Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Open Letter To Future Americans...

Fifty or one-hundred years after I am dead, I have no idea what America will look like or if those of you alive will be free, or even if you will refer to yourselves as "Americans."

I hope you are all Free, at Liberty, and living in relative harmony.

But I am not sanguine this will be your reality.  I am not confident that record of this letter will even be in existence, or if you do come across it somewhere, it will be a language you can read.

If you do find this letter and by some chance you are able to read it, then I hope you have the courage to do so if it is somehow forbidden.  I am going to share a bit of your history - the real stuff, not whatever may be written or otherwise communicated to you.

Look for three documents: The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.  Read them.  Those documents come from what I call our Founding Generation, and I am convinced they were written and ratified (agreed-to) by the people of the day in Good Faith.

But as has been said by better men than am I: In all generations there will be men (and women) who mean to be Masters.  There will be Bad People, always.

Almost immediately - within a dozen years of ratification, those original documents that were intended to serve as a blueprint for Liberty-based governance in America - Bad People of the generation had already undermined and perverted the Good Faith intent of those documents into something ugly - ugly enough that war should have begun again.  Over the generations leading to my own, things only grew worse as each generation of people had their own numbers of Bad People who continued to twist and pervert the "Founder's Intent" into something hideous.

By the time I was born in 1967, we were circling the bowl - wait, you may be using shells or something by the time you read this... the time I was born in 1967, America was on a bad path and accelerating.  By the time I was 35, politicians (They are all bad by this time) created the "Department of Homeland Security."  Within a decade America was firmly within the grips of Bad People, she was being raped, pillaged and plundered of all wealth, invaded as a means of diluting our Western Values, and by definition had become a "Police State".

The first skirmishes of what I call WWIII and RevWarIII (Revolutionary War III) occurred in 2013 and 2014.  As I write this, the world is on the precipice of a mass de-population by disease, warfare, famine - all of it avoidable, but being prosecuted by malevolent people, assisted by people who are being opportunistic, and masses of people who simply don't believe it is possible.

A small collection of Americans are doing what they can to preserve Liberty, at least on a personal level.  Many of those people are also seeking to envelope and protect as many others as possible.  But the truth is the Bad People are winning, because they are unbound by basic morality.

Here is a sad reality that will certainly be as true when you read this as when I write it - Human evolution simply will not change that much, that fast: Most people will default to self-serving actions and abandon promises and principles when they begin to suffer the slightest discomfort.   Very few people will truly ever live up to their words.  Get over it - it's a Human failing and you can't do a thing to change it.  You only have dominion over your own actions.

I will not discuss what I have done, what a few of my allies-in-Liberty have done.

There is no point.  

I will not discuss what I may or may not do between now and my death in pursuit of Liberty.  Odds are good whatever I choose to do will be insignificant in the course of Human events.

But some of us tried to ensure you, our posterity, would not come into this world a slave.

If we failed - I am sorry.

I will leave you with a single piece of advice, in case you are suffering Bad People.  This advice has worked since the first bipeds walked the planet, and when applied in a timely manner and with sufficient determination and quantity, will result, ultimately, in your Liberty: 

When faced with Evil - kill it.

Had my generation done more of it, sooner, I would have no need of this letter to you.


From...Walter Zoomie's World

This letter seemed appropriate today as I have been ill of late. My postings may be limited for a time as I have been knocked back a bit. But, just like most of you comrades out there...We tend to become somewhat jaded...right? Nothing can keep us down for long...See ya...


Irish said...

Hey Scott, are you ok overall or worse than that? Just checkin.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Well, I must apologize for just coming across this. It's been on my sidebar for a month and I thought I had read it. I've been busy, but that's not an excuse for neglecting a FRIEND.

Scotty me boy, hope you're well my friend. Keep us posted.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I went to your Facebook page just now. My heart aches and I'm going to miss you my friend.

Gus said...

seriously. i have samuel johnson, henry thoreau, and francis bacon at my elbow, and you expect me to read THIS crap? piece of advice; i also read h. l. mencken, edmund burke, and george will. try reading a few enemies; do NOT assume you know what they're thinking. (then again, barking moonbats is kind of fun; is that yours?)

Unknown said...

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