Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fear Not--I Am Here

The one has not forgotten you. He never sleeps without thinking of you and reading letters from the little children in trouble. Hundreds, or thousands, or millions of jobs have been saved or created. (They are just so hard to count.) He has formed a "Blue Ribbon Council" to attack Wall St. and the "bad" banks for you. They are run by the Apollo Alliance of Stimulus fame and will set new regs. for all financial transactions going forward. George Soros is in Europe expounding on the virtues of these new standards. These redistribution rules will mean billions in your pockets and for the poor worldwide. Just wait and see. You only have to pay for these fees and taxes for five or ten years and we will be paid back. He has PROMISED! David Pluff and Valerie Jarret are back running things now. Like Lenin did to Tolstoy Barack has thrown that hack Emanuel under the bus. He just needs to ram this insurance takeover through and things will look so much better. All student loans will be handed to those that really deserve them and if you just work for the Government you never have to pay them back. Just get a job at the OMB or the Presidential Economic Advisory Board and you never have to pay any taxes. Heck you can even cheat on your wife with impunity. That goes for mayors of Oakland and Treasury Dept. heads and Whitehouse staff as well you know. There is opportunity for all who are loyal at the seat of Presidential power. Barack will fight off all attempts of those Right Wing Extremists to gain any voice in the public sphere. This move by the radical Supreme Court to offer free speech to bad corporations will be stopped by Obama and Barney Frank. They don't deserve to speak. HE will be speakin to you every day, more and more often. HIS voice will ring always in your ears HE knows that you have missed his constant contact. Now is the time to double down on all agenda items. NBC has filed a complaint that ABC was getting more Obama air time, so expect a two hour infomercial very soon. HE wants huge ratings. HE will drown out all opposition with MoveOn.Org. and all progressive organizations. Many jobs are being created now in these groups which Soros and The Tides Foundation will fund. HIS voice will be heard! Cognitave Infiltrators (as described by Cass Sunstein) have been installed in all Cabinet level offices by Ms. Russo and The Justice Ministry to assure that the Government message is delivered VERBATIM. All blogs will be monitered and censured for opposition lies. Fight! Fight! Fight! For The One! He calls on you now in his time of need and low approval ratings. Don't pay attention to elections or polls--ALL LIES! These rallys against abortion that you saw in Washington and even in San Francisco were just astroturf funded by "special interests" you know. All future gatherings of this sort will be closely monitored and those extremists who take part will be found and dealt with. We will not be stopped now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Today we celebrate the "Scott" heard around the world. As the Statist press of MSLSD, ABC, CBS, and the Chavez News Network do their best to ignore the people speaking out, I see the Tea Party starting where it should--in Mass. The spin doctors will be hard at work today selling their lies, and like true Alinskiites, attacking everything right that they can target. Scott Brown #41 will be remembered in history in spite of all they can do. "Every Girl Loves a Truck Drivin' Man." Obama and the rest have shown their true elitist hides in their latest attacks on regular working folks and it burned them. I love the smell of burned Demoncat in the morning. Here we see all their heavy hitters thrown into the mix; Cokely, a hit girl thug for the Kennedy aristocracy from the start (read some of her history--not pretty) has been shot down in spite of help from ACORN, SEIU, Big Pharma, The Dem. Kennedy machine, The Black Panthers, Barney Frank, Hillary, Kerry, and the BIG BO HIMSELF. Some of the bunch is forming a circular firing squad already. The blame can never be laid at Obama's door or blamed on his radical policies. Barney himself has said that he wants a timely and honest effort to seat Brown in a timely manner. Do you believe that? I'll sell you a nice used Pinto. Always watch what the left hand is doing especially with The Bolshevic Barbie Pelosi in charge. Blue dogs are running for the exits on the Deathcare bill. This is an open door Congressman Wilson--hear me? They will pass a partial bill if necessary just to get their foot in the door. Barack still has a couple of aces up his sleeve and this cat is a sly one. He just called my Senator Voinovich into the Inner Santum of the Whitehouse yesterday. Uncharted territory for Republicans and FOX News as you know. He has brought out the Obama charge card, I just know it. He and Axelrod will be circling the Republican pack looking for stragglers now to get their 60th vote. Voinovich said in a statement afterward that in no way was he going to be the one to make up the slack. I hope we can trust this Rino this time. He voted for Cass Sunstein as you remember. Now we must be more wary than ever of this leftist cabal. The Kennedy legacy has fallen. The Chicago machine is even shrewder and more dangerous however. Alinski says that when you are surrounded, that is the time for a counterattack. Keep your eyes behind your head, and your powder dry. Protect your friends and keep your focus on the goal this fall. I will not celebrate for long myself. Gather strength and resolve now. Another crisis may be initiated at any time by this bunch of Statists. Do not fall into their snares. I will finish wit the words of that great scholar Iggy Pop---??? "You are not acting paranoid if they are really after you!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Down To It--NOW!

Alright now y'all; this is a new year and the Great One says it is the age of responsibility. All you fat white cat bankers; entrepeneaurs--all you taxpayers better get back to work. You have at least six months of work to go just to pay for federal and union salaries and slushy payoffs. We have to keep bailing out these failed Dem. states. The FED and Goldman Sacs need another record profit year. And don't even think about sluffing off your civil duties. There is a new army of IRS agents watching your every move, economically and politically. Remember that half a slave is still a slave and you signed on for this one. Don't you cry out boy or we'll flog you. Eric Sothers will soon be in charge of security here sucker and we'll hammer down on you white power, anti government, pro-life Christian radicals then. The Dear Leader has just proclaimed a new "Council of Governors" run by a Community Action Activist leader to coordinate all National Guard, Home Security and Federal/local police forces. You have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. There is no Constitution to fall back on fool. It has been overriden and WE have the power now. You redneck imperialist idiots think that you are going to make some changes this fall don't you? Well think again! WE will not permit elections if we see you moving against us. Our forces are in place and WE will use them. Keep your nose to the grindstone serf and be thankful for what we give you ---or ELSE!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The State Of Dis-Union

I have only just begun to give Americans the change that they deserve. I have brought 72% the economy under my control in one year as soon as the health reform bill passes. I have given Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a blank check to loan to any minority that they wish. I have a slush fund with which to pay any political allies that I wish; and I can withhold these funds from my opponents if I wish. I have given the black caucus 500 Billion to play with. Soon Chris Dodd will have a new Economic Czar ready to oversee the whole private sector for the betterment of the masses. Charlie Rangel and Barney Frank have a vast new tax reform bill almost ready to slip by on the people. It will look very good but there will be many new provisions to hinder the free traders. I have promised the UN and the G22/IMF over 200 Billion a year to hand over to the rulers of the third world as they see fit and trillions more is on the way to China and the Islamic world. I am doing my best to handcuff and out the war-mongering CIA and the military as a whole. The whole travel industry will soon fall to my control as well as soon as the next inevitable bombing occurs. The Jihadists are going to be given rights at our negotiating table. There are many of my allies in the Arabic Peninsula that will soon be coming to power. It is a given. State sovereignty will soon be a thing of the past. My plan is in progress to strangle the economy of any state that does not comply with federal mandates on healthcare or EPA regulations. 42 states are already almost bankrupt and when they come to me for help I WILL HAVE THEM! You bad, greedy, white, racist bankers better come up off of that TARP money and start loaning it to my favored groups if you want any more bailouts this year. I have no time for any profiteering except for in the government and union sector. I need a new VAT tax soon and Cap and trade legislation ready this year. After all we have 10,000 new government workers a month to feed now. The SEIU and ACORN along with the AFL-CIO and teachers unions to name a few, have been very helpful to me and we must pay them now and subsidize all their top of the line health plans. Soon the census will be overrun with my players and amnesty for illegals has been introduced in congress already. I want this bill passed this spring before the fall elections. There can be no delay. I will brook no debate on this issue. Yes I have accomplished much, but there is much more sacrifice that I want from the American people. You must soon submit to searches by INTERPOL, and UN troops. There are terrorists from the right in our midst and they must be rooted out and all their guns confiscated. The executive orders are being enacted now. Soon a net neutrality regulation will be imposed by the FTC and FCC. This will eliminate all need for congressional action. All speech and internet traffic will be monitored and opposing hateful rhetoric will be suppressed immediately for the good of the state. All facebook and web traffic is already being watched for political protest, as you know. Yes, I have done very well this year as a B+ president. My legacy is being erected and my greatness will soon be recognized by the whole world. Now is my time!