Monday, November 30, 2009

Barack The Blameless

Chairman MAObama has passed the buck again--this time to his own Secret Service. The first thing BO did was to call for an investigation into the Salahi's gate-crashing and of the Secret Service for alleged failure to vet the intruders. They of course apologized and took all the blame. The truth is the Whitehouse social director was to be informed at the time and any blame should be laid at her desk. However, this gets better. Barack the Blameless has disavowed any knowledge or relationship to the Salahis. REALLY? It turns out that a picture of them appears with the couple at a Polo match/event in 2005. It appears on It also has surfaced that Salahi was a board member of the radical anti-semite group American Taskforce For Palestine. All reference to Salahi and Rashid Khalidi has been wiped from the ATFP website but the ties can be linked up on Google Cash. Another photograph has appeared of the Previous board member Salahi with Obama at the time he was a US Senator. Salahi was also friends with good friend of Barack-- ex vice pres of the ATFP Rashid Khalidi. It is claimed that Barack got the radical Khalidi into Chicago University. Did he do the same for alumni Salihi? Every day another Obama lie is exposed and the media and the sycophantic left pay no attention whatsoever. When asked about one of his lies during the campaign a Huffington Post blogger said--"But he does it so well."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Truth Is At The Door

--And Obama refuses delivery! With the exposure of yet another climate scam coverup (The e-mails are linked here on the Ny Slimes and the Post have refused to print them. This, after they openly print the pentagon papers and NSA files which put our troops and agents overseas in obvious danger. All of the Al Gorelioni crime family are circling the wagons now as they perpetuate this globalist fraud on the American people. This is just another leg on the three-legged stool of the Cloward-Piven strategy for the destruction of America. Health Scare--Crap and Tax-- and Immigration Deformity. Sharia Law will come later through regional judicial decisions after demands for "Social Justice." Coca-Cola has launched a corporate counterattack today called "Hopenhagen". This group includes Seimens, SAP, the magazines, 17 and the Huffington Post, and suprisingly even the Wall St. Journal and Clear Channel Communications. There is an estimated 1.5 Trillion at stake here and these corporations and others are hedging all their bets. The Warmingmonger Michael Mann from the Penn St. Council of Environmental Science is at the center of this whistleblower's discovery. He is the author of the debunked "Hockey stick graph" and "Tree ring theory". Now that the Brittish academia has been caught at the center of this fraud there is now a push to sue NASA under freedom of information statutes to uncover further deliberate fudging of the science here at home. However the Moonbat Left pushes on as if the scince and the truth matters not--and to them it does not! This is a religion to them--or should I say, a fear driven superstition to some. On this issue, if you believe in this anthropomorphic global warming agenda--you fit into one of two categories. Either you have been duped by the propaganda of the conspirators or you are one of the deceivers and fraudulent scientists, polititions, or despots with your hands in our pockets. There is no in between. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Wake up--is this utopian dream which is totally unattainable worth your freedom. For just one example--this proposal submits that a Global Government will take over all patent rights in this nation, including "intellectual property rights and all financial transactions". This includes what we are writing right here! Censorship and confiscation of any profit made by any media outlet will be imposed by this nonelected tyranny. Another part of this backdoor pickpocket scheme involves Nancy Pelosi's "Wall St. Tax". There is only one way that this tax could be implemented--that is through a "Global Agency". This is the scary part however> OBAMA IS DRIVING THE BUS>He has already made the backdoor deals with the Chinese and the Indians to move forward with this madness. He said as much yesterday: "We will reduce poverty worldwide through a sustainable and equitable development of green technology and the elimination of fossil fuel dependancy." The code word here is equitable. China and India will never concede to carbon emmission controls or charges. The exact opposite is true. While all Americans are penalized for every productive act they engage in, the "developing world" will grow and expand their control right into our own economy. China is receiving 1.5 billion in stimulis funding this week for Just four projects here in America. (More later on this). I see here at home now that a group of ex military men (well paid by corporate interests) are part of a John Kerry backed move to remind us of the national security implications of global warming. Apparently if a group somewhere has a flood or a drought we can blame it, like everything else , on global warming and it is all our fault if they attack us. BULL-S--- (John Kerry was in Viet Nam you know). The Heritage Foundation has a recent list of the most recent top 100 things to be blamed on climate change. It is quite enlightening to know that prostitution is on the list now. The point is this. These so called "respected scientists" Al Gore, Marquis-Waxman, the world banking and corporate Cabal, and co-conspirators should all be indicted for this fraud and Obama's hands are all over it. UPDATE--Your Energy Czar Dr. John Holdren has been implicated in this coverup. He states in an e-mail to J.C.S. Daily that the burden of proof in yhese climate issues is an "evolving thing." He has stated earlier that global warming opposers slow "our global political goals." As I said--BO fingerprints all over it. Lord Munkden Al Gore's thorn in the side has called for indictments to be filed in the UK against these scientists.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Little Miss Dangerous"

Excuse me Mrs. Palin but that song title came to mind today as both Newsweek and Obama's website OFA have delared you to be a very dangerous woman. This is truly very good news to conservatives everywhere. You touch a sensitive nerve with these deceitful and traitorous thugs in power. You put the fear of God in them and you will continue to do so. You are now ready to pass Obama in the approval polls and things look bad for all the Leftist Dems in Congress. Keep shining a light on them and chase these thieving roaches back into their holes!
I heard a letter from one of Sarah Palin's constituents on Quinn and Rose in the Morning that I would like to share with you. He says that all of those who would pigeonhole Sarah or try to marginalize her do not know how Alaskan politics work. It is not based on appearances or fluff pieces but on real action. There is more than meets the eye in Palin's record for those outside the state. First, she disrupted the "good ole' boy" republican network of corruption. in her state. Many of these men are now representing their constituents now in orange jump suits. The Dems. jumped for joy, throwing confetti around, and saying "he--he--hee." Sarah then went after Big Oil and Exxon to recover oil revenues for Alaskan citizens. Exxon threatened to pull out and she told them "not to let the door hit them in the arse on the way out!" They stayed of course and her Alaskan citizens are now not just rich but wealthy. She built bridges that they said could not be built. She has put a natural gas pipeline into the construction phase Something which no previous administration could do and many thought could not be done. It is the largest and most extensive construction project ever developed in the United States. Exxon was holding land as a private investment property and refusing to drill on the site. Sarah threatened to retract their drilling rights if the site was not developed. Exxon threatened to sue and she told them that she knew her way to the courthouse as well as they did. Needless to say, the site was opened up for drilling. Obama has set a goal of having 25% renewable energy online by 2015. Sarah Palin has achieved this already and has set a goal of 50% in the same time period. Her achievements are what should be considered here not her looks or public statements taken by bits and bytes--(And CERTAINLY not the actions of a little twit like her son-in-law, whose only claim to fame is getting a Palin woman pregnant.--my commentary) Clearly those on the left who wish to attack Sarah incessantly have never been scuba-diving. If the had they would realize that you don't come up behind a barracuda and snatch it by the tail very often. Sooner or later it will turn around and rip your face off! This from an Alaskan fisherman with 34 yrs. experience.
On another note------Please read the article in the American Thinker by James Simpson on this "malelovent administration and the Cloward-Piven strategy--Linked on my Conspirator list.
UPDATE__Another article in the American Thinker today is "The Wilding of Sarah", by Robin of Berkley. The reformed liberal that I have spoken of before puts it out there!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shoot The Duck!

Hey all ya' rednecks and good ole' buddies and out there! Where's the ducks at? I got ma' duck boat all ready and ma' shotgun cocked and loaded and I ain't seen a feather. The old lady really had a hankerin' for a good duck dinner this Thanksgiving and she's about to kick ma' but if I don't bring home the goods. Well I gave a listen to this huntin' show the other day on WWVA and the Wildlife Fund told me what to do! Here's what they said. ----"Hey guys, when ya' go out huntin, don't shoot at the trees and other things when you don't see any ducks. You can't eat em'. Don't throw your boots and waders in the air and shoot em'. You gotta walk back to your pickup. The ducks are flyin' in late because of climate change and global warmin'. And don't keep lookin' up in the air and sayin' "There's one--There's one." No one thinks it's funny. Call yur representatives Rockefeller and Mollohan and tell em' to fight for the climate bill in congress to save environment and bring back our ducks."----(actual transcription folks) Well ain't that a hoot! Here I thought they all flew off to Cuba or somethin'. Well glory be, I'm a gonna get after these guys so they can bring the ducks back. Ma' old lady is a rough way to go when she don't get her dinner on time.
This is an insult to every cornbread and fried chicken raised farm boy and hunter out here in fly-over country. They really expect us old rednecks to believe that they are going to affect the environment as to offer us better hunting. I am a proud redneck with an attitude and a MIND. This is how they try to influence our vote on Union Card Check as well. They just put some actor--looking like a good ole' boy with a gut and a hard hat on TV and expect us to believe everything he says. this, when most of us have seen Union thuggery at work in the past. They show us empty fields and starving hillbillies ( degradation of our agriculture that environmentalists have ascerbated for years) and expect us to fall for any of their targeted propaganda. There are many good farmers and woodsmen out here who know more about conservation than these moonbats could learn in Harvard in a lifetime. But this is how the elite thinks of all of us--you too!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Afghanistan Obama Style

Yesterday in the UK Telegraph I found that Brown in Brittain is planning on sending in more troops ahead of Obama, thus upstaging him. I also see that the Obama plan, already discussed here, includes payoffs to the Taliban to leave us alone and possibly switch sides. And Barack has the hubris to say, on the same day, that we must keep an eye on all Kharzi's moves as long as we are signing the checks. Just as troubling is a plan to subsidize the Heroin trade to attract the locals and keep them from swelling Taliban ranks. I see a true progressive socialist agenda, and Stalinist tactics at work here. It is a shame that it will never work. Bribery and Chicago thuggery don't work in Muslim nations.

OK, alrighty then; If this is to be the plan, let me make a suggestion. In the NY off cycle elections just gone by there was a little known issue passed. The state will now be permitted to release prisoners to work for "non-profit organizations." Now what we do is--release all the thugs (Hitler did this) and put them into training with Americorps and ACORN. We can get them enrolled in the SEIU at the same time. Then they must fulfill their committment here by working over the census redistricting before the next election. Here is where they get their real opportunity to put their "entrepeneurial skills" to work. The same skills that Van Jones says that they have in abundance in our jails, and we must take advantage of. We will then send them to Afghanistan to oversee the Heroin trade and the redistribution of American wealth to Afghani citizens. I am sure that they will be able to succeed beyond everyone's wildest dreams in their endeavors, considering their creds. These same citizens Hillary Clinton said last week--not us-- must be given first priority just like these poor victims in our prisons, whose civil rights and economic wellbeing must be upmost on our minds right now.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Feeln' A Little Sick

Dingy Harry Reid says the health of all Americans will be improved now that his bill has passed the Senate subcommittee. I think I need to pass something else. It must be something I've been fed! I think I'll go see my doctor-- pictured here. He is a very smart man--a member of the AMA, Cambridge educated and AARP invested. He says that I should support Obamacare. He says it's for my own good. I'm sure he knows best!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Poor Baby!

While in the friendly territory of Communist China, Obama deigned to submit to a FOX News interview with Major Garrett. When asked about the defecit BO responded that (HIS) defecit spending could cause others to lose faith in our economy and result in a Double Dip recession(SAID Depression). When asked about the JOBS summit planned for Dec. 3rd he responded that it would not be directed at jobs creation, but more focused at making buisness focus on more hiring. He says that he thinks every minute of every day trying to find us jobs. This sounds like the usual carrot and stick approach of the Chicago Thug Whitehouse. When asked about his plummeting poll numbers Bo responded that if things continue this way with his popularity, he may not even run again in 2012.

Translation by the noted Liberal spin linguist--C.U. Wining:: It's all your fault and that of your failed capitalist system that you are out of work so suffer, or get your failed businesses to hire you if you can. I like these China Boys but they are dissing me just like you are. Who do they think they are telling me how to take control of My Country. This is my game and I'll play it like I want to. I never lose. They don't let me lose. If you don't play my way I'm gonna tell Mama Pelosi and Daddy Soros on you. You all will be sorry. You are all racists and I'll tell. "Sob;;Sob,hic." I'll just leave you all worse than when I found you. I'll take my toys, my basketball and go home! "sob, sob" I'll get you! I'll get my Bros. and my peeps in ACORN and the SEIU after you. You'll be sorry!

"Oh, guys give him his way. He wants his doll back. Let him play "his own games." He can't hurt anything that much."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"They Walk Among Us"

From my old neighborhood I hear some disturbing news. The vastly better informed Obama voters up there in Pittsburgh have begun to ask for more than their Obamabucks. They have begun to come out for their Obamadope! Yes that's right; On two different occasions a local pharmacist was called to the desk by his asst. to take care of a "confused" customer. The first woman enters, and asks to fill ten prescriptions. She demands Brand Name drugs as well. When asked how she intends to pay she says to put it on the "Obama Plan". The pharmacist asks "What?" and she says that she just heard that the Obama Plan had passed congress and she wanted her drugs. Only to make matters worse, later on another customer came in with the same request. Word gets around on the streets pretty fast you know! I am sure they are in for a rude awakening when someone tells them that they not only have to wait four years, but will get cheap generics and only half prescriptions at that. Oh, yeah, your co-pay will go way up too! Isn't it great to see the useful idiots our school systems spew out today? SIDEBAR--The NEA and NTA have come out with their recommended reading list for our middle school students. Top of the list is Rules for Radicals; by Saul Alinski. Nothing suprises me any more.

"We Win--You Lose!"

To paraphrase Mark Twain; "The rumors of my demise have been vastly overstated." I hereby declare victory for the New Conservative Movement in the race for the 23rd district in NY. Doug Hoffman has officially "unconceded" and absentee votes including the military are being counted as we speak. Barring any new thug tactics/ACORN/SEIU shenannigans this will be a victory for Hoffman and conservatives everywhere. I declare this a victory even if the results don't go entirely in Hoffman's favor.The leftist pundits couldn't wait to declare a defeat for Rush Linbaugh and Sarah Palin in this race as well. (Didn't she do so well on Oprah--and didn't Oprah come off as the "typical" angry fat black woman? Sorry PC police but she did. So --HERE IT IS__IN YOUR FACE __BO AND PELOSI. Where are your bragging rights now? I just hope we can really put Owens to sleep tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Believe Me!

I was forced to recall these prophetic words spoken by The Chosen One at Martha's Vinyard as he cavorted with the leftist banking elite and Black Nationalists. As he celebrated the holy week of Ramadan His memorable words were; "Muslims bring justice to the world." So I am to presume that his inquisition trial of America, the CIA and the Bush/Cheny administration is the implementation of this justice system on us. In 2007 Bo said on the senate floor that we would put the 911 bombers on trial in a military tribunal. I guess things have changed in the New World at the Whitehouse.
Today we learn from Eric Holder that Obama was not consulted of his decision to bring criminal charges against KSM in NY. He only spoke to his wife and brother concerning this matter of vast global and judicial implications. He just informed the Pres. as he departed for his Asian apology and Treasury Bond sale tour of his intentions. I am sure he is being truthful here, aren't you? This sounds oddly familiar to what happened as Holder dropped charges against The Black Panthers accused of voter intimidation doesn't it? Purely concidental I am sure.
Now this morning I have discovered that Obama was not too busy to apparently make contact with the SEIU midflight to Japan. In Allentown, PA which is to be BO's first stop on his job summit propaganda tour, there was an Eagle Scout who took it upon himself to volunteer to clear a bike path in a local park which connects to the Appalachian Trail. The local SEIU president threw a fit and threatened the city council with grievance charges. He decared that there would be no volunteerism allowed here and that neither a shovel or hoe would be picked up by anyone but a union worker! He even said that he would "look into" this Boy Scout. In a nearby county they faced similar threats and had to appease the local union thugs by making sure there were at least two union men present at all times holding a shovel as volunteers worked. But suddenly on Saturday he suddenly changed his tune. He stated that the SEIU would let this one go this time. It appears that a little arm-twisting through the airwaves made it clear that Barack would not have his photo OP tainted by this controversy upon his return. This extremely depressed mining community in my backyard deserves more than presidential platitudes however.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Wonder Why??

I wonder why Obama has raised the Chinese Communist flag at the White House.

I wonder why BO prostrates himself in front of despots and asian powerbrokers.

I wonder why BO has permitted the Empire State Building to carry the colors of Red China in commemeration of their "glorious revolution" yet refuses to allow the Marine Corps. the same permission on their Anniversary.
Why does Bo show open disrespect for the UK, France, Germany, The Czech Republic, the Poles, and the Georgians while declaring a new detante and new nuke policy negotiations with the Russians?
Why is BO and his admin. so blatently antisemetic, as is Bill Clinton, and why does he do the bidding of an unrepentant Nazi symp.George Soros?

I wonder why China has accumulated 85-90% control of the rare minerals on the globe--much of these crucial to the production of computers and hi tech. Their control of the African continent and it's diamond and gold reserves has reached record proportions as well. Iraqi oil has also been bought up.

Why has GE been given a bailout and been given banking status? They have one S&L in Utah (reqired by law) And the rest of their operations have been centered on China, Russia, and the middle East.

Why has Morgan-Stanley-Chase been permitted to buy up most of the credit card companies in the US. and transfer resources overseas?
Why has Goldman Sacs been permitted to hand out billions in bonuses as their CEO declares that he is doing "Gods work"?
Why do Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now control over 70% of the mortgages in our nation?

Why have hundreds of major corporations, including Haliburton, transfered their corporate headquarters overseas to Turkey, Russia, China and elswhere?

Why has T. Boone Pickens benn permitted to purchase huge rights of way for Green projects--wind power and solar--that will never be used now. (These tracks of land also include the largest water reserves in the southwest along with vast natural gas reserves in which Nancy pelosi has invested.)

Why are China and India dumping dollars all over the world and propping up the Euro just as the Europeans are about to elect their first Euro-President?

Why has Warren Buffet been forced to buy up a failed rail system for 44 Billion? (Burlington Northern)

Why will we continue to be held under a continued national state of emergency--even after this swine flu "crisis" has abated?
Why is Big Pharma suddenly raising drug prices before the passage of the Deathcare bill?
Why are insurance companies investing in hospitals in Costa Rica and other more "democratic" states in the southern hemisphere? And why are US doctors moving there or to Japan in droves. Many that do not move are preparing for early retirement. Why are medical school enrolments way down?

What is the state of our nation's water supply--and what is the radioactive content thereof?

Why has congress instituted unprecedented plans to respond to a national crisis/civil war?

Why are military personel REALLY not permitted to carry weapons, and even off base routinely denied permits? Why are they under a DHS watchlist?

Why has Senator "Leaky" Lehey proposed a bill that will vastly increase the number of Federal Appeals Court Judges appointed for life by Obama?

Why have at least 85 major governmental and collegiate microbiologists been killed in suspicious circumstances or disappeared worldwide?

Why has FEMA stockpiled hundreds of thousands of coffins aat camps throughout the nation and why have they posted ads for experienced "indoctrination' personel?

Why are we spending extra trillions as the dollar has fallen by 15% just this year? BO has raised the debt limit from 11 Tril. to 13 Tril. in just ten months.

Why has India bought 200 tons of gold and the world reserve at the IMF now stands at "0"?
Why has the Federal Govt. put thousands of acres more under the protected list of national historic (now Federal) lands?
Why have eco-moonbat groups suddenly flooded the Federal Regulatory Agency (run by Cass Sunstein) with demands to declare hundreds of species endangered?
Why has the Federal Govt. threatened to take over more state land if bailout money is not paid back or used at their behest?
Why is the Federal Govt. planning to take over all public transportation in the nation--to "regulate it more effectively"?
Why does the Federal Govt. control close to 50% of the private sector economy today when it controlled close to 0 on on Jan. 1st 2009??
Why has the FDIC been declared as the biggest Land Baron in the US today?
Why has NBC decared a new push on the Climate Change agenda and why is Al Gore front and center in spite of loud protests. (Don't believe that they have been stopped in this takeover of more of our freedom. What they can't pass immediately in congress or at the un will be done by fiat through the EPA. BO has said as much).

Why has George Soros said this is the time for a World Govt.?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama Discovers The Solution

Barack's limited mentality is always given a boost in the rarified air of Air Force One. As we have seen, things really start to pop once he boards his main ride and hits the friendlier skies of any other country but this one. As a diversion the FBI was turned loose on a Muslim "nonprofit", its syscraper and mosques with ties to Iran. Anyone in the know has been aware of this Islamic shell game for over a year. I have. This court battle will drag on for years with a muted response in the end. The ACLU is already screaming about freedom of religion--Sharia Law you know must be observed. Khalid Sheik Muhammed and three other Gitmo Guys are to be transferred to NY to face Fed. criminal charges on American soil where they can lawyer up and pack a jury with Muslims and liberal Obama sycophants. Barack speaks in Alaska for the first time. (No suprise here--he usually only preaches to the choir) The teleprompter declares, here and in Japan, that the Commander will be taking his time to make the right decision before making any move on troop deployment. Too bad he doesn't feel the same constraint when it comes to implementing oppressive domestic policy RIGHT NOW, especially with concern to stimulis political payouts to his cronies and support groups. First he must make it appear that he is being strong and leaderlike in the war on terror. But to The Big Decision------------
We must surrender ourselves to Sharia. It will not appear so, but his strategy is one of cut and run. He speaks of comingling the best ideas of all his military advisors. This guy does not accept advice. His ego and ideology won't permit that. He says that any move we make now must include an exit strategy. He speaks to the troops in Alaska in meandering terms of "If" we deploy, and, as in the jobs speech, making the "right" decisions with limited resources. This is liberal double speak for surrender and if we don't realize this we are as dumb as they say we are.
Here is a good and proven strategy for victory in Afghanistan. There has only ever been one victory over the Afghani tribes. This was achieved by Alexander the Great. Most historians dispute this and they are correct for the most part. After a long and bloody campaign, however, Alexander did achieve a victory of sorts. Obama knows this and perhaps he will follow the strategy the greatest military leader of all time, other than Patton who idolized him.
Alexander just declared victory, cut and ran, and gave permission for his men to marry Muslim women.......What do you think guys?....................Yeah, you are right. Maybe not.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where Are My Loyalties?

Keep the faith vetrans! "No Sheeple Here" There are still a lot of us out here who support you wherever you may serve. The dithering idiot in chief has decided not to decide on an Afghan policy yet again. Whether or not this affects the mission and safety of the troops on the ground is being debated in military circles, however we do know what this lack of leadership has on morale. Leadership is needed--not disembling speeches. I really believe that Maobama has reached a point after the Ft. Hood TERRORIST attack where he cannot commit to a war on any Islamist/Fascist nation or group. It goes against his teachings--his roots. What Christian background he does have has only been in the form of rascist Black Nationalism and Marxism under Rev. Wright. You admit to Islamic ties, so quit the sham again Obama!--WE GET IT.

Here is a collection of some of the more recent news items and blogs I have come across here in this upside down BizarrOworld.

Want a good laugh? Go to the blog listed on my roll called Amusing Bunni's Musings and watch the You Tube video called Obama cat gets confronted. It is hilarious. "I am a Death Panel!"

From The St. Louis Dispatch--Local college students are forced to tear down a replica of a "Gulag" that they built as a commemoration of the demolition of the Berlin Wall. The administration said that it may be considered "offensive" to some. Now who might that be? The Obama administration and their Czars perhaps?
Calif. school uses stimulis money to hire motivational speaker for $65,000.
Mass. University invites 60's bomber and cop killer who served 35 years to speak on terrorism. Even the liberal Governor objected but the speech goes on.
Chinese man hires himself out as human punching bag for "stressed out females" at $50.oo a pop.

Michelle Obama and Joe Biden's wife have good laugh together while laying wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown. What was the private joke?

UPDATE--Whitehouse Hannukah dinner cut by half while state dinner for Indian Pres. is largest ever. Anti semetic--racist--couldn't be--not from the left--HA!

Obama refuses to attend Berlin wall commemoration (No doubt fear of the ghost of Reagan) but says he looks forward to visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We just can't wait for the next apology tour.
The NY Slimes attacks US military as drunks and wife beaters. ABC news says there are plenty of Christian nuts out there to. Anyone ready for The Next Crusade?
Bill Clinton--pervert excomunique--attacks conservatives with sexually loaded term--teabaggers. I think this lib. joke has gone far enough.
SC prohibited from issuing liscence plate saying "I BELIEVE" due to separation of church and state. This has never been in the constitution and we know it Always attack the Christian--but we have no protection under the law.
Pelosi says that passage of Deathcare bill is a necessary prerequisite for balancing the budget. This sounds like "Biden's Rule". You have to spend billions to get out of debt. Just add 2 Trillion worth of govt. bureacracy here and now and it will all be better. DUH, I'M SOOO STOOPID!

Black Columbia professor--59 punches out white female teaching asst. in Harlem bar.

After arguing about white privilege (See Quinn's Law previously posted here) things got violent and another white male had to break things up when the woman tried to hit the professor back. The prof. was arrested for assault. Apparently he didn't think that the asst. was doing enough to address this "serious"issue. Well we can surely see now that the professor is the victim here, right? He was clearly being harassed by these privileged haters and should clearly sue them and file a hate crimes suit report as well, right? Liberal/progressives are always mad--never satisfied and when the real world doesn't fit their utopian template they flip out. No sense of humor whatsoever. I think this is hilarious. Of course this will get no press--it's liberal on liberal violence.
Last night on the Michael Savage show, a therapist they call "Robin of Berkeley" was on. Her identity must be kept secret due to threat of reprisals in Berkely as she still lives there after graduating. She says that she had to deprogramherself after goigg through the Marxist indoctrination and constant intimidation for so many years. She is now doing a study of the current administration and what she sees as Anti-Social/bordering on Sociopathic tendancies in Obama, Emanuel, Michelle, and Hillary among others. She stated that many have noticed the narcissistic tendancies of Obama, but she believes it is much more dangerous than that. A narcissist is selfish to the core to be true, but a sociopath has the destruction of others in his mind at all times--destruction, intimidation, ridicule, slander of character, isolation and incrimination. These are the Alinskiite tactics we see here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can We Get Over It?

I discovered an article on the Drudge report concerning a Justice Dept./Eric Holder investigation involving a subpeana being issued to a liberal news subpeana requests all information, including IP addresses and credit card information, concerning visitors to the site on Oct. 25th. Presumably the "request" has been withdrawn but feathers have been ruffled on both sides. Here is some conjecture on why Justice may be interested. Firstly, this administration is building an enemies list of regular Americans on the left and right. Eric Holder has called us a nation of racial cowards. Recent postings at this site have described the protesters at this recent Wash. DC rally at Malcolm X square as black radicals and black nationalists. Some rally organizers as well as counter protesters are more than likely under investigation for "Hate Speech" or incitement.
This is the Obama nation now--BizarrO world. A real post-racial society right? With Wealth Redistribution well underway with HealthDeformity, Cap and Tax, Immigration Deformed, and a host of affirmative action "green" projects in the works I SAY GET OVER IT!

The reparations crowd has raised it's head above the crowd again. You ask why now? Well they see some opportunity here and now obviously. (I think they are going to be sadly dissapointed with their Dear Leader however) The radicals are never going to be satisfied with any progress made in the last century. My great-great-grandfather and mother were in small part a link in the Undergroud Railroad in PA and WV. My great-grandfather was influential in setting blacks up in business (horse ranching and cattle) in the county where I grew up. In my humble opinion I don't owe anyone reparations. We have an affirmative action Congress, Supreme Court, school system, govt. bureacracy, and President. "Preferred groups are receiving preferential treatment all over this nation. The point hhere is, though, that blacks are feeling left "in the back of the bus" by the new civil rights movement today. Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton have declared that the movement has been "hijacked". Now you ask--Who hijacked it? Why, the gays, the hispanics, and the Muslims of course. The class, racial, and societal divisions in our nation are only becoming wider. Obama the great community organizer is failing miserably at bringing us together as a nation. Bipartisanship, open door policy, transparency, accountability, integration--all beautiful utopian language-and all leftist CRAP. They desire none of the above. The true agenda is one of divide and conquer--keep "the masses" at each other's throats and distracted over what at times are trivial and divisive issues while the totalitarial regime assumes total and utter control of all of our so called freedoms, right down to your body, your life, and soul.
The Roman philosopher Cato once said--"The only thing that the Roman citizen really cares about is the pebble in the shoe". That is--What is it going to get ME? What is Obama going to give me? I'm afraid there are going to be many disapointments in store for the new entitlement class. All I see is smoke and mirrors--distractions, payoffs for the few elite, and propagandist KOOL-AID for the rest of us. Drink it at your own risk. Finally Ceasar said it best--"Just give them bread anc circuses". Welfare and cable porn.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do We Get It Yet?

All Hail! The 12'th Imam surely has arrisen. The faithful need wait no longer. He defends the faithful against the Infidel. He offers succor to our Holy Jihadists in the home of the Great Satan United States. We know that He was not born of this earth--there are no records--no witnesses--He surely rose up out of the well and the Great Akmadinajad witnessed it! His military is subdued by our great presence in His administration and inteligenge forces, and in their very schools and halls of power. We have our infiltrators in his forces and even at Guantanimo bay where we speak with the Heros of our cause. Sharia Law and our global ascendancy are at hand. These foolish cowards do not see. They have been blinded by HIS Holy Visage. Dr. Hassan is awake and speaking now. The ONE Hussein has saved him for another holy cause. All the Faithful must be vigilent and prepare now for The Final Jihad! Allah Akaba!
"SICCC" Believe me folks, this is what is being preached and taught at Mosques and even on our own military bases around the world. We are in grave danger--and none moreso than our brave troops. Our own president Hussein and his generals and DHS officials including Casey and Nepolitano are empowering our enimies here within and abroad. Make no mistake--it is by design. Another attack--and another--and another and it will result in the crisis that these "Useful Idiot" Leftists truly want. A few American lives is a small price to pay to them for their final rise to glory. Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres have said that millions of lives will be sacrificed in the communist final assault on our nation. They hate America as we have always known and will stop at nothing now to extend their power--even to the extent of imposing a form of Sharia law. I know it is a stretch, but just look at the signs! Rather than go into those here I recommend you go to the World Net Daily--linked on my site-- and read some of the evidence for yourselves. Keep your eyes open people, even in your own backyards! Police forces around the country have set up watchlists and are preparing for just such events as I see evidence of right now. This Jihadi's Immam has even called on his followers to bring in gang members to prostelatize, and then turn them loose on the streets of America armed with Uzi sub machine guns. Jihadists are on the streets of New York right now screaming the praises of Hassan and calling for the death of Americans. God Bless you and may he protect us and ours.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Me Want MORE!!!

Barney Frank's Fannie is hurting--oops sorry--couldn't help myself. We find out this week that one of the main operational directors of the global economic meltdown, Barney Frank and Freddie/Fannie are broke--worse than broke! The TARP bailout money has evaporated--OVER 19 BILLION--between June and Sept. So Barney boy has requested another 15 Billion to dump down this redistribution scheme. Apparently the preferred bad risk minority banks businesses and borrowers are crying out for some more "Obama Bucks". We all know he has a "stash" right? The never ending cycle of bailouts for the states, welfare, unemployment, unions, and all "preferred" demoncat porkie projects has begun all over again. We have been told to expect another round of stipulis havn't we? (I call it stipulis because BO stipulates where it must go) Bend over and take it capitalists. YOU OWE US REPARATIONS! It is what it is--and I call 'em like I see "em! Barney's Back Door Reparations and Whorehouse is open for buisness under new management. Barry Saetro Enterprises--Tax purposes you know--the same way he got his govt. funded education--Fraud and Deception.

Friday, November 6, 2009

We Mourn Today

I can't write it right now but you can Google this. "A Soldier Died Today"--A. Lawernce Vaincourt 1985. These soldiers at Ft. Hood Texas were sacrificed by politically correct multiculturalist leftists with BO at the top of the list--plain and simple. His delayed, managed, and disjointed speech at this time just shows his disconnect with Americans and our troops.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Van Jones (And Old Hippies) Never Goes Away

Van Jones, having moved to the Soros funded Center for American Progress, under Podesta has come out with a new website opposing talk radio, FOX and free speech. He has also helped produce a film and stageplay expounding on his views on global warming along with the "Gorelioni" crime family. Old debunked commie race baiters never go away, they just make indoctrination films for kids and join the Propaganda Corps. is another partly federally funded project with blatently partisan and racial ties. When are we going to stop funding causes that drive us backward. These old hippies have reached the end of this line. Just look at Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Boxer, Lehey, Kosinich, Rangel, Leigh, etc. etc. This is the old machine now and we are the counterinsurgency. I was on the "Dark" side in the 6o's and 7o's. I saw Martin Lther King in Washington DC. I lived near Haight Ashbury for a time. I have visited UCLA Berkely, Colo. St., Mich. St., Ohio St., Kent St., Univ. of Houston, Louisiana, Fl. St. KY St., WVU and attended Penn St. and Bethany College. I have lived with members of the SDS and Weathermen. I have a lasting memory and underatanding of the 60's revolution, the anti war movement, the civil rights movement.I've studied the tactics, strategy, and know of the dangers as well as the vast shortcomings of the radical left in this nation A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged--(by his own government!) The old liberal cause has been hijacked by Marxists and Maoists just like in the 6o's. I have always been a dissident: always on the outside looking in--the only difference is that now I am older, wiser, and have a cause that is really worth fighting for.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stay Away From My Kids

If I ever see a song, dance, skit or poem--you name it--idolizing Obama in my grandchild's school I am going to go ballistic. Today we find 11 more films of MAOBAMA indoctrination run by these out of control teachers and their unions. I write every day, I pray, I get involved in conservative activist causes almost entirely for the sake of my grandchildren and their future. This insidious infiltration by anti-capitalist marxist thugs into the schools and the minds of our young people is the most dangerous move the left has been making for years. Now with their rock star in office their hubris knows no bounds. I just hope none of this crap shows up on my doorstep. Open and unlawful flatulation of political views will not be tolerated around my children! Leftist thugs make good political and social targets too! Vidios are to be found on bighollywood on

A Move In The RIGHT Direction!

Happy days for freedom loving patriots everywhere. Congrats. in Virginia for sweeping the top three seats in the state. One thing we have to be aware of in our own states is that a Soros funded and Hillary Clinton backed group of leftists has been stealthily supporting radical Dem. candidates for Lt. Gov. and Att. Gen. in as many states as they can. No matter who wins the Governorship they wish to institute their obscene tax and spend programs without oversight by the people. So keep your eyes on their "left" hands at home. I know from personal experience what an out of control Att. Gen. can do here in Ohio. Congrats to New Jersey as well. You folks have a lot of digging out to do after decades of Dem. control. Ny 23--Mr. Doug Hoffman has made a nationwide impression and the third party conservative candidate will be looked at with more respect from now on I think. Check out today's article in the Politico for a look at the conservatives making a move on the moderate "rino's". Rubio in Fla. in particular looks promising. A 49% to 45% margin is nothing to sneeze at in the NY race--well within the ACORN voter fraud margin of error. I just found out as well that he Skuzzyfavor witch still pulled 5000 votes--the exact number Hoffman needed to pull up in the race. The Spoiling little witch! Keep on keeping on! I smell fear in the air on the leftside. A long battle awaits us. Gibbs the "Pillsbury Spokesboy" says this offyear election means nothing. That tells you right there that we hit them where it hurts.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Leftist Culture of Death

Dateline--Texas--The head of Planned Parenthood in one community has had a "spiritual awakening" upon viewing a color sonogram of an infant to be aborted. She quit her position and lost her feelings of guilt when she began working for the local chapter of the Coalition for Life. She said that due to the economic downturn she was told toocus on getting more abortions in the door. Since then Planned Parenthood has sued for a restraining order saying that they would be irreparably harmed by the woman's departure due to the "possible release of certain information". What information don't they want us to see?--other than the fact that they are murdering over 5 million babies in the US every year that is. The case for the restraining order is up for a decision this week.

UPDATE--The Pelosi bill reveals in sec. 213 that all Americans will be forced, upon enrolling in the govt. plan, to pay a monthly "abortion premium". This is outragous! The elite in Wash. have taken it upon themselves to sell the soul of our nation, now they are going to force you to fund it. I actually believe that Botox is a psycotropic drug. An article in the Wall St. Journal today tells how some Demoncats believe Nancy Lugosi has lost all touch with reality. Scary, considering that she is third in line to the presidency--second actually if Obama were to be found inneligable to serve, because that would also disqualify Joe Biden.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Out Of The Closet

Rev. Jeremiah Wright has openly espoused Marxism in his latest rant two weeks ago (Like we didn't see his black nationalist/African colonial designs two years ago) Barack never believed in these aspirations though--Right? He has thrown his support behind another Communist rag, The Monthly Review and reinterated hus stance that Americans have shown Marxism in a bad light for lo these many years. He pits Communist vs. Christian and declares his ties with Lybian extremists and communist despots in Africa remain strong he says. He repeated his strong belief in America as the "land of the greed and the home of the slave" to the thunderous applause of his dumbed down audience I might add. The true value base of our Dear Leader become clearer every day.

Uh Oh, The Poll Watcher Man

Take your cameras to the polls tomorrow as thug intimidation may be the rule of the day. so warns Rush Linbaugh. Sound advice for any who plan to go to Washington on Thursday as well. If Demoncats can't win at the polls or by intimidation, they will be stuffing ballot boxes with ACORN generated mail in ballots--already up 300% or more in NJ. NY districts are being instructed by the DNC to count absentee ballots even without checking for signature verification. Voter fraud may be declared in VA due to innacurate machines--(They have already questioned this ). Same ol' same ol' Chickago tactics. This is how we got Al Frankenstein. Just steal what you can't earn right? Vote redistribution and affirmative action representatives. The New Dealing American Way>

Hit The Hill!

Michele Bachmann has called on Patriots everywhere to show up on "YOUR" Capital steps on Thursday Nov. 25 to protest the proposed passage of Pelosi's version of the Deathcare bill. She calls for folks to show up at the offices of their representatives and "get in the whites of their eyes". Sounds like an idea. My congressman is tired of hearing from me, but I may go anyway.