTC commissioners, led by Jon Leibowitz, are traitors. They have no regard for the lives and liberties of the American people; their only interest is at enriching themselves — and their foreign allies — at our expense.
Foreign National About to Run a Key Bureau of a Top U.S. Regulatory Agency
The U.K. Competition Commission knows her role over here will be a long-tern plus for the U.K. In a statement they wrote:
Whilst we will be sorry to lose her services for a while, this secondment will bring longer-term benefits for us and further strengthen our relationship with the FTC.
How can she be considered anything less than a spy? What the hell is the FTC thinking? Certainly not about the interests of America. There is a major question as to whether the FTC serves any useful function in the first place, but to bring a foreign national into the decision making process at the top levels of an agency that may in the future deal with the opposing interests of the foreign national's home country is just bizarre.
Notice the UKCC's statement declares that she's on "secondment." This means that Dr. Alison Oldale is simply "on loan" to the FTC, and will return to work at the UKCC upon completion of her FTC assignment.
Things just keep getting stranger by the day ... don't they?
You would think that the appointment of a foreign national - an agent of a foreign government - to a high-level regulatory position in our federal government would be big news, calling into question their commitment to United States sovereignty. But you'd be sadly mistaken. So far barely a whisper has been heard from the mainstream press.
What will Dr. Alison Oldale be up to at the FTC?
FTC Names British Government Agent to Senior Position
At the Bureau of Economics, Dr. Oldale will oversee approximately 45 economists and support staff working in two groups to review potential antitrust cases. While the FTC's Bureau of Competition – one of the agency's two enforcement arms – makes the final decisions on what cases to prosecute, the Bureau of Economic plays a critical policymaking role, according to FTC documents:
Staff economists work closely with the attorney staff in designing investigations, formulating candidate economic theories, and searching for confirming or denying evidence in documents, from customers, or industry sources. BE [Bureau of Economics] takes the lead role in data gathering and econometric analysis regarding various issues connected with a case. For antitrust cases, such analysis might relate to demand estimation or price comparisons across markets with differing structures. … Interaction between BE and the parties’ economists is now more common that it once was during investigations, due, in part, to the increased use of econometric work by the enforcement agencies and outside parties in merger investigations.
In the course of an FTC antitrust investigation – which can last for months if not years – Bureau of Economics staff has access to private business documents obtained from investigation targets. The FTC is not subject to the Fourth Amendment's probable cause and judicial oversight requirements, and antitrust investigations often devolve into fishing expeditions designed to uncover information that can be used (or misused) into forcing companies to take certain actions desired by Commission officials.
As deputy director, Dr. Oldale will be in a position where she can directly influence the decision-making of American companies and, more importantly, provide cover for the predetermined actions of Bureau of Competition officials who wish to oppose a particular merger or business practice for political reasons. This is a sensitive position, and it is highly questionable for the FTC to appoint an agent of a foreign government to it, especially since there is no shortage of similarly credentialed economists in the US who could fill the role.
Advancing the unelected technocracy.
These types of inter-bureaucratic relationships only widen the chasm between the public and the government, because they foster the creation of networks that transcend any attempt at constitutional limits. The FTC understands this. That explains not only Dr. Oldale's appointment, but the Commission's creation and leadership of the International Competition Network, a UN-type organization composed of unelected antitrust regulators from around the world. The ICN is yet another forum where the FTC can meet with its foreign counterparts away from prying eyes – their most recent meeting was in the Netherlands – and coordinate policies that directly inhibit the rights and liberties of American citizens.
That said, this is not first and foremost a "one world order" scheme for its own sake. The international antitrust community is ultimately a cartel designed to advance the private economic interests of its participants. Dr. Oldale is a perfect example; a person who has moved between government and private "consulting," where her value increases as she becomes more and more connected to the key antitrust decision-makers around the world.
Since the mainstream media hasn't bothered investigating Dr. Alison Oldale's appointment to the FTC, we don't have a lot of information to go on, so we're left with many unanswered questions.
Does this appointment represent the beginning of the entrenchment of globalist bureaucrats in our government, the inevitable consequence of our century old progressive regime? Is this simply cronyism among the bureaucratic elite? Or as some have speculated, could the appointment of Dr. Alison Oldale be directly related to the antitrust war the FTC is preparing to declare on Google?
Whatever the reason, a foreign government agent being appointed to a high-level, unelected regulatory position at the FTC, spells nothing but trouble for the American people.


Below you will see more of my disdain for Statism and it's minions in two great videos-----

We're the Government -- and You're Not

Its All Bull shit -George Carlin: It's Bad For Ya -Hbo Previ

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yes Mr. President, I Do Want Alligators in My Moat

Even the old RINO McCain stood up the other day in favor of the MOAT.

Appearing at a weekend news conference, Mr. McCain said that illegal immigrants “have set fires because they wanted to signal others …. and they have set fires because they wanted to divert law enforcement agencies.”
On Tuesday, Mr. McCain said in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show he was “puzzled” by the firestorm that has erupted after his remarks.
“We know that people who come across our border illegally … that these fires are sometimes, some of them, caused by this,” he said. Mr. McCain added, “I’m puzzled … that there should be any controversy.” He said he was merely repeating information he’d been given during a briefing with federal officials, including the U.S. Forest Service, before he appeared at the news conference.

In this ARTICLE in The American Thinker we hear the old tried and false political rhetoric emitting from The Dear Leader. We see now that BO has instructed ICE to put a hold on all deportation of non-criminal illegal aliens. (A REAL OXYMORON--I KNOW! 
In GA BO has instructed the Justice Dept. to investigate arrests of illegals and one Libtard Judge has slapped an injunction on the implementation of Georgia's new immigration law.

In MO the Demoncat governor has vetoed a bill requiring voters to have valid ID.

JEFFERSON CITY — Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed legislation Friday that could have required voters to show photo identification and could have created an early-voting period in Missouri.
Nixon said he spiked the bill because it could have made it harder to vote for seniors and the disabled, whom Nixon said are less likely to have a driver's license or other government-issued photo ID card.
"It is unacceptable to impede or discourage citizens from voting who have lawfully cast ballots their entire adult lives," Nixon said in a veto message to lawmakers.   From

Many voters have cast votes ILLEGALY their entire lives as well Mr. Nixon! At every turn we see Obummer and the Demoncats greasing the skids (excuse the pun) for illegal voter fraud to continue unabated in 2012.

 I want my moat! We will put warning signs up of course.

                   All illegals move to the side of the road!

             You can ring all you want but you can't come in!

My girls ride shotgun on this range!

                        Beware of idiots in the gator tanks!

Border is not wheelchair accessable!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nanny Moochelle

You must comply with MoBama's dietary regulations!
And she looks so "phat"!

New recently disclosed restrictions are being placed on all food manufacturers. In order to comply with Mobama's plan for your healthy lifestyle, food distributers must reduce sugar and trans-fat to required limits or face ADVERTISING BANS.

These new restrictions are being targeted at cereal companies in particular. They are being touted as "recommendations" for now. However, if non-compliance is discovered, strict guidelines and regulatory hurdles will be placed in the way of advertising to children.
No more Tony the Tiger!

Of course all soft drinks will be forced under the Big Thumb as well.
I wonder if corn syrup will be regulated as well. It is worse than sugar and it is in many packaged foods that most people don't even realize.
But no, we can't regulate THAT! Corn is subsidized by The Federal Government!

Kill The Whites---Kill Zem ALL!

This is an eye-witness account of a so called 'flash mob' of black teenagers from Peoria, Illinois by Paul Wilkinson, president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association:

Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill alll the white people around here. They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police. They were surrounding cars. Cars on the main drag had to slam on their brakes to either avoid the youth blocking not only all four lanes, but a large section of the side street as well. fights were breaking out among them. They were rushing residents who looked out their doors, going on to porches, yelling threats to people calling the police for help.

Cars were doing U turns on the streets just to avoid the mob, mostly male. One youth stated his grandfather was white and several assaulted him on the spot. One police officer answered the call. The youth split into two large groups, one heading north, the other south. They were also yelling racial threats to the police officer but he was outnumbered. Another police car did not show up until after the youth finally dispersed and the patty wagon (van) also eventually showed up.

Residents are very shaken, both black and white alike. This is the fifth large mob action in about a month with smaller groups of 10-12 are out threatening children and adults a few evenings a week or later into the night. The times vary, even occuring during the day. In talking to the police officer, they are short staffed. Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors. In other words buckle down, it’s not even safe to sit on your porch or go into your yards.

“The fifth large mob action in about a month.” Wow. This is really outrageous. Why is this neighborhood having to put up with this? “Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors”? Seriously? That’s the best we can do for our fellow citizens’ safety?

This needs to be addressed, and quickly.         From 

I will address it! Like This!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama Jared Monti Gaffe

"Little Barry" should not be allowed to have the "Big Peoples Toys"!

Duh, wat dat him say? Dat guy still kickin' mon. Say it ain't so!---HE don't know?

Obummer disconnects with the military again.
I have much more important things to write about, but this Obummer gaffe takes center stage for the moment. We know that if Bush misrepresented his FIRST Congressional Medal of Honor recipient there would be an avalanche of media hype over it.
It has been said many times, by many sources that Bush woke up every morning to a breifing where he learned the names of every soldier who was killed or badly injured AND HE REMEMBERED THEM! 

Someone please take away this man's toys. HIS power must be limited at home and abroad. The election is a long time off and in the meantime HE is taking over the nations food production (Stalinesque), and energy production COMPLETELY. HIS new executive order and the Dodd/Frank Financial "Reform" Bill give BO all the power he needs to take over huge chunks of the private sector economy. All executive agencies are given the power to enforce the decisions (vaguely described) of the new Rural Council.

Overseas, this little tyrant is moving along on upon HIS own authority and that of no one else. 
BO has "boots on the ground" in Libya RIGHT NOW! Reports are that Army snipers and Special Forces are being deployed as we speak without any Congressional approval. I received news from one father whose son (an Army sniper) was being deployed last week.
I believe; as I have said many times; that this Libyan incursion is only a precursor for a larger conflict aimed at Israel. As we allow more and more American forces to become entangled there and in Yemen there are decisions being made in the Obama Regime concerning a wider sphere of influence. There is growing unrest and anti-Israel sentiment worldwide. This will probably all come to a head around this Sept. with the upcoming UN resolution on the Palestinian issue. 
You should hear
 CNN, CBS, and a NY Slimes reporter have been invited to sail with the latest Gaza Flotilla set to move out at the end of the month. There will be no fair reporting of any incident that may occur and Israel will be vilified as an aggressor yet again.

Breaking News...from The Blaze and AP.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House has voted down a measure giving President Barack Obama the authority to continue the U.S. military action against Libya.
The vote was 295-123 on Friday. The congressional action has no immediate effect on American involvement but represents a repudiation of the commander in chief.

The vote marks the first time since 1999 that either House has voted against a military operation. The last time was over President Bill Clinton’s authority in the Bosnian war.

House Republican leaders pushed for the vote, with rank-and-file members saying the president broke the law by failing to seek congressional approval for the 3-month-old war. Some Democrats accused the GOP of playing politics with national security.

And now---
For some fun, look below for some cool shoots and some cooler firearms I found!

Knob Creek Machine Gun Night Shoot - October 2010

And now for some fun!
In this posting and the next I am including some photos I found of some EXTREMELY miniature firearms...SO COOL!

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot! Blonde Shoots M60 100 Rounds - October 2010

And some more miniature firearms...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trailer for the UK Khilafah Conference on 9th July

The Obama Regime is on the wrong side of God and history on this and so many other things. Evil stalks us;  closer--and closer--until we are being marched over the cliff.

Becks Exact Warning Dangerous Left Coalitions; Farrakhan, Cynthia Mckinney

Poor little "Barry" has been declared a MURDERER by Calypso Louis Farrakhan as well as being truly EVIL. Which is it old man, savior or devil? 

 Well, I am sure that old Louis will tell us someday of his true vision for our Dear Leader and his world vision as well.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Coup of 2011

Yes, I have seen smelled something here and it is RANK in the extreme.
To quote Jethro Gibbs, "I got vision and the rest of the world is wearin' bifocals."

Tonight we will hear Obummer speak and the headline is---"I KILLED BIN LADEN! Now we will pull out, and our troops left behind to mop up and build schools will be perfectly safe. I have trained the Afghani security forces to take care of themselves real soon. I am in charge, MY policies have not changed. I have put people in charge who will carry out the wishes of the American people (MY WISHES) implicitly. I have complete confidence in Kharzi and our Pakistani allies. I trust that the Arab alliance and the Arab spring will support ME in Libya as well.
I,me,I,I,me,me,me. Thank me! Thank me! You are welcome!"

The rest of his speech will get even more political and rhetorical as we hear again that Bush did it.
Now consider who and what has really taken charge of our military and our foreign policy. Remember that Hillary Clinton and Samantha Power, along with Susan Rice and the Islamist/Communist run UN have instigated the Libyan "Kinetic Action" for george Soros and the Globalist/Communist/Islamic movement. I know that is a lot to swallow in one bite, but the evidence is mounting...
Or at the very least, there is one being designed and constructed right under the noses of the American people. Look at the record of Panetta's Communist leanings; some of which are posted here....

Senate conservatives proudly call themselves “Reagan Republicans” because of Reagan’s “Peace Through Strength” military policies. But in Leon Panetta, whose nomination comes up for a full Senate vote for Secretary of Defense on Tuesday, they are being asked to endorse a man whose Congressional career was dedicated to fighting Reagan’s defense build-up and anti-communist policies. That is why the unanimous vote in favor of Panetta in the Senate Armed Services Committee is so mystifying.
Based on the facts about Panetta’s record and curious connections to a major figure in the Communist Party, which are only lately starting to get the attention of the conservative media, a vote for Panetta can only be viewed as trashing the Reagan legacy.
At a time when Reagan had said, “In virtually every measure of military power the Soviet Union enjoys a decided advantage,” Panetta sought to undermine Reagan’s pro-defense policies at every turn:
  • Panetta in 1983 endorsed the nuclear weapons freeze, a concept backed by the Soviet Union which would have frozen in place a Soviet nuclear advantage in Europe.
  • Panetta supported a ban on the testing and deployment of new nuclear ballistic missiles.
  • Panetta opposed CIA covert operations to undermine the Communist Sandinista regime, calling Reagan’s support for the Nicaraguan freedom fighters a “dirty war.”
  • Panetta opposed the neutron bomb, an enhanced radiation weapon designed to counter a Soviet tank build-up in Europe.
  • Panetta opposed the B-1 bomber, which was funded under Reagan and is today a key part of the fleet.
  • While most members of Congress were saluting Reagan and our troops for liberating Grenada, Panetta criticized the Reagan action and warned against the dispatch of a U.S. naval task force to the vicinity of Cuba. “This is not a time to seek out new targets to flex our military muscle,” Panetta said.
  • Panetta opposed the MX “Peacekeeper” missile, arguing it would jeopardize arms negotiations with the Soviets. Reagan had warned that defunding the system would “weaken our ability to deter war”
When the Senate approved Panetta’s nomination as CIA director, Senators were denied important information about his relationship with Communist Party figure Hugh DeLacy and DeLacy’s ties to Soviet and Chinese intelligence operatives. It is not clear if Senate investigators or the FBI, or both, failed to investigate Panetta’s background. However, Diana West writes about this sensitive topic in the Washington Examiner. Regarding the lack of attention to this critical matter, she writes, “Our legislative branch is falling asleep on the job over stories that should be giving them -- and us -- night sweats.”

I am no longer surprised when I see another Communist being installed in the Obama Regime without vetting, but Panetta was nearly unanimously confirmed by the Senate. That may happen tomorrow.  SOMETHING IS AFOOT!
Is this man a "sleeper" and how many more are there in the Defense Department and at the State Department? You would be naive in the extreme to believe that there are NONE; especially when you consider how many open Socialists and Communists there are on Capital Hill. 
I suggest that you go to The New Zeal Blog to see all four reports on Panetta's Communist ties and background.

Huntsman Is Not A Headhunter...

...which is what we need, not another Obama-zombie!

Michele Malkin in Townhall explains what a mistake it would be to nominate this "moderate."
The press loves him---They tell us Obama fears him---BULL CRAP!--- And now I discover that Whorehouse Harry Reid would support him over Romney. That is enough for me thank you. Huntsman "respects" Obama. He is just what the Progressive wing of the Republican party have been waiting for. HE IS A PLANT! His own handlers SPELLED HIS NAME WRONG on the pamphlets handed out before his speech!

Just imagine this scnario playing out as it did in 2008. California Democrat strategists have said that they will destroy the Conservative movement by "breeding them out of existance" using demographics, youth and minorities. In preparation for this they have advised states to "install their own candidates in positions where they can gain Republican nominations". These will be cooperative little weasels when the true Communist takeover happens.
I am preparing a post for; possibly tomorrow or later today; on "The Coup Of 2011".

"Jon Huntsman wants you to know he rides a dirt bike. On real dirt! He's Salt of the Earth. Grease of the Garage. Dragster on the Dunes. Huntsman's runnin' and gunnin' for president. But underneath the Steve McQueen costumery, this made-for-cable-TV Moderate Speed Racer is a creaky old John McCain on Wheels.

The former Utah Republican governor and Obama ambassador to China is the answer to an election-year problem that doesn't exist. The quadrennial "problem," in the minds of Beltway GOP strategists and liberal media chin-pullers, is that the Republican Party isn't moderate, civil, self-critical or inclusive enough.

Huntsman is the latest no-labels flavor of the month, a straw man of the same people who have spent the past year smearing entitlement reformers as senior citizen-killers, budget hawks as Hitler's spawn, border-security activists as racists, and leading GOP women as sluts, nuts and bimbos.
Just like the failed 2008 GOP contender whose consultants are now fueling the Huntsman bid, McCain 2.0 is a big-spending accommodationist more in tune with the Democratic elite than with the conservative rank-and-file. In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty on Tuesday, Huntsman assailed the current economic crisis overseen by the Obama administration as "totally unacceptable" and "totally un-American." Yet, Huntsman retains nothing but "respect" for his former boss in the White House and laments the loss of "civility" wrought by "corrosive" political debates.
This is all you need to know about the manufacturing of the Huntsman candidacy: Swooning reporters far outnumbered supporters at the kickoff in Liberty Park and at a follow-up rally in New Hampshire. CNN's enamored anchor Wolf Blitzer gushed: "Here's what I especially liked about Jon Huntsman's presidential announcement in front of the Statue of Liberty. He called for some civility in the race for the White House. Unlike several of the other Republican candidates, he did not open with a blistering assault on President Obama.

Yeah. Who do all those uncivil Republicans running against Obama think they are -- opposing the opposition with oppositional rhetoric? Heaven forfend.

Former McCain mastermind John Weaver, now a key Huntsman strategist, said this week the campaign will be "mellow." More like "marshmallow." Instead of trashing enemies by name, they'll keep it vague and mushy. Huntsman has been buoyed by months of glowing coverage from left-leaning, dead-tree media, whose reporters have lapped up his trashing of the GOP as "devoid of ideas" and "a very narrow party of angry people." See? No names. No nasty. Embrace the civility!

While politely paying lip service to principles of tea party fiscal restraint, Huntsman hopes no one remembers how 2,000 Utah tea party activists booed him in April 2009 so corrosively it could have stripped the paint off a fleet of Harleys.

Utah conservatives raised their voices at the seminal tea party rally against Huntsman for championing $1.6 billion in Obama stimulus funds (Huntsman wanted even more money than that) -- and against GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch and then-GOP Sen. Bob Bennett for backing the Bush-Obama TARP bailout. The grassroots message: "Send them home!" A year later, voters ousted Bennett from the GOP primary after four profligate terms in office. And Hatch is in for the fight of his entrenched incumbent life.

While state governments across the country are rejecting or repealing onerous cap-and-trade environmental regulations, Huntsman is a climate-change Republican who backed radical emissions limits and green job fantasies. Just like McCain 1.0 did.

While state governments across the country follow Arizona's immigration enforcement model and Washington repeatedly rejects mass amnesty programs in the face of 9 percent unemployment, Huntsman supports the costly DREAM Act, an illegal alien bailout with a wider "path to citizenship." Just like McCain 1.0 did.

While state governments rein in middle-class entitlement spending and Washington turns to means-testing, Huntsman turned the SCHIP government-funded health plan for low-income children into a universal health insurance mandate. McCain 1.0 was for SCHIP before he was against it.

McCain's Straight Talk Express ran out of gas when his former media paramours inevitably turned against him -- and his gambit to out-big government the Democrats blew up in his two faces. So it will be with McHuntsman and his campaign wheels to nowhere."

By Michelle Malkin

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Andrew Klavan's Economic Smackdown: Paul Ryan vs. Barack Obama

The Lefties are crying crocodile tears over the latest unemployment figures. Not that it concerns them all that much; they just fear the political consequenses to Obummer. For example as he moves NASA toward their new mission of Muslim outreach, hundreds of skilled aerospace workers in FL and throughout the south (Red states mostly) are losing their jobs.
I think the expansion of the space program into the private sector is a good thing, however the new crop of skilled aerospace techs is going to be growing thinner and thinner as our "yutes" decline to enter the field of science.

Here is a new take on the BO policy for growing our economy.

Hat tip to Barracuda Brigade for the pics

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fish Rots From The Head Down

Darryl Issa is doing his job! That is more than I can say for so many RINO wimps in Washington. Issa went after an ATF muckity-muck with guns blazing this week in the Project Gunrunner aka Fast and Furious Congressional hearings.
Sen. Grassley testified at the hearings and has given the ATF whistleblowers protection from retaliation by their superiors. Punitive action has been taken against any agent who did not "tow the company line" according to two ATF agents who questioned officials when they stopped surveillance once weapons were bought and transfered to the cartels.
 Rep. Issa said he was appalled at the coverup of supeanoed documents and showed page after page of blacked out documents. He asked how high up the authorization went and WHO KNEW WHAT AND WHEN. The flunky said that he didn't know! Rep. Cummings then APOLOGIZED for Mr. Issa's affrontery! AMAZING! E
Eric Holder was questioned later and spouted off an incomprehensible diatribe on disclosure which was certainly not "transparent" to anyone's eyes. Representative Cummings (D) "ranking member" said that "I will not rest" until justice is served in this case. How many times have we heard that Obummer and crew would not rest until something right was done? These guys don't sleep at all I guess!
Rep. Maloney (D-NY) tried to turn the issue into a forum for increased gun legislation here at home. SUPRISE__SUPRISE!
Her speech was suspended by Rep. Issa.

Never forget that this hero--Brian Terry was murdered with weapons given to Mexican cartels by this administration. 
This is a poem written by Brian before his death---

“If you seek to do battle with me this day, you will receive the best that I am capable of giving.
“It may not be enough, but it will be everything that I have to give and it will be impressive for I have constantly prepared myself for this day.
“I have trained, drilled and rehearsed my actions so that I might have the best chance of defeating you.
“I have kept myself in peak physical condition, schooled myself in the martial skills and have become proficient in the applications of combat tactics.
“You may defeat me, but I’m willing to die if necessary. I do not fear death for I have been close enough to it on enough occasions that it no longer concerns me.
“But, I do fear the loss of my honor and would rather die fighting than to have it said that I was without courage.
“So I will fight you, no matter how insurmountable it may seem, to the death if need be, in order that it may never be said of me that I was not a warrior.”

It was read into the Congressional record this week. 
Other agents and officers have been murdered since with these guns. THIS IS NO GAME YOU LEFTIES! There are still thousands of these untraced guns in Cartel hands.

"I would like to point out that it is because of the tireless efforts of Senator Charles E. Grassley and Representative Darrell Issa that these hearings into Operation Fast and Furious have been made possible. I’m convinced that they will get to the truth despite the shameful efforts of the Obama administration, including Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, to stonewall every effort to get the facts of this disgraceful program."---
From "Lady Liberty at The Gateway Pundit

I say this is not incompetance on the part of the Obama Regime, but rather an IMPEACHABLE offense under Federal statute!
Our Ambassador to Mexico has resigned over this scandal and the Mexican government has called for investigations and INDICTMENT of the US officials responsible!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mob Heritage Week

Today, and all week here is Steubenville, OH we celebrate The Greek Festival and the Dean Martin Festival as well. I do not decry our famous son or his storied past. Any one who denies that "The Rat Pack" were made men is kidding himself.

 Quite the opposite; I applaud his tenacity and savy in making it as far as he did in this world. I love this clip of him with John Wayne.

I would however like to remind all Americans of the "Ganster American" image we project as I have been raised in the shadow of the Mob for many years.

Jimmie (The Greek) Snyder, of gambling fame, is from Steubenville, OH.
The Dean Martin celebration continues tonight in the only bar/ betting parlor left in town----SHHH---Did I say that? Oh well, there are other non-Mob related parlors I can still visit locally. I may live through the night to patronize some of them again. "The Rat Pack Revival" is there tonight as well as the musical stylings of Deana Martin--Gaggg'.

Lou Martini Jr. of The Sopranos is the guest host of the event. Very fitting indeed. My sister, who works for the DHS, was at the trial of Tony Soprano---the "real" mobster who Tony was based on.

Bruno Sammartino, "Wrestling's Living Legend" with a legendary Italian background,  is the Grand Marshal of the Dean Martin Parade.
But let us not forget the Mob stars of the near and distant past here in Steubenville---

John Dillinger was pinned down by the FBI in The Imperial Hotel on 6th street here in town. According to eyewitness reports, he was ushered out of the hotel via a secret exit and out of town by---well "unnamed local Mobsters" just as the Feds opened up with their machine guns on his room. I have personally seen the bullet holes in his room before the hotel was demolished.
The story is true. I have vetted it.

And who can forget one of our town's most famous "whores" Traci Lords!---I do not disparage---Some of my best friends are good whores--LOL.

I could continue with the sordid details of my "Little Chicago", but as I said, I may wish to see another sunrise.