Saturday, October 30, 2010

Little Feat - Willin'

Little Feat - Dixie Chicken (with Emmylou Harris & Bonnie Raitt) Live 19...

Some old school just for fun.

The Bash America Tour--2010

"Americans Behaving Badly" You have been at it again haven't you? Speaking out, looking for the truth instead of reading the Huffington post and watching MSNBC; and voting for those mean conservatives! Well you are going to get yours my "little pretty". You can't hide from ME!
As we see the plainly orchestrated and half phony bomb threats occur two days before an election, the bad news releases come out in an oddly coincidental fashion. Well, I don't believe in coincidences. "Never let a good crisis go to waste" and as Saul Alinski taught us--"When you are under attack you must move even faster and harder on the counterattack!" Big Sis Nepolitano has pulled the (Executive controlled) NSA in under her wing to investigate civilians for cyber crimes. No warrants, no oversights, this is simply suppression of your free speech on the Web under Obama's constant watchful eye.
Obama and the Chicago Gang have begun to use the resources of the Pentagon to form dossiers on Presidential candidates and other opponents along with their supporters.
Charlie Rangel has introduced the blueprint for a bill which will give Barack the Great his domestic military response force that he wants so badly to kill Tea Party dissent and stir up violence--not suppress it.
The left has hacked into the computer system of one of Barack's main targets--Americans for Prosperity.
The TIDES Foundation,Soros, and the Huffington-Puffington Post/Investigative Wing are suing Supreme Court Justice Roberts over his decision permitting a corporate voice to be heard on the political scene---ONLY UNION THOUGHT AND MONEY ALLOWED HERE!
Now The Despot in Chief is taking AF One and Two, 40 aircraft, his helicopter fleet, his limos, his teleprompter, and a massive staff using 800 rooms in India and on an overseas tour to scold you bad Americans.
What we are seeing here is the typical angry man/childish response of the street agitator Obama. His response to any of his own shortcomings or failures is denial and then a lashing out against presumed enemies. His whole psyche revolves around reactionary tactics.
While overseas Obama will be conducting a massive "outreach" program to the Islamic world. And all the while denying his Christian faith and his American roots. He is morphing into the "Global President" again. He feels safe and secure in this role. Globalist/Communist supporters at home and abroad will rally to his side at his time of tribulation here at home.
This is a time of extreme danger for freedom fighters here in our Nation. Many forces are being brought to bear on us that we may be slow to respond to. But be alert. The leftist usually steps in his own s--- sooner or later.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Have A Spooky Election Day All!

As you may know, union activity has been defrauding Americans out of Billions for many years. What you may want to know about is the extent to which unions--especially the Communist SEIU and government employees unions such as AFGE will go to corrupt your vote.

One example I discovered is from 1997, when an honest Democrat/////WHAT?? Yes there have to be some out there somewhere. Well this honest union guy was at his union hall manning the doors one weekend when a delivery man showed up--with voting machines. This guy was not at a polling center but at a union hall. He said there must be a mistake and the delivery man just winked and said "No the machines have all been "fixed">nod> nod> wink> wink.

Well the same is being done right now in Nevada by the SEIU whose computer techs are in charge of the machines. We are told by election officials that it is only a glitch. Well, I have it from reliable sources that the same glitch has showed up here in Cinncinnatti and elsewhere around the nation. Funny ain't it that this glitch always favors Demoncats?

The White House political machine has been gutted recently as has the economic and National Security staff. Word has it that Valerie Jarrett, Axelrod, and Deadfish Emanuel are running scared and fear stalks the Halls of Power. That's right, Barack The Mighty fears the upcoming GOP tsunami and the resulting house investigations which will expose the widespread fraud and corruption in the 2008 elections. Those "Mean Republicans" will be calling for criminal charges and Possibly----IMPEACHMENT--OH NO! And what are the Demoncat leaders doing now??--HMMM?? And what will they do in the wake of the ongoing ethics violation trials already scheduled for Rangel and others?? HMMM??? Why they will throw poor Obama right under his own bus and declare no knowledge of the rampant Chicago corruption gone Washington style.

That's what will happen if we see some guts out of the upcoming Conservative leadership instead of the Rhinoplastic aisle crossing Obama sycophants ready to do their own bowing and kowtowing.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Open Letter To The "Social Justice" Christians

Is it Justice when we are denied the right to pledge allegiance to our own flag? Is it justice when Universal Redemtion is declared as part of a "national religion" proposed unconstitutionally by Obama-=Rev. Wright and others? Is it Justice to force our children to study Islam in public schools and deny them Christin prayer?

Big Government Sucks!

This weekend we have another moonbat rally on the Washington Mall. John Stewart wants to bring sanity back to government---PLEEEEZE. All these mockery rallys are doing is giving more legitimacy to Glenn Beck's message on 8/28. As a centerpoint of said "restoring sanity" rally is a march by government workers. The name?---"The Government Doesn't Suck March". On a newly established website "Loop" I think it is called---they want you to name 1000 examples of why government doesn't suck. DUH--- EVERYTHING government touches turns to sucking soon afterward. The defense of our Republic from foreign invasion has been the only success I can name, and they are on the way to sucking that up too with open borders and unilateral disarmament.
However, at this point, I must offer one absolutely insane sucking example of Big Brother's intrusion into our lives.
In New York City there is a proposal on the ballot this week--- The result of which will be the elimination of gun ownership rights for possibly millions. If passed, you will not be allowed to have a weapon's permit for any gun--including a shotgun--if you have a littering fine, too many parking tickets, or unpaid bills of any variety. There are so many more truly sucky govt. rules and regulations that they fill volumes--reams of paperwork--and miles of files. These government "union" workers must justify their existence by adding to this burden on Americans, just so they can shuffle more paperwork to dig a few of us out of the mess. Problem is, the privileged few pass through while the rest of us lose ground and remain buried in the morass. Constitutional, personal, and property rights are lost forever at every turn.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Marxism in America" by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

See how the infrastructure is already in place; written into the health bill; for Obama's tyrannical rule right now! Forced recruitment into an "emergency" response force will be required. Armed and ready for any civil insurection.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Voter reports problem with ballot machine | machine, screen, voter - Local - Sun Journal

Voter reports problem with ballot machine machine, screen, voter - Local - Sun Journal

Fraud, Deceit, Intimidation, And Coersion

Obama tells Republicans (Let's face it, he means white Christians) to get to the back of the bus in his recent rant. I guess this means at the voting booth as well. See the Drudge Report headline today for the Vegas story where Harry Reid's name was preselected on some ballots.
I heard a story last week of New Black Panthers stealing 20,000 ballots from a Vegas polling center. Philadelphia Republican turnout is lower than expected in inner city precincts as New Black Panthers walk the streets constantly shouting epithets at white voters in ganstsa infested neighborhoods.
counted on time as proscribed by law--but Felons in prison have had their votes counted already. Leftist controlled states around the nation are considering allowing and counting Illegal Alien votes!. I believe San Fransicko does already as do some other "sanctuary cities."
The entertainers union AFSCME has informed it's members that they can vote on the Pennsylvania absentee ballots; then they can vote in the general election as well! They assure us that the absentee ballots will be destroyed by the (Democrat RUN) polling stations.
The NY Times, of all places has warned of Democrat efforts nation wide to run fake Tea Party candidates in order to pull Republican votes away from legitimite candidates. I must warn all voters ao efforts by "Manchurian Candidate Rhino's" to undermine Conservative candidates and voting. I personally believe that the NRA has been infiltrated by Progressive, just as has the GOP "Elite". For example--here in Ohio-- Dem. gubernatorial candidate Strickland gets a 90% NRA rating and his Atty. Gen. hack cohort Cordray gets 100%. While there may be some history of the Rep. candidates not standing as firm as they should behind the Second Amendment; I feel that this is being used as a straw man to coerce the hard right into voting the Pelosi' pups back into power. The Governors races and State houses will be crucial in determining the redistricting process over the next two years as well. The Great Barack comes back to my great state again this week. (For the twelfth time) He knows the importance of the rust belt up and down the Ohio river, and all force ;legal and illegal; is being brought to bear on certain crucial races. EYES OPEN PEOPLE! And don't believe everything you see on the surface. Remember--Know your enemy!--He knows you!
I agree with Mark Levin---Andrew Jackson style tactics will be needed soon if we are really to save our Republic. He put a check on the uncontrolled judicial system--reduced the number of federal judges and eliminated some courts. We need to start with the Ninth Circus as an example to the rest of these leftist kangaroo courts. Even Newt Gingrich agrees. Audit the Federal Reserve at the least--then consider it's elimination! Jack Kennedy may have died for such heresy--check it out. FIRE ALL CZARS! Then we can start in on the task of eliminating the Dept. of Education, Energy, Agriculture and Commerce. The states have their own EPA systems as well. Federal funding for some necessary services should be diverted to the states. REAL CHANGE is needed! The monstrous inbred bureaucracy that really rules us in the final say needs to be dismantled and defunded. these departments and many others have served no useful purpose for decades; and in many cases have done irreparable harm to our nation.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Empire And The Evil Soros Strike Back

In the latest version of this cult classic we meet a whole new cast.
Introducing Juan Williams as the ill fated Lando Calressian. His fate is about to be sealed by the Evil Soros; new controller of the NPR Deathstar channel. They attempt to silence him by encasing him in Carbomite. His offense to the Empire--speaking out against the Muslim clone army and their spaced out supporters from the Left Wing nebula.

Starring Bill O' Riley as the wise and venerable Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Presenting Ann Coulter as the beautiful Princess Leah.
Sean Hannity as Luke Skywalker and dedicated friend of Calressian.
As the rebel force-- The Tea Party with the entire cast of the FOX News Network.
Barack (Baby Doc) Obama as the planted thug dictator with a secret past--Darth Vader.
Glenn Beck as Yoda with his radio cast in pivotal supporting role.
And Emperor George Soros as himself.

This will prove to be the last stand of the freedom loving inhabitants of the Tea Bag system. Their long and storied revolutionary past; based on a proven and lawful form of government; now threatened by a tyrannical Universal Empire.
Stay tuned for the next dramatic episode where the old droid R2D-Gingrich attacks the NPR Deathstar along with the newly formed Young Guns of Congress!

Here we see Juan (Calressian) before defecting from the dark side.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama,s True Faith

The jury has been out on the true belief structure of our Dear Leader. I believe he has given us enough evidence to make a decision at last. Within the framework of secular humanism which is pronunced by so many on the left, you may declare godhood in many fashions. Obummer has now misquoted the Declaration of Independance twice--purposely leaving GOD out of the empowerment equation. Propagandist Gibbs tells us that Barack believes in the Declaration--THAT'S IT!-- No reference to a higher power. Obama sees himself as the True Messiah--our savior and bringer of deliverance. I suggest that you visit the site--Is Obama The Messiah-- you will see how many leftists view HIM.

The Vermin Has Morphed

Here we see the dreaded Jacassian Demonmouse. He is believed to have infiltrated across our southern border as have so many diseases and harmful species. Normally docile and cowardly by nature, this mega morph has been genetically engineered to respond violently to any intrusion on it's stolen territory. It seems to have taken up residence in the DC area and is leaving a huge heap of crap and rubbish wherever it abides. Beware of it's backbiting tendencies. This hybrid shows no morality or any loyalty to it's pack, family, or followers. Seemingly cannibalistic, he will eat his own without any qualms. This creature will creep into any home, hospital, or school in order to spread it's filth. One of it's weaknesses is a deathly fear of FOXes. Show him some real opposition and he will run every time!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Milton Friedman - Socialism vs. Capitalism

It always serves us well to remamber where we come from in order to set our future course. This is one of the best arguments for the enduring entrepeneaurism of Americans and the real success of capitalism in raising up the middle class worldwide. Friedman also describes the failure of Communist despots and big government in general. 'Nuff said!

Here Are Your New Heros Kids

Coming soon to your neighborhood The Great Silver One--Muslim superhero defends the Great Faith from the rampaging King Ferdinand. (Never mind that Ferdinand fought for years to expel the murderous Islamic hoards who made the streets of Cordoba "Run With Blood!")

Ray Stevens - Come to the USA

We seem to be entering a stage in this election cycle where the left is grabbing onto any straw and bringing out any page of it's group identity playbook. FREE PONIES FOR EVERYONE! We have Bloomenthal of Maryland calling on the "New Americans" for support. You have Brown in California promising free education for all including the illegal La Raza nation. Finally you have Bill Clinton promising everything in the storefront and building an Obama thug force at the same time. Just serve in a "Community Service" capacity and you get a free education and a government check for life. Appause..... Applause...from the collegiate moonbats and the hispanics. Manna from heaven from the left again. Praise Obama--Praise the Clintons --Anything is possible if we believe in the Hope and the Change..........];,];.]GAGGGGG

Get Back To The Real Jane

Jane Fonda has teamed up with Donald Trump and the socialist dreamer creators of Avatar to "SAVE THE PLANET". I liked her better with Captain Planet--1968 version.....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'Multiculturalism utterly failed in Germany' - Merkel

I love this woman! She tells Obummer when his Stipulis is wrong. She tells the Muslim Brotherhood to pound salt. She feels what is right and gets it done smartly!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Conduct Unbecoming

In recent articles and in a published work written by a retired Major General that I am still investigating; I find the following Congressional atrotities. During the depths of the Iraq war and the height of the insurgency in Fallujah. two "Peace Activists" representing "Code Pink and Global Exchange" wanted to gain access into the war zone. The Pentagon denied them the proper passes for travel there. However, Henry Waxman and Barbara Boxer were not detered. They granted the two diplomatic visas and they proceded into enemy territory with at least $65,000.00 to be hand delivered to the insurgents and their families. This is just the latest in a long line of plainly treasonous activity coming from this Demoncat congress. Nancy Pelosi's actions (which I have posted on) in visiting northern Afghani rebels in a visit to Syria shows up again in these writtings. She attemted to stir up unrest in Turkey with a sudden desire to call for recriminations concerning Armenian genocidal acts during WW II. Investigations are being called for and must be pursued to the fullest, add brought to the highest levels of government.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Schakowsky vows to block FBI terror monitoring - Oct. 10, 2010

Why We Must Fight

As I read in a recent article in The American Thinker, Congresswoman Jan Shakowski of ILL has shown herself to be one of the true "Enemies Within" in our nation. She supports terrorism at home and abroad--PLAIN and SIMPLE!
She said in a recent speech that she wants to put a stop to the FBI's Mosque monitoring policy. She says that she will address this matter as soon as she gets back to the hill. As she stated--"I am in a position to deal with this matter as I sit on the intelligence committee." This comes to light as we have seen a foiled bombing occur at Wriggley Field in Chicago. FBI monitoring at a Mosque led to this find and the discovery of the recent European plots as well. Shakowski's ties to the SEIU are well known as are Obummer's.
A head SEIU operative in ILL was recently arrested for his ties to Muslim terror organizations in Central and South America; as were other "Peace Activists'" in the midwest as well. Shakowski's husband, Robert Creamer has supported drug cartel terrorist groups such as FARQ for years.
You don't have to look very far to find the real "homegrown" terrorists in this nation. They grow them fat and heavy in Chicago, and the northern ILL democrat machinery of destruction.

I Will Not Take It Anymore!

I heard a woman on the Glenn Beck radio show the other day comparing Obama big government policies to spousal abuse. She is a counselor to abused women and believes that the symtoms are similar to those exibited by the citizenry of the United States.
You see the denial--"Oh he really loves us and HE knows what is best." The abused citizen always returns to the abuser saying--"He has gone through hard times and therapy and he has REALLY changed from the man he used to be." Then we hear the old line--"We really deserved that abusive treatment; We have been so bad in the past." I think you get the idea. Biden, most Congressmen, and the whole leftist regime may be partially correct when the look on the "lumpen proletariat" as stupid and illiterate--"We just don't understand these serious issues. B--L S--T! We are just stupid for believing in them so often and putting these greedy commie weasles back in office.
Oh, My apologies to that good consevative ferret Woodsterpen; He can't choose his own family tree.
So with this correlation in mind; I refer you to this link - Big Government-My Congressman's history has been exposed and it ain't pretty. A divorce decree filed in 1990 shows spousal abuse and assault on his wife--resulting in a broken jaw. (See the red outlined areas.) Now I can hear you all saying that everyone has had family problems and this doesn't involve the real issues of the day. I am no innocent in these matters, but I didn't beat my wife and children! And more than that, I believe that this is an ingrained disease of the Leftist power mad elite. They are abusers--They are hypocrites--and they must be stopped!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hip-Hop Tea Party - The Shadow Cabinet DJ's featuring G-Ski Rocks

To all you Tea Party Racists--some "soulful" inspiration! I hope y'all will excuse my indulgence in the video format that I have embraced. I plan to continue with satire and sardonic wit, but my horizons have expanded a bit.

The Audacity to Complain About TEA Party Signs (R)

The hypocrisy of the left runs amok!

This week the Demoncat leadership is in Palm Beach Fla. cozying up to the lobbyists and management of the very companies that they demonize in public. To name a few--Golman Sachs, McDonalds, Big Oil and energy companies, Big tobacco and brewinc corporations, and Tribal casino owners who wish to expand into the Same Day Cash Loan buisness.

It is just another case of smoke and mirrors for us, while the payoffs are spread thick as always.

I suggest that you read some exerpts from Charles Gasparino's (of FOX Business News) new book--"Bought and Paid For"-The unholy ulliance with the Obama administration and Wall St. He discusses the open trading of stocks and influence right on the floor of Congress.

We are the bad guys attacking Democracy and padding our wallets though.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tennessee Football Coach fired for making Anti-Obama song

When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)

Here is some real down home hate music that must be censored. The artist is a coach at Grasslands middle school in Tennessee. He was recently fired for posting this song on the web. The school board says it contains "racial undertones." Sorry, I just don't quite hear them. But, I am not part of the elite inteligencia that runs our public schools. Good song though. I think Brian Glover should move to Nashville.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Thought Police Want You!

Freedom Paper 1 I was reminded last night on "The Savage Nation" of this website and the work that they do. They are currently tracking the progress of Barbara Boxer's reintroduced "Hate Crimes/Speech legislation. HR256 is on Obummer's top priority list. Giving preference to any "protected" group, any person who advocates violence against said group will face federal jail time. All speech in all public forums will be monitored by a publicly funded but privately operated 24 hour Executive Command Center that The Dear Leader has already begun to establish under executive order. I would presume that the "private" operation of this Orwellian mind control force will be conducted by the ACLU, with your new Intelligence Czar (Jones quit) and Att. Gen. Holder in close support.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Modern "Moneychangers"

I always find strength in Christ's word in Mathew 2 when he says "Woe unto ye Pharasses and scribes." The Pharasses being the elite of their day and the scribes being the record keepers and historians; we see the same sort of lying cheats at work in our halls of power every day. They rewrite history and cook the books with impunity and apparently the Obamazombies eat it up.
Pelosi tells us that for every Food Stamp dollar spent we receive $1.79 of economic impact! REALLY?
We hear from the regime that payrolls were up last quarter. However, we learn that this is possible only when we include unemployment checks as "payroll."
We learned yesterday from a Harvard/Gallup study that the regime has been lying to us since March about the unemployment figures---DUH. The actual figure has been over 10.1%.
We now have record numbers of "poor" Americans on Food Stamps--14.8%--
Food Stamp Nation by Pat Buchanan on - A Syndicate Of Talent--However they have raised the bar so that almost anyone is elligible for this assistance now. Being poor in this nation now means making less than $40,000.00 a year. I guess that I've been poor for a long time and didn't realize it.
I saw another report of 89,ooo Stimulis checks being sent to dead people and felons.
TARP bailouts are only supposed to cost taxpayers 50 Billion now becaus of paybacks--however--they have found 64,000 cases of fraud in the program, and more lawyers and investigators must be hired to root out the fraud. This extends to overseas banks and the true extent of this corruption will probably never be known.
Fed. Res. head Bernanke is going to rob you even further by printing more cash to prop up Wall St. He and tax cheat Geitner have plans to increase inflation in order to raise Govt. revenues.
The dollar fell to a fifteen year low against the Yen yesterday and George Soros said again that he does not believe that the dollar is going to be a viable currency. (He said the same about the Pound before the Maylasian crash and the near crash of the Brittish Pound where he made billions.)
A Princeton study just came out that implicates Obummer in the Fannie/Freddie-toxic asset scheme and subsequent bank failures.
Max Baccus has sent letters to the IRS calling for the investigation of GOP contributors such as The Chamber of Commerce. However, other non-profits who deliberately break federal law by supporting only Dem. regime causes are not named.,, the apollo alliance, center for american progress, acorn, tides foundation---The list is too long to name here. All thieves and heathens!
We have much work to do after Nov. 2 throwing these bums out, and then digging into the corrupt practices at work deep into our system. Real investigation and oversight is needed, and should start immediately. When we regain a leadership role I want to be prepared to "hang" some moneycanging liars and their cronies. ---OFF with their heads. Obummer says it is to be "hand to hand combat" after the elections. Well bring it on baby thug!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Evil Stalks US

Are we getting mad yet. Anyone out there ready to join my "Neo Crusade" They can bash our nation from top to bottom; from within and without. They can destroy our economy intentionally all in the name of social justice. They can divide us racially and by class to the point of civil war. But when they attack our faith and threaten to subjugate us under Sharia, I know we are truly under an evil influence. I say behead the enemy where he stands and ship him home wrapped in bacon.
Now that I have your attention, let me quantify this rant by saying that I do not call for violence against these 6th century throwbacks on our own soil. I do, however call for all citizens to prepare for attacks on us and to respond accordingly. I call on our conservative resurgence to go after Islamic radicals who call for the destruction of capitalism and violence on our institutions. These so called Imams should be deported in disgrace immediately. All construction of mega-mosque Jihadist training facilities should be halted and the backers' funds seized and the perps jailed. All spreading of Islamic influence should be halted in our prison system. All positive reference to the Koran and Islam in general should be stopped in our public schools and publicly funded colleges. All public funding and tax breaks should be cut off for Mosque and Islamic school construction and teaching. These restrictions are in place for all Christian causes, and Muslims deserve no better treatment. Sharia law and all of it's proponents must be opposed at all turns. These hooded thugs are using our own legal system against us, just as the communists have done for years. We need leadership with some cajones who will draw the line in the sand right now. Look at Britain and France and you will see your Islamic future otherwise.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

News From Little Chicago

Here in my "ville" Republican candidate Bill Johnson is in a real uphill battle against Demoncat entrenched union boss Charlie Wilson. Youngstown, OH is at the epicenter of this extremely gerrymandered district in which I live. Barney Frank's district control tactics have got nothing on what has been done by these gangstas' I live with.
I must attribute this report to America's Morning Show with Quinn and Rose on WPGB Pittsburgh, 104.7.
Youngstown politics is as corrupt as Cleveland (voted most corrupt nationwide--beating out even NY) and Chickago put together. With the demise of almost all steel and related industry in our "rust belt" drug gangs and union gangsterism run a close race for control of our livelihood. Recently, random killings of churchgoers in Youngstown have been hushed up by most drive-by-media. An 80 yr. old man was just shot and murdered in his car after leaving church, and his wife lost a leg. The local fish wrapper attributes these killings to gang initiations. I might suggest that they also investigate nearby MegaMosque Jihadist training facilities near Dayton and elsewhere for attacks on Christians, but it is just a thought.
Youngstown has the highest taxes in the state--27.3%--and one of the highest unemployment rates. The city auditor and at least one councilman in Youngstown are currently under investigation by the Feds. and the state on corruption charges. There are more polititicians in jail there than in public service. One in particular, Lee Fisher was recently photographed hugging a known local cocaine dealer.
Now here comes the cavalry to the rescue of Representative Wilson and Gov. Strickland (in real trouble here) who back Obamacare and Pelosi agenda items to the hilt. The disputed Senate seat seems to be a Republican romp. Jumpin' Joe Biden arrives here today. Next week Barney Frank hisself is the Guest of (dis)Honor at the Mahoning county Democrat Committee fundraiser. The Pelosi scare bus arrives in St. Clairsville this weekend. Obummer was here two weeks ago>> Talk about arsonists coming right back to the scene of a fire! This valley was decimated by Urban Redevelopment, Fannie and Freddie toxic assets, and the orchestrated meltdown that followed. Now the new Financial Reform bill penned by Frank and Dodd themselves promises more of the same with racial quotas for banks serving "underdeveloped communities". Seems to me that we need to get out the pitchforks and burn Barney at the stake when he arrives. Only in effigy of course.-----Barney's words--- RealClearPolitics - Video - Barney Frank: Idea That There Could Be Too Much Regulation Is A "Fantasy Unrelated To Any Human Experience"