Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Ministry of Injustice

;And equal justice for all. No--you get social, economic and Green justice for some, and summary judjement for others as meted out by a neo-police state run by a corrupt Ministry of Justice and a biased judiciary. The policemen are not in the FBI and CIA; but with the IRS, EPA. ACLU et al. Stalin would be proud. Sherrif Arpajo is being scapegoated as Hillary takes Arizona to the carpet in the World Court of UN defined Civil Rights. Justice sues our states to impose mandates and "The rule of man". (Credit Opus for reminding me) Tony Perez, your Asst. Atty. Gen. gets a "thrill in his step every morning" as he finds new ways to change our society with his interpretation of civil rights law. He has 102 new lawyers just chomping at the bit and searching the NET for presumed violations. HI GUYS! Philadelphia is proposing a $300.00 Blogger tax if you make a dime off your site by the way. Federal and global taxes are soon to follow with "Free Speech" and their fairness doctrine and nice sounding net neutrality proposal. Google is in bed with the Regime and this agenda item. One of their boys has been a member of the World Socialist Party if you don't know it. HI BOYS! Millions of illegal aliens are getting a free pass as Justice turns a blind eye unless they murder someone perhaps. (That is unless you live in Pelosi's San Fransicko--then that is OK as well.) Al Ja' hari of Trade Center and subway bombing fame has been given a pass as well as he will not face federal terrorism charges now. Tom Delay however still faces state charges in a phony investigation that the Feds had to give up after SIX years of destructive witchhunting. Murders and raping kidnappers run rampant; thugs in Des Moines at the State Fair set on fair goers in a "Beat Whitey" night and the Chief of Police says it was not race related. Americans without an "ethnic'" background are deposed with impunity at our airports, while Muslims from Detroit are given access to overseas flights with fake bombs and knives. SEIU members and Black Panthers threaten and openly attack those with opposing viewpoints. Greenie Weenies firebomb the homes of research scientists and say that it is a shame that the scientist would put his family at risk like thatby testing animals. Open threats are made against radio personalities and tea party organizers.These leftists are allowed violence. --------More to come.

Update---Sometimes I hate being right---Consider the Al Gore fanatic Moonbat and his attack on Discovery Center. He is not alone. Sociopaths have no conscience. Ted Kazinski was an Al Gore follower as well. BO has all of these tendancies along with his more sycophantic cronies. The left is stirring up a very dangerous stew. It includes union thugs and other communist infiltrators at all levels. George Soros and his collusion of internet sites and community agitators are moving into a position to attack and marginalize the Tea Party before the Nov. elections. BO is pulling out the stops and playing the outsider and the victim again. Awww, poor puppy dog. He holds the cards here; I just don't think he has the savy to play his hand out. Watch him closely in the coming weeks. He and the far left will give you a "tell" as to their true intentions. Don't fall for a bluff. Wait for the final hand and then our moves will be more clearly defined in this highly volitile political atmosphere.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Dream Machine

Most recently, our Socialist Chauffeur, our driver of debt; Obammer; has turned way too metaphorical in his references to the direction our country is headed, and what would happen if we turn the wheels of power back over to the Republicans. I am always amused when I see those with limited intellect attempt to use mental imaging tools that are way beyond their capacity. So here is the way that I would steer this vehicle of state.
The mechanism of our ship of state is in major need of an overhaul. The plugs are misfiring; The tires are worn and must be replaced with sturdier tread (on me). The windshield has been muddied by hippies and the bums on the corners can't clean it. We need to tell our driver to stop giving them all free rides everywhere. The headlights don't work most of the time and when they do they have this sickening rosy tint to them. The tailights and backup lights don't work at all and our driver never uses the rearview mirrors. All he wants to do is give us a shiny new paint job and bling for wheels. We really can't trust his instincts. He wants us in this fastlane to a place where we---well he won't even say where we are going---just trust him he says. I can't wait till his contract is up, but you know how those union workers are. They think that they are entitled to a job for life. We really need to stick to the old backroads that are well maintained by the farmers and local communities. We need to apply a good undercoating to the frame and give the whole system a good flushing. This car should last another lifetime at least if we start making payments on what we owe on her. We really need to clean that trunk out. We are hauling suff around from all over the world. Get that stupid rap rhetorical crap off that blaring radio and put Rush on. A new electric motor will not do. We need to rebuild this good old V-8 and put some uncapped headers on it. They will hear us coming all the way to Istanbul. We really need to start filling up this tank with good high test "Gulf" gasoline more often. HEY--that idiot driver is headed straight for that bus full of ACORN workers!/////Whew, missed 'em. I'll bet there is another crew of them right around the corner though. We better keep our eyes peeled.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Your Conspiracy or Mine?

As we battle for the high ground in this struggle against Islamofascism on the move with the Ground Zero Mosque victory center, we should remember the Flight 93 Crescent memorial being built in PA. (See Michelle Malkin). It will be built to be geometrically aligned with Mecca. A Crescent surrounded area in the shape of a prayer rug, there will be the sound of chimes accompanying the site, being sounded from a structure that closely resembles a minarette. as proscribed by Muslim clerics. Who's idea was this? Surely not our Christian leader or his devout followers. This is being investigated by a team of lawyers here locally. I am sure that the truly opaque and foreign leftist backers of this build will be as hard to expose as those who are behind the NY efforts. But as the Great One golfs and laughs in secret at the plight of you guilty Americans--NEVER FORGET who is really behind this atrocity. He who bows at the feet of Saudi and Chinese despots will sell your soul to the enemy as quick as you can blink.