Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Real Power Is In The Wrong Hands

"Now the Congress does not decide (your fate in a crisis). It's much worse than that. Since Presidential decision directive number fifty-one, it's official. the president decides. The duly elected president takes control of the whole enchilada, what they call in Presidential Decision Directive number sixty-seven'the Enduring Constitutional Government.' On His command the U.S.A becomes the ECG and it stays that way until our new benevolent emperor decides the coast is clear again. The truth is that it could happen any time they want.In case you don't know it the powers that be have kept this country in an official state of national emergency almost every day since 1933.
Do you realize that if you live within a hundred miles of a coastline or a US border you're in what is called a 'constitution free zone", where the entire Bill of Rights can disappear in a heartbeat? That's not me talking, that's the ACLU. Two-thirds of us live in that zone; that's two hundred million American citizens."
     Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby declare this spot where I'm standing now, and every single square inch of this great land from sea to shining sea, according to the unalienable rights and powers endowed to me by my creator to be a Free Speech Zone!"
    Exerpted from "The Overton Window"--By Glenn Beck

Which Way Did He Go George?

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Friday, November 26, 2010

I Believe It

                                   I have only one response at first glance...
                 ATHIESTS DIE ALONE-

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mama Michelle Knows Best

The First Lady's new initiative, as you know, is leaning down our children with nutritious food. She will be installing salad bars in 5000 public schools soon if the funding passes Congress. Schools are balking at the added headache of the government regulation involved as well as the health risks for  kids around salad bars. Washington DC schools have three meals a day now as do many others nationwide. Liscenced chefs are being employed to make sure the little darlings get their best offerings. The newest Leftie idea for Detroit of course is to bulldoze it and build a "farmers paradise" with no "food deserts" for the poor disadvantaged minorities anymore. But of course, as you may expect, the Elite arugula lovers have far grander schemes in mind for you and your backyard garden. Big Pharma and Monsanto have teamed up with the regime to make almost everything that you do in your backyard illegal. Only Govt. approved seed (genetically altered not to reproduce naturally)--govt. approved fertilizer-- govt. approved irrigation methods and crop standards will be allowed under HR 1332 and SR 510, among other regs. being proposed by Congress and The Dept. of Agriculture. Restaurants will be fined for too much trans fat or salt. Natural healing methods and distribution of herbs and nutritional supplements will be harshly regulated or banned completely. Small farms will give way to large corporate farming interests (sound familiar?)  and "vegan' organic growers who get Obamabucks subsidies. The bad part is--this is supported by Rhinos as well. Here come the Food Police!   

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Constitution And The Presidential Abuse Of Power

I am inspired by the latest Imprimis to quote from a speech by Mike Pence, U.S. representative, Indiana,s 6th Congressional District. This free publication and audio version is available at hillsdale college. The full text can be read below. "Our nation finds itself in a position of a dog whose duty is not to ask why--because the "why" is too elevated for his nature--but simply to obey.
     America is not a dog, and does not require a "because-I-said-so" jurisprudence; or legislators who knit laws of such complexity that they are heavier than chains; or a president who acts like, speaks like, and is received as a king."
     "It is not the president's job to manipulate the nation's youth for the sake of his agenda or his party."
     Were a primer to be written by the American people, whether of 1776 or 2010, you can be certain that it would contain the following instructions.
     You do not bow to kings. Outside of our shores, The President of the United States of America bows to no man. When in foreign lands, you do not criticize your own country. You do not apologize to the enemies of the United States. Should you be confused, a coa people, or region that harbors, shelters, supports, encourages, or cheers attacks opon our country or the slaughter of our friends and families are enemies of the United States. And to repeat, you do not apologize to them."

     I could go on, but the full text is available below.
     In my opinion Mike Pence deserves serious consideration for the Republican nod for the 2012 presidential candidacy. I have considered this for some time and this man's solid background in the Constitution "as written", and his belief in The Creator's role in the founding of our nation are but two reasons for a closer look at Mike Pence. It is early yet but he beats out some of the 2008 Rhino backbenchers hands down in my eyes. 

Hillsdale College - Imprimis

Hillsdale College - Imprimis

Friday, November 19, 2010

Jay Rockefeller Is Infested

Sen. Rockefeller, Democrat Socialist-WV has a bug up his butt. Or maybe one in his ear of the Crabus-Sorosus variety. His little bug is telling him that the FCC should shut down FOX and MSNBC. He says that it would improve political discourse and raise the public's opinion of government. Soros has spent millions to shut down FOX and Glenn Beck. Rockefeller is just another tool of the Soros machine and thr radical left. Old Jay is becoming as irrelevant as MSNBC itself. I think he should visit Janet Nepolitano for a full body scan and cavity search; then get a full delousing; take his fortune that he inherited from his globalist, war profiteering father and fly back to the hills. Remember that he once said that the internet should never have been invented.

Here is a sidenote for your reference. Jay's wife is CEO of the Washington DC NPR affilliateWETA.

Perhaps we should turn over all news broadcasting to Mrs. Rockefeller, Theresa Heinz, and Ariana Huffington. It could be broadcast on the All Oprah All The Time Channel with the cast of the View in charge. Now that's real entertainment huh folks?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

world top 10 military power 1/2

NEW!Russian military shooting down hostile missles training.wmv

Obama Opens New Front In His War On America

No sooner had the Nov. 2nd elections passed, than it soon became evident that forces were being mustered for a new attack on our national sovereignty. In the face of Chinese and Russian development of new modern missle systems and delivery systems (see above and in following posts) Obama is forcing the US into a unilateral disarmament START treaty with Russia. This treaty will cut our nuclear force by 30% and alldelivery systems--for nuclear and non nuclear weapons--by 50%. Defense secretary Gates has just offered a bribe to Republican Senators in the form of 4 billion dollar promise to upgrade and maintain what will be left of our defenses. This should be in the existing defense budge,  but Obama and the Dems. held it out as a bargaining chip for this purpose. This has TOP PRORITY with this regime during the lame duck session of Congress. Weaken us now and it will be impossible for us to respond in kind for any strike from any source. Rebuilding and maintaining our defenses will take decades of work right now if saner Conservative leadership is ever in power again. 

This is part of a new push in Obama's globalist agenda. Coming up tomorrow---Banke Moonbat and the UN push for global taxes on all energy sources and financial transactions. This is supported of course by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Remember that Obama, as Senator once introduced a The Global Poverty Act which would give the UN the power to attach at least one tenth of the US GDP. More to come.....   

Monday, November 15, 2010

The End Is Near!

This man was a Nixon lover--pro-war activist, anti-communist, and a devout Catholic who died of alcoholism in a sleazy NY apt. Go figure. People rewrote their own history of him and lived vicariously through him. Who knew him??

Saturday, November 13, 2010

You Lose--You Lose Situation with Barney and Friends

Fannie and Freddie Mac were just granted permission to sue the Federal Government/The IRS over a 2.6 Billion dollar multi-year tax assessment. No matter what the result of said lawsuit, it is a wash for taxpayers.  Only the lawyers and bureaucrats win big, pulling in huge fees and Federal salaries with bonuses for a job well done. We are getting "well done" here! The FHA/HA head was "insulted" by a reporter's request for the reasoning behind letting an agency under total government receivership sue another government agency. He responded arrogantly that there would be no response to such questions, and has refused all phone calls since then. So what else is new? This sounds like Obama's response to Bobby Jindal when questioned about the wisdom of a drilling moratorium and the oil spill response. Barack The One responded--"Don't ask me questions that will embarrass me!" I am paraphrasing from Jindal's new book. "It's all about me and my BIG GOVERNMENT and no questions will be tolerated!'

The Second American Revolution

The classic revolutionary.

Time For A New American Revolution?

The realistic view of a revolution.

The Anti-American Manifesto: Cartoonist Calls For Armed Revolution!

The Leftist view of Revolution.

Friday, November 12, 2010

American Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton

I just love this guy--A true American patriot if there ever was one. I'dnominate him for President today--or--how about the John Wayne/Red Skelton ticket?

Group Identity Politics Gone Mad

 Check this link out--Opposing Views: Fox News: Terrorists Attending Congressional Prayer Meetings  This "unconstitutional religious practice" has been a part of  the Capital Hill underworld for years. What other groups are represented at our Halls of Power? The Committee on Pedophillic-Trans-Beastialists? Everyone deserves a place at the table right?

New Zeal: Communists Work to Build Party in the South

Follow this link to read how the Communists are moving into Redneck Country. Sorry folks--I'm always going to be a rebel at heart. Good Luck Suckers--If 'dem gators and the snakes and the bugs don't get ya'  somethin' else might! Link here-- New Zeal: Communists Work to Build Party in the South

Thursday, November 11, 2010

HASSAN CHOP! - The Complete Version!

Tsk--Tsk--So offensive to Islamic sensibilities!

Hassan Chop!

Run Barack RUN!

Daffy the Greedy Slob

Bugs bunny and Daffy Duck the happy miser

Bugs Bunny in India

Just to be politically incorrect in the spirit of the Annointed Ones' Islamic Triumph Tour__We offer a selection of Classic responses to terrorism. HINT__. Bugs is Bush--Daffy is Obama.

USS Freedom: Would Obama build a ship like this?

A ship built for men--Not a diverse, multicultural, floating brothel fleet.

chinese navy's new destroyer


We have three--possibly two years until the regime change in China and the military takes over control from the Communist party. Will we be ready for that?

VETERAN'S DAY TRIBUTE Band of Brothers REQUIEM for a SOLDIER cover sung...

Mules Vs. Horses

Let me spin a analogous tale of the Liberal horse and the Conervative mule. I have all respect for the horse, being a flighty and sometimes a very dangerous animal. I have been bitten twice. I have seen the resiliance and pure power of the Belgian working on a logging site--very impressive--just don't get too close to them--they have a very wild temperment. They can kill or cripple a man with impunity. He has no sense as compared with the "Conservative mule". I was raised around mules and have some first hand experience. A horse will gorge itself to death on water and oats after a hard workout. A mule will not. A horse will run under the whip until its heart explodes. A mule will balk at such treatment. He will, however, work all day long at a steady pace if coaxed somewhat and treated humanely. A mule would not walk onto a covered bridge in my hometown if he sensed it to be unsafe. Stories abound of the lives saved by concientious mules. The mule however will move deftly around and over damaged planks as he can sense them by feel and see his own feet. A horse will move right on and break his leg, or worse yet fall and kill his own rider. A horse will run back into a burning barn for the sense of safety he feels. A mule tends not to do so. The domesticated horse will starve in the wild if turned loose. The mule will survive on browse.

My point being---- We need more hardheaded Conservative mules to lead our nation into the harder times ahead in "survival mode". What we have now are a bunch of Elitest Liberal race horses running their willing peers to the finish line and to their own slaughter. Only the strong will survive.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Great Dictator- Globe Scene

Let's just start with India--They have over half the population under 30 and in the next decade will have a population larger than China. NWO here we come!

Bernardine Dohrn-Says Tea Partiers Are Real Threat!

All these radicals--communists--global NWO advocates are gathering their forces and some are meeting in India---HMMMM---Wonder why?

Jed Brandt at Brecht Forum, on "The Van Jones Effect" Part 2

This guy is right where he wants to be--Where you can't see him administrating the real Obama globalist agenda.

Frances Fox Piven: "We Got Obama - that's not bad at all"

Note that what he has done is under the radar. Watch Glenn Beck tonight and tomorrow to see more of what Soros-The Center for American Progress and Van Jones have in store for us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Next Page Has Opened

Congrats' to all of you old school Reaganites out there, like myself, who I feel have been at the forefront of this conservative resurgence. You have kept your faith and your values intact over the long dark years of Progressive ascendancy and Bush's socialism lite. We have kept two more generations--those who will listen--informed about the greatness of and the opportunities provided by a free and capitalistic system. These young folks are now moving toward the next phase of a revivalism in America.
Ms. Haley, the new Gov. of SC, said it well when she stated that some may say that history was made yesterday, however it is more accurate to say that a page has just been turned. Volumes must yet be composed in order to restore real freedom and Constitutional government. to Americans.
Here I must brag on my sleepy little steel town where some of us have sounded a call and many have awoken. The union/Demoncat machine has ridden us into the ground and broken our spirit, but some say no more. We have pulled off a clean sweep of these gangstas in what has been called "Little Chicago". These were the tightest races that I have ever seen. To those of you where those in your areas such as WV were not as fortunate or possibly as committed, take heart--there are many new Tea Partiers and just plain folks out here just ready to enter the fray and carry the load. Here is the short list of some of my local wins---
Portman-R. for Senate
Johnson-R. for House of Representatives 6th dist.
Kasich-R. for Governor
Sec. of State-R.
Atty. Gen.-R..
Supreme Court Justice-R.
State Auditor-R.
Next door-McKinley Rep. 6th Dist.-R.
And a Republican takeover in the State legislature as we see in so many states.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eric Holder's Injustice Dept. Targets YOU!!

This is a Stage One Web Alert! "You are not being paranoid if they are really after you."--Iggy Pop.

This is the woeful tale of Ser Gorges Smythe of the "Unwashed Masses" and the gunslinger Holder. But first let's have some background for this sad story.

Myself, I have no fear whatsoever of Big Brother intrusion into my activities on the web or otherwise. I have reached a point in my life where I would welcome the challenge--AGAIN. I have a somewhat intimate knowledge of surveillance and counter-surveillance. I have been targeted before with both cyber and physical surveillance by certain authorities who (wrongly) thought that I was in possession of certain "sensitive' information. I will say no more on that subject other than to say that I almost broke out the tinfoil hats when the microwave monitoring devices turned my house into a slow cooker and signals were bouncing all over my home security system. The intruders were thwarted in their efforts at intimidation after some time and no small expense on my part. There are those in certain "positions" here locally who still carry a nasty taste in their mouth from that encounter and they now have targeted my home and property with demands for back taxes which I cannot pay. I might possibly lose my home soon. Believe me--If they want you, they will get you one way or another. I do not fear intrusion on my computer system however. A self designed--let us say--double blind security regimen protects my personal information from any intrusion. I know that there are ways to access anyone's IP address but even if you get through to mine you will not find any thing but what I disclose right here. I have nothing to hide, but I disclose nothing either.

What you must realize out there, if we do not employ extrordinary methods to protect your privacy we are all vunerable to Govt. intrusion on our privacy and our civil rights. Certain buzzwords we use all the time on conservative opinion sites will click in to the "MAN" and his search begins. If you access certain sites you are targeted. ANY .gov site access will automatically open up your IP address and puts your whole system at risk! Any Twitter posting, and probably Facebook along with other social networking sites is now recorded in the Library of Congress database. Access to all E-Mails is available to authorities now without warrants. Many of these changes have been made by executive order of The Great Obama himself or by DHS and Justice "for your own protection.

But this is the story of one of my recent followers--http://gorges-smythe.blogspot.com/--You may enter this site at your own risk as his website has been targeted by The Justice Department. I share no information here that he has not disclosed openly already, so I am sure he will not mind me warning all conservatives of possible Leftist attacks. I have already seen what damage can be done by determined spammers and hackers on some sites.

This gentleman does not deserve such treatment however. I have recently visited his site--It could be down now--I am not sure. Ser Smythe is a well spoken man and accomplished writer. He is a historian of note in my book--especially the oral history of our nation. I believe he is a skilled woodsman/husbandsman, woodcrafter, and woodcarver. He was raised near my neck of the woods where my great-great grandparents grew up as well. His crime against our society; as I see it; living too far off the grid. This gentle-man has brought a vision of our past into the light and along with it his view of America from his own unique perspective. His commentary on society is, to me, quite poignent, yet at the same time apolitical. My fiery rhetoric and satire would seem more hurtful to this "Regime" than his life tales. Even though I vet my stories and threaten harm to no one, I am sure to be watched regularly by Media Matters or some equivalent Moonbats eyeball site. From there your or my comments will be directed to the "proper authorities" and "appropriate action taken." Yea' Right! In this modern Leftist world, if you are profiled as a militia member, anti-government type--radical Christian pro-lifer (As Big Sis's own memo states) you are considered an enemy of the state.
I feel all that I can do at this point is to offer moral support and to warn the rest of you that the "Greenshirts" may be at your door next.You remember what happens to those who don't speak out when they come for the other guy don't you! I will be in touch with Ser Smythe soon in a hopefully secure mode.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sarah Palin Surprises Tea Party Express Tour in Wheeling W. Virginia by ...

I met Sarah this weekend! I had to cross the "Crick" (the Ohio River) to see her but it was totally worth it. My kinda' woman! Hey Carl Rove--Leave this gal alone! If she wants to make money and have fun, more power to her! She has more "gravitas" than you will ever have you old beltway hack.


Well, the much ballyhooed election time has come folks. Good fortune to all those "Right" minded people out there and confusion to our enemies!

See my next blog post to see how I got my last minute inspiration.

I would like to take a second though to thank some of my extremely intelligent and hard working followers for inspiring me throughout a very difficult year for me. Thanks to Woodsterman and Amusing Bunni for livening up my spirit--to Spidey; my fellow loose cannon--to "L", The Candle, Tristin Meecham, Opus, Conservative Perspective, and especially to Fuzzy Slippers and Rotti for setting the bar so high for any of us who follow them and for keeping me grounded and slicing through the demagoguery out there on both sides. My life is a fuller one just knowing there are good people like y'all still out there. Sorry for leaving out so many--However time is limited.

I offer all respect to my "esteemed collegue"--Did I really say that?--from the Conservative Perspective. He has commented, however that he is willin' to wait for two years ,when we send the Commies really packing, before major investigations or positive results begin to arise from this election. When I see the arrogance and affrontery demonstrated by the left today, with no respect for the law or basic ethics and morals I am appalled. I will see to it during the coming year, if I can, that my Rep. Boehner and any with a voice to be heard go after these anti- American scum and their foreign interests with tooth and claw. They are still moving on us and I say we need more Patton and less patten leather in Congress. Amputations all around for the tyrants and turncoats! I guess I'm still in halloween mode. LOL McCarthy was right--Bring back HUAC!