Friday, September 30, 2011

Affirmative Action Bakesale

Guess the diverse price structure established by Berkeley Republicans is ‘unfair‘, huh?

Here are some Racist Cupcakes...

Affirmative Action Bake Sale At Berkeley Angers Liberals

(NY Daily) A controversy over cupcakes is heating up at UC Berkeley in California, where campus Republicans are planning to hold an affirmative action bake sale on Tuesday.
At the sale, white men will be charged $2 for a baked good, Asians will pay $1.50, Latinos $1, African-Americans 75 cents and 25 cents for Native Americans, KGO-TV reported.
Women will get a 25 cent discount.

“The pricing structure is there to bring attention, to cause people to get a little upset,” Campus Republican president Shawn Lewis told the TV station. “But it’s really there to cause people to think more critically about what this kind of policy would do in university admissions.”

The Campus Democrats immediately slammed the sale, which Lewis said is meant to take a stand against an affirmative action-like bill for the University of California system that is awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.

On Friday, the student newspaper reported that the student government could vote to defund the Republican group over the bake sale. A hearing is scheduled for Sunday on the fiery issue.

“I fully support the idea of members of BCR expressing their views on SB 185, and I believe that there should be dialogue and discussion surrounding this issue, but I do not think that this method is constructive,” said ASUC President Vishalli Loomba in an email to the newspaper.

Lewis told the newspaper the whole bake sale was meant to protest a student government-sponsored phone bank which supported the bill.

“They never asked the other side,” he said.

He added that the Campus Republicans were a diverse group themselves – and the decision had been made by Republicans of many races.

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Governor Perry Is Getting Off Track

Sorry all you Perry fans, I am just saying that Perry should quit paying so much attention to the Leftist media and their operatives.

The candidate from Texas just showed up here in Wheeling, WV last night for a $2500.00 a plate fundraiser. More power to him I say!
He would not allow any interviews while he was there, and the media were not permitted access to the event at the White Palace in Wheeling Park. The fundraiser was sponsored by Bob Murray of Murray Energy Corporation.
The WV Republican Party said that they had no idea that Governor Perry was even going to be here!

This is a excerpt from his remarks last night.

WHEELING - Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry told supporters in Wheeling on Thursday that the federal government must get "out of the way" of private job creation.

The Obama administration is only interested in creating government jobs, and is not increasing efforts to create private sector jobs, he said.

"Government cannot, will not, and never has created a permanent job," he said. "That is not what it does. Government can create hurdles to job creation - which is what we're seeing in the federal government today. Or, reduce the various hurdles - as some states have done - by lowering tax hurdles, by having a regulatory climate that is fair and predictable."

The only thing predictable about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today is that "it's going to kill more jobs," Perry said.

"The government needs to get out of the way," he said. "Quite frankly, the federal government needs to do some of the things that they are constitutionally required to do, like support our borders with Mexico ... instead of getting off on all these other issues.

The 10th Amendment doesn't say anything about Washington, D.C., delivering health care."
That amendment gives states the powers not specified by the U.S. Constitution...
Read More...The Intelligencer

As I said perhaps Perry is getting a little gun shy of the press coverage he is getting. His poll numbers have fallen due to these staged Leftist media attacks and some on the right have fallen for the bait.
Buck up Mr. Perry! Things will only get tougher as we get closer to nomination time and just wait until Barack and the left open up full bore on you!

Keep a stiff upper lip and all that sir!

No offense intended fans...just testing the waters...
Originally from The Warrior Bard

It's been a busy day at the "Dream" folks...more good stuff to be seen below...

It's all YOUR fault!

You lazy Americans are to blame for all our problems..."YOU HAVE GOTTEN SOFT!"

Perhaps this is true of much of this generation. The entitlement mentality, affirmative action, and the Democrat Social Justice Great Society agenda have assured this result.

Now that hard working, long suffering Dear Leader of ours is going to "whip" us back into shape!
Obummer goes on to say that this happened over the last two decades...(meaning under BUSH). Well, under the Bush administration there was job growth at a steady pace throughout.
We also reached an all time peak in housing construction in 2006.

I have been working in the NON-UNION construction trades for too many years to count, and during the era in question I ran my own buisness and was shop foreman at another firm. At most times we had more jobs than I could hire qualified help for.

Now it would be impossible for me to start my buisness as I did in the previous era. Democrat changes in tax codes and over-regulation have made sure of that. The intrusion of union thugs into the process today has just made matters worse.

The article below this short and stupid Bamster interview will give you just one more example of Chickago Mob rule destroying entrepreneurship and opportunity in America.

John Ransom at Townhall Daily writes the following...

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) has submitted Freedom of Information requests to the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service following an announcement that the administration is investigating homebuilders in an attempt to bolster union membership at the expense of housing sector jobs.

“In a letter [from the Labor Department] cited by The [Wall Street] Journal,” wrote Crain’s Detroit earlier this month “homebuilders were asked to immediately turn over the names, addresses, Social Security numbers, pay rates and hours worked for all employees over the past two years. The letter from the Labor Department asked for the names of all contractors hired in the past year. The letter didn't allege any specific violations of law.”

No. It’s just the usual harassment that the Obama administration gives industry when they have a disagreement with a key Obama constituency such as unions that are all mobbed up. Re-write the rules, send investigators in, bury them in document discovery and government lawyers until they cave.

“The pay rates for construction workers and the subcontractors used by general contractors hired by PulteGroup,” says Crains “is part of a long-term conflict between the home builder and unions, in particular the Laborers International Union of North America.”
Oh, so now I get it:

Last week we wrote about Ray LaHood, the Republican secretary of transportation under Obama. You know the guy responsible for doling out much of the $787 billion stimulus package?  LaHood’s patron is William Cellini, the former executive director of the Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association. Cellini is under indictment in Chicago for trying to extort $1.4 million from a Hollywood-type who wanted to manage teachers’ pension business in Illinois.

What does the Pavement Association have to do with teachers’ pensions? The same thing the IRS has to do with a dispute between unions and home builders. Let’s just call them “interested” parties or “known associates.”

So now we have the Obama administration hooking up the Department of Labor with the IRS to join together union muscle to shakedown homebuilders, mafia style.

Oh, you thought Obama meant job program?

No, no, no: That’s mob program.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anti-Obama Posters Get Attacked

NEW ORLEANS -- There are several political signs attracting all kinds of attention in one Uptown neighborhood.

On Wednesday, crowds gathered at the corner of Calhoun and Coralie streets, looking at several signs depicting President Barack Obama as either a dunce, a puppet or a crying baby in a diaper.
"It disrespects the nation -- and President Barack Obama represents our nation," said Skip Alexander, as he looked at one of the signs. "He represents everybody, not some people."
Dozens of protesters came by the house in the 1500 block of Calhoun throughout the day, demanding the sign come down.

"He wouldn't do that to [President] Bush, I'm sure. It's just insulting. It's insulting," said C.C. Campbell-Rock. "He's going to have to take them down."
"This is nothing put pure racism," said Raymond Rock. "This is a disgrace."
Read the whole story

I don't know about you but I don't see any racism here...just the truth and honest satire; and we know that Barack and the Left have said and posted MUCH worse about President Bush!

UPDATE...Man behind the signs speaks out...

H/T to Legal Insurrection

This Looks Promising

I always have my eyes open for a new, promising prospect on the horizon...

Some of these are very tempting at first glance but may not be in the best interest of the consumer...wadda yu thank?

I think a Petticoat Junction remake is on the horizon!

H/T to Liberal Guy

60's Black Militant Arrested After 40 Years

George Wright, 68, was taken into custody by local police on Monday at the request of the US government, which is seeking his extradition for escaping from a New Jersey jail after being convicted of murder.
Wright possessed a Portuguese identity card that said he was born in Guinea-Bissau, a former Portuguese colony in west Africa. A photocopy of the document, shown to AP, bore the name Jose Luis Jorge dos Santos, an alias that US officials said Wright used. The identity card puts his age as 68. It was issued in 1993 and expired in 2004...Read More

(AP)  LISBON, Portugal — An American fugitive who once hijacked a plane lived openly in the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau during the 1980s under his real name and even knew U.S. embassy officials there, a former U.S. ambassador said Thursday.

 George Wright and his fellow hijackers flew to Algeria by way of Boston. They released passengers in Miami after demanding a $1 million ransom. (NBC New York)

NY Daily News...Wright's wild tale dates to 1962, when he and three others ended a string of armed robberies with the fatal shooting of decorated World War II veteran Walter Patterson, who was manning a gas station in Farmingdale, N.J.
Wright was sentenced to 30 years in prison. In 1970, he escaped from Bayside State Prison in Leesburg, N.J., and fled to Detroit, where he joined up with the Black Liberation Army and lived under an assumed name.
In 1972, Wright dressed as a priest and carried a gun hidden inside a Bible onto a Delta flight from Detroit to Miami. Four other members of the Black Liberation Army boarded with him, along with three kids.
When they landed in Miami, they demanded a $1 million ransom for the passengers' lives - the largest demand of its kind at the time...Read More

My take on this...

I have no doubt that this man will get the best, and most expensive defense team that WE can pay for. Once Wright is extradited (presuming that he is) the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, the NAACP, and probably Eric Holder's Department of Social Justice are sure to get involved in this case.
My question for you is this....
How long do you think it will be before Barack Hussein Obama and his team of DISSIDENTS AND WANNABE 60'S RADICALS find a way to pardon this guy?

Bigoted Berkeley Bakers Blog

Zombie...The U.C. Berkeley College Republicans struck a national nerve today by holding a bake sale with racially discriminatory pricing: Higher prices for white and Asian students, lower prices for black, Hispanic and female students. Why the intentional discrimination? To protest a pending new statewide law, SB 185, which attempts to re-introduce Affirmative Action into university admission standards, something that was banned years ago with California’s Proposition 209, a popular constitutional amendment requiring race-neutral admissions.
The purposely inflammatory gag was very clever: the goal was to make everyone point out how racist the cupcake prices were, at which point the young Republicans reply, “Exactly! Racial discrimination is unfair. Thanks for making our point for us!”
But the leftists on campus and around the state instead flew into a blind rage: The joke was too effective, so Affirmative Action proponents simply pretended to “not get it.” Accusations of racism flew back and forth and before anyone knew it we had a major FUBAR situation on our hands.

H/T to The Blaze

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Big FED Is Watching YOU

The Federal Reserve wants to know what you are saying about it. In fact, the Federal Reserve has announced plans to identify "key bloggers" and to monitor "billions of conversations" about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs. This is yet another sign that the alternative media is having a dramatic impact...Read More

H/T to Adrienne  

And by the way...Sheila Jackson Lee says you bloggers should SHUT UP!

Barack's Bad Marketing

Here we see the latest winter fashion straight out of the Marxist NYC fashion centers.
No, really folks, this hat and other Communist Obama paraphernalia is for sale at

I believe that a new marketing campaign of this "titanic" scale is needed to bring Obama back into contention for the 2011-2012 race. He really should COME OUT of the Marxist / Leninist closet.

LA Times Tuesday...

A top former White House aide to Barack Obama sees a "titanic struggle" emerging as the Democratic incumbent confronts awful economic numbers and Republican political opposition that seems bent on defeating the guy for some reason. 

David Axelrod, who used to work in the White House but has since fled back to Chicago as the reelection campaign's top political strategist, uttered his unfortunate floating metaphor to a New Hampshire audience Tuesday.

Speaking at a college in Manchester, Axelrod also used a sailing metaphor:

"In 2008, we had the wind at our backs. Now, we don't have the wind at our back. We have the wind in our faces, because the American people have the wind in their faces."

Here I will show you some of the failed Obama marketing schemes of the past few years...along with a couple of  idiotic media stunts that should be scrapped or updated and brought out into the light of the New Obama Socialist world view!

This year's new campaign strategy must be "organized" into a Communist model or the Obama presidency is facing a train wreck.

There is more news on the Communist Front at The Warrior Bard--"Are We Communist Yet?"