Monday, January 31, 2011

Cairo: Anger starting to focus on Israel, US

This paper may give you some real insight as to what danger really lies at our own door next! Just hit the link above. You surely won't get any real news here at home. I find it difficult even to make an honest assesment of this situation with all the sources at my disposal.

Chaos And The Left Go Hand And Hand

                  Our Hero Parties While Egypt Burns

     Whether or not Obama himself has influenced world events effectively enough to bring on violent revolution in the middle east is not entirely laudable. However his tacit support of The Muslim Brotherhood has been enough to spur on many Leftist sycophants in this country and abroad. The Egyptian authorities just don't know what to make of the mixed messages they are getting from Washington. This is by design! Good cop bad cop is the rule of this regime. Hillary calls for a peaceful transfer of power or "transition" as she calls it; "Bite me" Biden says Mubarak is not a dictator; Carter says he must step down; and propagandist Gibbs him haws all over the issue while saying that we don't pick sides.----REALLY! Well Obama clearly chose the Iranian tyranny over the popular uprising there, where there were WOMEN murdered and hung afterward. Now in Egypt; his silence; or his double speak speaks volumes.
     At the expense of tooting my own horn, I stated in 2009 (somewhat tongue in cheek as is my wont) that Obama believes that The Muslim Brotherhood and the Caliphate that they envision and desire to return to world domination will rule the Middle East. The leftist radicals, Socialists, and Communists; with the Bill Ayres / Bernadine Dorn crowd in tow;---see the attached video--- that desire worldwide chaos see this as an opportunity to bring America to it's knees once more. The Muslim Students Association, Palestinian support groups, Hamas, and Hezbollah and other dangerous organizations with ties to Jihadism see an opportunity to spread Sharia around the globe and here in America.

     I see that Erin Klein reports that "Something Big" has been smuggled into Gaza last night and that Egyptian tanks are moving on the border with Gaza. There much more here than meets the eye! I have a sickening feeling that this will be a major change in the power structure involving a more serious threat to Israel than ever before. I also feel that this was driven and supported by many unseen hands with desires on our throats! 

     I am posting an article above by the Jerusalem Post that reiterates the threat to Israel and the United States.

Moo Cows for Obama Campaign Video

Here we see happy cows! They are celebrating Obama's new regulatory designs for their imperialist, oppressive farmer overlords. They say BO isn't just crying over spilled milk.

     As part of the new EPA response to the Gulf oil spill, dairy farms in the United States will be required to meet strict federal standards for "milk spills" just as if they were oil spills. PETA must be so proud of our young president! He is going after those evil meat and milk lovers. That's right--since milk contains animal fat, the EPA now considers it to be a possible environmental hazard. Dikes, berms, and catch basins will have to be built surrounding farms. Farmers will have to train "First Responders" in emergency cleanup operations.

     Never mind that government intervention in farm production; especially the dairy industry has driven milk prices higher than the price of oil. Meanwhile farmers are forced into communist style cooperatives to sell their product at even a small profit.
     When you permit radical environmentalists to make such decisions affecting a major industry and staple food production it affects every American; middle class and poor alike. You will be facing food riots here in coming years if the planned inflationary policies of this regime are allowed to take root.

     And this is supposed to be Obama's plan to free up business by discarding oppressive and unnecessary regulation? Right. The Great Deceiver marches on--straight left.

Got Milk?

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Moderated And Tolerant Rhetoric Of The Black Liberal

I guess anything goes when you are a black liberal comedian. We saw this during Obummer's inauguration party, as he laughed at the death references to conservatives; And it will continue as long as he remains in power. The talking heads feel empowered to spew threats and derision against any conservative threat they see. There are no consequenses for their actions. Oh. TNT apologized for this "unscripted moment" but that will be the end of it.
     However, the ongoing attack on Glenn Beck by The Huffington Post and all propagandist media goes on. Liberal Jewish groups (who should be vilifying George Soros considering his history)  receiving Soros Bucks are calling for Beck's firing due to his exposure of Soros' corrupting influence on "The Regime" and America in general. This is evil, corrupt, and a bane on society when these leftist protagonists are allowed to carry on like the moonbats they are; but to speak the truth to power, as they say, is not permitted without censure of some sort. I will speak loudly and clearly for as long as I am permitted the right, and I will expose the hypocrisy of the left, driving them down every inch of the way. All freedom loving people should do the same.

Thanks to Rodney for the caricatures once more. He nails them!

Redneck Birth Control

Many of you out there may have heard of the report (seen below) last week of 90 teens in Frayser High School in Memphis being pregnant or giving birth in 2010. Many say that teens in this school fall prey to adult males from outside the district.

I have a possible solution to these stalking men given to me by one of the good ole' boys in my 'hood.--Considering the probable intellectual level of these men, this remedy may be appropriate.And remember--I am not politically correct!

     Ole' boy went to his doctor and told him, "I need you to help me doc. I've got to do something to stop having babies. My cusin' has twelve to me now and the county won't pay for no mo".
     The doctor told him that she could have her tubes tied and ole' boy asked how much that would cost. The doctor told him it was $15.,000.00. He said that he could not afford that.
     The doc told him that he could get a vasectomy and when told that it would cost $7,000.00 ole' boy told him that was too much also.
     Well the doctor thought for a moment and told the man this--"What you do is go home, drink a beer, finish it, light a firecracker, drop it in the can and count to ten."
     "How is that going to work?" asked the man,
     "Just belive me said the doc."

     So the man goes home and does what the doc told him to do.--He drank the beer; lit a M-80 and dropped it inside. Then he began to count to ten--on his left hand he counted--1,2,3,4,5,--then he put the can between his legs and continued to count on his right hand 6,7,8--------------BANG.

This birth control method will work in most educationally disadvantaged neighborhoods to be sure!  

Damn Shame: 90 Girls Pregnant At One Memphis High School

President Ronald Reagan - Address on the Challenger Disaster

Mind Numbed Media Hacks Will Never Learn From History

AMEN, Remember Ronald Reagan as he was and stop remaking his legacy in your own image Stoopid Libs!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matthews' Insider News: Obama Will Have "Special Night On Guns..."

Last night's Altered State of the Union speech was not the end of your bureaucratic nightmare--only the beginning!

Green Dreams and The Divine right of Bureaucrats

I will attempt to interpret some of the weasel words in last night's "inspirational" Obummer speech, although I could barely make it through to the end.

"China is doing it --blah blah--You can't make it without ME--blah blah--Cooperate or else--blah blah--Edison, Invest, I command your inventiveness.

 Top down command and control--blah blah--We need a Sputnik moment--more regulations--keep Americans safe--blah blah--bigger new agencies--blah blah--no Bush tax rates for the bad rich--blah blah--No more exploration for Big Oil--take their money--blah blah--Invest billions in renewable energy that only supplies .6% of our energy usage--blah blah--

Take the bad bankers money; give it to my political cronies in GE, Siemens, and GM and invest in Government first!--blah blah--

Give more money for teachers unions and children's indoctrination centers--blah blah--Trains, trains everywhere' going from failed city to failed city, that no one will ride, Give up your cars--BIG GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES ALL AROUND--BIG UNION JOBS THAT WILL COST YOU BILLIONS--blah blah--

Now I will create a whole new top down Executive run-non-transparent regulatory system that is answerable to no one but ME you will have no say in it whatsoever! By my executive order you must comply with all regulations on "ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE" and adhere to all rules on "FAIRNESS and RESPECT FOR HUMAN DIGNITY">>THE EFFECT OF ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS MUST BE APPLIED WITH RESPECT TO THEIR EFFECT ON MINORITY AND DISADVANTAGED GROUPS---HOWEVER I DEFINE THAT! A WHOLE NEW BIG BUREAUCRACY IN THE MODEL OF DHS WILL BE CREATED TO TO RUN IT ALL!

Oh yeah, Islamic Americans have their place--blahh blahh-- And bless the gay troops.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Seven Words--As Ammended By The Regime

Remember that the words "Killer, Liar, Faker, Socialist, Communist, Anti-American, Reverse Racist, Partisan, Leftist Radical, Islamo-Fascist, Target, Shoot, Gun, Bible, Jesus, and Corrupt Politition are not to be referred to before, during, or after the State of Dis-union speech tomorrow. There will be more words added in due time believe me!

Shut Up And Listen--George Carlin The Ten Commandments Broken Down

Let's all get politically correct, tone down our rhetoric, and be totally anti-vitriolic today as we prepare for the Dear Leader's State of Dis-Union speech tomorrow. The seating arrangements have been made so as to hide the Tea Party Caucus and the growing conservative contingent among the Moonbats of the House.

The Supreme Court may not even show up so as to allow total focus to be placed on the Great Orator.

The group Common Cause (now an arm of the Democrat Party)  has called for the Justice Dept. to investigate Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Clarence Thomas for not disclosing their speeches at the conservative conference held by tht Koch Corporation. They received no compensation for these appearances; however the Moonbat left has infested Common Cause and they say that the Koch Corporation has benefited by the court's ruling on corporate political donations.

All political speech is to be watched and controlled by the Progressive Left as you are totally aware; and any dissent will be dealt with by The Injustice Dept. or by the FCC and any regulatory bureaucracy that fits the agenda.   

George Carlin - Life is Worth Losing (2007)

Now all you baby-boommers like me can die in peace. Happy that your Social Security money that you invested over the years will be redistributed fairly to those that really need it, you may pass on to your final reward. 

With the sure passage of a 50% or higher Death Tax next year, you don't have to worry about leaving your business, your farm, or any monetary legacy to your children. They won't be bickering over their inheritance. The Government will take good care of it for them.

Don't worry about investing in an IRA anymore as the Government is considering plans that will make it mandatory for you to invest in Treasury Bonds--Be assured they will be held safely in a "Lock Box" for you.  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Debate I'd Like To See (HD)

How about a Sarah Palin / Michele Bachman Ticket? The order of the names might be an issue! It might be something to consider though.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing (From "Live At Knebworth" DVD)

Some Jams From The Past---Too bad this song was just banned on Canadian radio due to a reference to  Lil' faggots in mink coats...Sorry for my use of the term, but I don't see the song as being anti-gay or offensive in any way if you understand it. Dire Straits was highly underrated in my book!

Peace Through Superior Firepower

A Tree Responds To Tree-Huggers

EarthFirst Mourning Loss of a Tree - Crying & Screaming

Green is Good, Green is Great.

Yeah right. Last week Obama's greenies in the EPA and Interior Dept. canceled the mountain-top mining permits in WV that Barack promised to uphold during his campaign. These permits were Ok'd by the EPA and the Army Corps. of Engineers and were issued in 2007.

Barney Frank is throwing hissie fits over Obama,s  unchanging stand on fishing catch limits offshore of Mass. Small fishermen will lose their boats and buisnesses under regulations that say that they cannot catch any species at all after their limit is met on "one" species during the season.

The Western Watersheds Project and La Cuna De Atzlan (A group that wants to reclaim the southwestern United States for "Native Americans" and Mexicans) are suing the Federal Government to stop the building of solar powerplants in California. 

These regulations and lawsuits are mostly based on the Endangered Species act. There are hundreds of species waiting to be added to this list which will strangle the energy industry and manufacturing in general nationwide. The Wolverine alone, if admitted to the list, will put thousands of acres in Michigan and the whole northwest off limits to development.

As you probably know, all drilling is now prohibited in Alaska and all offshore facilities in US waters.

"Big Sis"Nepolitano considers climate change to be our most dangerous national security threat--besides the right wingers of course.

NASA, NOAA, and the UN climate council have declared 2010 to be the hottest year since 2005. This comes after they discontinued using all the climate data above certain latitudes of course.

Hydro-electric power generating facilities, smaller, less invasive, and very efficient are being halted by enviro-litigation nationwide.

The state of Virginia's supreme court is demanding that the Univ. of Va. disclose records and e-mails tying them to the phony science of Michael Mann and Penn. St. They first denied that such records existed, then they sued to keep them private. Fraudulent practices abound in this academic cabal.

Representative Darrel Issa and Paul Ryan among othersrs are calling for investigations into Obummer's  corrupt, unlawful, and unconstitutional use of executive power in all areas that cripple US economic growth. Obama's wish is to control all development and strangle the energy sector until it submits to more regulation; no matter that he proposes to investigate this matter from the executive branch. The raising utility bills for all Americans "through the roof" will be the result.

This land and power grab is slipping under the radar as we worry about the "tone" of congressional debate and who is going to sit on who's lap during the State of the Union address.

Keep your eye on the ball (along with your land and state's rights) people. GREEN is the new RED! The radical environmentalists must be watched, debunked, and defunded if possible at every turn.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Barack The Knife is not SNL QVC skit with John McCain and Tina Fey

I just couldn't help it. This is too classic not to reproduce here!

March, 2000 Interview of Bill Ayers uncovered--Tied to Loughner

It was just discovered yesterday that the Arizona shooter went to school at one of Bill Ayres' schools--"The Small School Workshop" which was funded personally by The One Barack Hussein Obama!

Why am I not suprised.

What follows is a quote from Paul Harvey, which describes what the state of our schools and moral structure can do to our society.

     "If I were the Devil I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world. I would delude their minds into thinking they had come from man's effort, instead of God's blessings.
     "I would promote the attitude of loving things and using people, instesd of the other way around.
     "I would dupe entire states into relying on gambling for their state revenue.
     "I would convince people that character is not an issue when it comes to leadership.
     "I would make it legal to take the life of unborn babies. I would make it socially acceptable to take one's own life, and invent machines to make it convenient.
     "I would take God out of the schools, where even mention of His name was grounds for a lawsuit.
     "I would come up with drugs that sedate the mind and target the young.
     "I would get control of the media, so that every night I could pollute the mind of every family member for my agenda.
     "I would attack the family, the back-bone of any nation, make divorce acceptable and easy. If the family crumbles so does the nation.
     "I would persuade people that the church is irrevelant and out of date, and the Bible is for the naive. I guess I would leave things pretty much as they are."

This is the atmosphere that creates animals like Jarod Loughner. He is not a construct of any right wing conspiracy, but the ignorant and destructive designs of the LEFT!  

Monday, January 10, 2011

Right Wing "Vitriol" From #3357-2408

What follows is just a small sampling of the Moonbat Leftist Hate-filled assault on conservatives and conservative values. Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the compilation. You can read more on her site and it is linked on my Facebook page. Sheriff "Nutnik"--Dutnik of Pima County Arizona, (I remember when police officers were conservative as a rule even when voting Democrat. Today men like this have become radical union activists at best and a danger to their own constituents at worst!) The New York Daily News, and the rest of the leftist hacks on NBC and MSLSD should look to their own back doors before throwing down on the Tea Party or talk radio with blame for the shameless shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and all of the innocents that were killed...

Let us all remember the words of Van Jones, Francis Fox Pivin, Union Czar Bloom, AFL-CIO chief Trumpka, SEIU head Andy Stern, and countless La Raza supporters and illegal immigration proponents who have called for violent revolution in our streets as the only solution to our national crises.

 This could blow up in their own faces when the rhetoric really hits the fan. OOPS...More violent vitriol---sorry. Maybe Obummer wants to bring a gun to this fight!

No, but he has just said that he wants to issue a Federal tracking number to me and all internet users in The United States.

The loony left in Congress is introducing legislation today to limit gun sales to all citizens---AGAIN>>

One Demoncat Congressman wants to make it a Federal crime to use any angry speech when speaking to, or about any Federal official or legislator....And who decides what speech is acceptable? Why, the left of course! Watch the following , and see the true hypocrisy and who wants total control of THE TRUTH, as seen by your betters of course.

Just never mind that this atrocity was committed by a flag burning, grudge holding, anarchist, 911 truther, and devout atheist, if not a Satan worshiper. That truth is not to be published.

Video evidence of the violent left in action follows......

Palm Springs Cross Stomping

Minutemen Protest Storming At Columbia University

ACORN Breaks Into Baltimore Homes

Tea Party Protesters Assaulted by Pro-Amnesty Socialist Group

Arizona SB 1070 Protest Organizer Assaults Photographer

Digusting NPA and SEIU goons terrorizing the family of BofA's Gregory Baer

Chased out of the Castro District - 11-14-08


Obama supporter gets violent

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Monty Python-My Head Hurts


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Remember What The Left Has In Store For Us

The friends of Obama have plans for you---Never forget!

The Real and Unreal Moonbats We Face

These are some of the more surreal images that I have seen lately. I will have bad dreams tonight!Lady GaGa

Al Sharpton

Saddam Hussein

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Liars Poker And The Dead Cat Bounce

"He Has The Whole World In His Hands..."

As we begin another glorious new year under the unsteady hand of our Glorious Leader, let us give thanks for some of his accomplishments we have endured so far under his regime.

The Dead Cat Bounce as you may know; is the false bounce that Wall Street and our economy enjoys momentarily from the infusion of the FED's fiat money.---Liars Poker is known to many as the decietful manipulation of the numbers on a dollar bill in order to scam the unsuspecting doofises in  this world. We will see more spin of the so called lack of inflation and invisible job growth during the coming months. All   successes will be due to the great due to the fine work of the greatest scam artist and manipulator the world has seen in many a year. I am in awe at how "He" has gotten away away with so much in so short a time. "He" deserves the Nobel Prize for sculduggery.

We are thankful that "He" has returned safely from his sixth vacation...I think...I lose track sometimes.
We must prepare for "His" state of dis-union speech---The Liars Poker Tour---Part II; where we will hear of the deficit reduction plans and hard choices on spending "He" will undertake now that the Pelosi/Reid/Obummer theft of FIVE TRILLION in office has already been accomplished.

We must bow to his very successful stimulation of his Demoncat cronies, The Green Lobby, Goldman Sachs and the world banking community under his steady watchful eye. The failing blue states are just about ready to default on their massive debt, and Barack just can't wait to jump in with your bailout money---all with long national government strings attached of course.

We must thank "Him" for his unwavering support of global Communist causes and his outright surrender to Russia and China under the newly enacted START treaty.All this is taking place while China's military is growing exponentially---I am sure "He" will kow-tow accordingly when the Chinese premier appears for his State Dinner next month. 

"His" gay agenda has been successful in disgracing and demoting the accomplished Navy captain on the Enterprise already, and I am sure many disgraces, disclosures and lawsuits will ensue. Soon women will be aboard all of our submarine--"pig boats". This will do wonders for moral too be sure!

As "His" "Health Deform" bill takes affect and so many unions and corporations are scrambling for the doors to find a way out of it, we find out today that forty-five doctor run hospitals will be denied the rights to build under "His" grand plan. The much denied Death Panels are to be a reality now under executive rules. There are so many new regulations to enact in the next two years it just boggles the mind.

"His" outreach to the Muslim world has been such a grand design---We can see the results in the Christmas holiday attacks on Christians in Egypt, Denmark, and the attempts all over the globe.

"His" takeover of the American oil industry will soon be a reality as we see that drilling will be denied us for the next seven to ten years.----meanwhile; Soros and the Brazilians, along with Mexico, China and Viet Nam will make billions in the Gulf of Mexico as we pull out. The leftist run EPA is enacting a new 600 page package of regulations for all carbon producing energy companies, raising your bills considerably.

Finally, I would like to thank "Him" for "His" great moves in bringing us together as a nation. We see that the illegal aliens, blacks, and anarchists ;along with the radical Left with media in tow; are calling for violent open revolt here at home just as seen in Europe.

All we can hope is that as more of "His" plans come to the forefront we will still be alive to see the fruits of "His" intense labor on our behalf. Go---Go Big BO---Please go away soon!

Thanks also to RWPIKE'S MANIPULATIONS AND CARICATURE'S  for the photo.