Monday, February 28, 2011

Would You Sell A Gun To This Man?

     Has John McCain been "Psy-Opted" again? The story goes; that while in Afghanistan, he and Senator Al Franken  were  targeted illegally by a Psy-Ops operation run by General Caldwell in order to obtain 2 billion in funding for training operations. Al Franken is the Senate Buffoon and his brain has already been washed, bleached RED and spun dried, so he will go along with whatever the latest Regime fashion is in Foreign policy spending. Much of of this money was since diverted into offshore accounts by tribal leaders/regional strong men in country. John McCain has been through the wringer before and God bless him, I believe has been co-opted by the Left long ago. He is a "checked pants; pink shirted Republicrat" of the highest order. The latest on this story is posted below and you can make up your own mind as to the validity of these charges.

     The reason that I bring this up is what McCain, Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, and Obama have all seemingly agreed upon quite suddenly. On Meet The Depressed, and Slay The Nation yesterday McCain called for US funding for the advancement of "democracy" in the troubled nations of the Middle East. (Democracy, to Islamists, means freedom to impose their beliefs on everyone--simply stated--not what democracy means to westerners.) Lieberman took it one step further, saying that we should give them weapons in order to oppose the existing tyrants like Qaddafi. The irony in this is that the Obama administration, the Democrats in Congress and Communists have been supporting Qaddafi for years as a wedge against Reagan and the Right. Now suddenly Obama is sending in his fleet to intimidate Qadaffi? I will believe that when I see it! 

     When will we learn? America will never buy the hearts and loyalties of either the leaders or the mainstream populous of Muslim nations, or those here at home for that matter. Hillary is sending millions to Egypt, Yemen, Lybia, Syria, Algeria and many African rim nations in a doomed effort to influnce opinion and political outcomes in these failed states. Under Bill Clinton we allowed the denudeing of the CIA and all foreign intelligence services. So today we have no boots on the ground to tell us who the good; or even the slightly better choices may be to lead the people of ther Muslim world into the future. I don't believe there are any groups that deserve our backing at this point.
     Oh, let us not forget the poor Palestinians and Hamas. Hillary is "investing" another 150 million of your tax dollarsin Gaza. The Palistinian children must need more rocks.

Harsh but effective--Let them fight it out amongst themselves and there may be a few less of them we have to kill when the final push for a Worldwide Caliphate comes!

      Just one extremely dangerous example of the naive foreign policy at work today is our continued funding of Syria and John Kerry is at the root of much of this. And even now Russia is selling arms to the troubled Syrian tyrants and Iranian warships have docked there to pick up their share of these armaments! There are unconfirmed reports of Iranian Revolutionary Guard units in eastern Lybia where they have been based for some time, and may be preparing to go to battle for Qadaffi.
     We will not win this battle of idealogogies with the same old appeasment tactics. The only thing that the Islamic world respects and understands is STRENGTH! 
     Right now we are in the process of allowing our Constitutional rights as American citizens to be usurped on our own soil! Just watch and see what is going on with this "Million Muslim March" in Wasington this week. Glenn Beck and the The Blaze are giving excellent coverage to the event and the dangerous roots and beliefs of those behind it.

       The Lack Of Intelligence And Intelegencia Will Get You  
                                    A   Beat  Down

Have McCain And Franken Been Psy-Oped?

This story will never come fully into the light as there are too many skeletons in too many closets that can never be exposed. However it seems clear that the profits from the Afghani war; as with all others; is of supreme importance--not democracy--not the war on terror--just keep the stoopid Americans occupied with the "bread and circuses" and the megabucks keep rolling in. (That goes for the drug profits too!) The story is at this link...
The Caldwell information ops allegations: It's just military office politics gone wild - By Tom Ricks The Best Defense

New Soros Investment Fund to Profit From Obama ‘Green Agenda’

                  Now Who Would Have Guessed It?
New Soros Investment Fund to Profit From Obama ‘Green Agenda’

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Warrior Bard: The Cars I Have Built

The Warrior Bard: The Cars I Have Built: "Of course I had plenty of help on all of these projects (not least of all from the babe in this vid)..oh well...s*** happens"

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Big Political Game--That's All It Is To The One

Stay tuned after the game for the Black History month Motown celebration at the White House!

It is being being brought to you by GE, Seimens and Progressive Insurance. Light high speed rail for tommorrow. 

And by all those essential Teamsters who bring you the BIG GAME every week!

The Warrior Bard: The Pleasure Police Move In

The Warrior Bard: The Pleasure Police Move In: "$2,000 each time man smokes a cigar in his apartment Even as we see the imposition of smoking bans in parks and outdoor facilities; as well..."

Attention! Attention! Stay Where You Are!

The following is an urgent message from El Presidente'. Our Dear Leader is about to speak! All citizens must stay where you are until the FEMA buses arrive!

That is right; stay where you are: The FCC is about to bring us one of the new "innovations" that Obama has promised us---THE PRESIDENTIAL ALERT SYSTEM. No more will we have to rely on that antiquated civil defense warning syatem that will interrupt all transmissions / broadcast-cable-and broadband internet. Now the Dear Leader himself will be able to break in at any moment to give you the latest updates on the home grown terrorist threats that face our great nation; including those from the Tea Party Militia, Pro-life Activists, and Ron Paul supporters.

Stay tuned to hear where and when to recieve vital information on where we want you to be when the next crisis hits! All must comply!

This is no joke. Look on and you will see the plans laid out for this glorious new system. Zeig Heil!

The Danger of Executive Overreach

The Imperial Presidency - The Atlantic---This article expounds on the danger that this Regime poses to our freedoms and constitutional law. A MUST READ!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Did He Get In There

Hat Tip to Van Helsing
I can hear the outcry from bankers and businessmen around the nation--HOW DID HE GET IN THERE?

Barack is purposefully sending small, barely solvent banks to the chopping block as he meets this week with the "chosen ones" in the banking hierarchy. These include the CEO's of Goldman Sachs and Bank America of course. His decree to all mortgagors is to eat the interest and some of the principal on all failing loans. I thought that this same policy drove us over the cliff once before.
The Chief Counsel and Policy Director for the SEC, meanwhile has inherited a fortune from his mother that She made on the Bernie Maddoff ponzi scheme. This occurred while her son was still holding his position. How cozy things are when you get near the top and to the Seat of The Imperial Presidency.
How did he get in there with the credentials of a "Constitutional Lawyer".
He has just imperiously decreed that the Injustice Department will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act any further as in HIS judgement it is unconstitutional.
HE declares in typical arrogant fashion however that Obamacare will be administered on all of us despite being declared null and void in Federal Circuit Court, and after the Regime was declared to be in contempt by another judge.
As we already know, Eric Holder will not pursue any civil rights cases involving the infringement upon white voter's rights. These statutes only apply to chosen minority groups, and presumably to oppressed womyn.
We are still suffering under a nationwide illegal drilling ban, while oil prices skyrocket. BO imposed that even after another judge ruled against it.
And finally on this list of Obamacrimes; let us not forget how bond holders / American investors and pensioners had to take one in the shorts when Barack nationalized the car companies. The unions got half--he got half and we got chump "changed".

BO has  refused Representative Darryl Issa's requests for information on various Justice Dept. activities and unknown Czar actions or pay scale under the Freedom of Information Act. Today Issa will start issuing subpoenas to the Regime. I wonder if they will be ignored as well. 

The Supreme Court has just decided that it may yet hear the case questioning the location of the elusive birth certificate and Barry Sateoro's unclear citizenship.
Even so, with the clearly unlawful and ;some would say; criminal intent of the Dear Leader, I expect that he may pull a disappearing act at the time of any meaningful investigation. I am sure he would be welcomed with open arms and no extradition worries in--let's say--Saudi Arabia--or Iran--or some such tyranny where he would be quite at home.
He might end up with the Democrats from Wisconsin. They have been located!

Then one day we will hear the cry come across the waves---HOW DID HE GET IN HERE?

CAIR Confronts Allen West

Here is a good method of "reaching out" to the left. Tell them just to "quit blowing sunshine up our butts!"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Big Socialist Bus--Coming For You

When Obama met two weeks ago with the CEO's of all the major social networking sites; including Google;--Hi Boys!--What was discussed and what is his agenda involving these sites going forward into the 2011-2012 campaign? You will see very soon! The Community Agitator in Chief is in full tilt campaign mode once again--as he always is.

It was just revealed that The Demoncat Central Committee and the Obama Regime have contacted a private firm to infiltrate networking sites with phony aliases in order to fill the ranks of sycophantic followers.
The Regime has just installed it's new propaganda minister/spokesperson Jay Carney pulled directly from the ranks of Time Magazine. His wife is an ABC exec. as well. We have seen the sale of The Huffington Post to AOL so as to add another Leftist propaganda outlet to the web. One big addition to this machine is Comcast who got their marching orders from On High. They must provide channels to minority and to non-profit (Soros funded) media news sources in order for their NBC takeover to go through. The FCC Chairman has said that he wants Comcast to start carrying Al Jazeera TV as well. Sure, why not. Suicide bomber cooking school at 5:00 EST!
The inside scoop is that a major media push is underway, led by ABC News and MSNBC. The ongoing protests around the world; partly orchestrated by the Regime, the media, and social sites have now been linked to a new "social justice" movement here at home.

The public sector unions and Socialist/Communist groups are organizing for a major march on Republican/Conservative legislatures and on their supporters this spring and summer. Jesse Jackson has called for nationwide action. Move; the Soros group is demonstrating on 2/24/11 at Republican offices and meetings nationwide. Student groups, supporters of Islamic causes, and La Raza all have plans of their own to create civil unrest all around the nation. And have no doubt that certain Czars,  White House cabinet members, and the Justice Dept. have plans underway to silence opponents and to advance certain policy agenda initiatives.

Expect a full court press from the Left and we are all "targets" this year. 
A measured and consistant steady response to their lies and their chaotic rhetoric is needed now.
One Mass. Senator, Michael Kapuano said today that "We have to get back to the streets, and get a little bloody sometimes". Remember what Francis Fox Pivin called for several months back--She wants an uprising of disenfranchized workers and the unemployed around the nation. Many in her camp and in Academia feel the same way. Be alert for these attacks on all fronts. There are many traps being set for the righteous man these days. 

Napolitano Appoints Islamist To Homeland Security Panel

This is why we stand up and protest--to defend our nation against the Communist and Jihadist infiltrators that the regime keeps appointing to key positions. We do not protest for personal gain; but for thr very survival of our Republic!----This will make your eyes bleed!----Napolitano Appoints Islamist To Homeland Security Panel

Tea Party Rally

This is why we do what we do; why we write to inform the world, and continue the fight for "Liberty over Tyranny"! These are our children, our neighbors and the salt of this earth!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hillary Says---Well Who Cares?

Hillary and her Jew hating "lesser half" Bungalow Bill say that Israeli "settlements" are illegitimate; even on their own territory bought and paid for with Jewish blood and legally theirs under UN sanction. She is plainly trying to affect her own foreign policy on America and the world. She sees the vacuum that Barack creates with his own cowardly approach to worldly issues,and she is making political hay while the sun shines on her.---Look out for the Clinton machine in 2012.

Chicago Communists Join Wisconsin Rally

Look out Ohio---the invasion of the Commie Moonbats is creeping our way!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't Call Me WORKER

     I will begin with some sage advice given me by my dear grandfather. He said, "Unions are the root of Socialism and will lead this nation into Communism one day." This man worked as a farmer and in the WV coal mines through the depression. He was around when the trade unionists were coming to their heyday in Europe and were building a socialist/progressive following here.

     He witnessed the intimidation and thuggery before Trumpka even flexed his union "muscle". Later he moved to PA and eventually became a rural postmaster.

      He saw the co opting of our small farms that made it impossible for a small farmer to set a reasonable price for his goods on the free market. Those with corporate/union ties set the prices and the agenda and you went along or sold out to bigger interests.

     The poster above was printed in 1957; one year after I was born. Six years later President Kennedy signed the executive order permitting federal employees to unionize. My grandfather read the writing on the wall and opposed the postal union movement vehemently--to no avail. He told me what this would result in. Where a postman was once a civil "servant" and a respected pioneer in his community, this change would mean that future postal "WORKERS" would look on their position as an entitlement and as their benefits and power increased in government circles the Postal Service and all of us would suffer.

     We see today how this bureaucratic entitlement mentality has grown into the monstrous system that oppresses all of us today. When the unions and government get in bed together we have become a servile class; subject to the whims of the aristocracy. For the most part all the skilled trades are controlled by the unions. These "workers" owe their livelihood to the union bosses and must tow the line and support any agenda set forth for them. Government "workers" are controlled and manipulated even more cruelly. For example; Treasury Dept. and DHS "workers" are not permitted to see the Drudge Report on their computers. No free speech allowed there! Once this corrupt, unholy alliance is forged these workers  "owe their soul to the company store."

     Now, with a global Communist / "Workers United" / One World / and One Nation movement on the rise we see the SEIU and it's infiltrators in the Obama administration looking to the huge influx of illegal aliens as a way to balloon their ranks of dupes willing to join the Socialist/Progressive movement.

Obamacare will add thousands of health care "workers" to union rolls. These jobs would not be for nurses or doctors either; but rather for administrators and low ranking assistants, along with the federal bureaucrats to run this dog and pony show. Even before the full effect of Obamacare has been felt we have learned that the Dept. of HHS is larger than the whole L.B. Johnson administration right now!  

     The up and coming Republican House and Governors around the nation are finally trying to stem this Communist tide. Maybe this is too little to late but this is a worthy and extremely urgent cause. The governors of Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, possibly Pennsylvania, and others are rejecting federal money for the light high speed rail projects that would only send them further into debt subsidizing more bloated union payrolls and pensions.

     Cap and Trade or any EPA imposed regulation is a payoff to the unions as well, as any lucrative government"Green" project has to be given to a union contractor--and many times Obama has given these contracts to his cronies without any bids being proposed.

     House Speaker Boehner says that if some of the 250,000 new Obama regime workers get laid off; "so be it." I agree. These cuts can be made incrementally to the force, along with adjustments to  pension and benefit plans so as not to have such an immediate harmful effect on people.
     The governor of Wisconsin is considering barring public workers from participating in collective bargaining agreements. This has led to widespread protests from teachers. School has been canceled today due to fog---Yeah Right!
Obama says he has been too busy to follow the Wisconsin budget situation.
More Obamaspeak.--Yea Right!

     Governor Kasich of Ohio said that if State workers strike they will be "punished". I say that a hard line must be taken and it is high time a line was drawn in the sand right now!
     I applaud Governor Christie when he says "Go ahead, shut the government down. I'll just go upstairs, order a pizza, open a beer and watch the Mets."

Finally, I say that the term "worker" puts Americans into a "Lumpen Proletariat" framework which assumes an organized / unionized herd mentality which is easily controlled and manipulated.
So you  may call me an entrepreneur, an employee, self -employed, or unemployed. 

Are We Selling Our Souls To Our Masters?

The Obama regime and his Union cronies want your submission. Only the success of a sanctioned union operation will be permitted. All other attempts at free commerce must be crushed. Under the new budget proposal the Small Business Admin. budget will be cut in half--then the whole department will be swallowed up by the Commerce Dept. never to be seen again!

One example of this heavy handed government/union thuggery is to be found in my own back yard--COMING TO A CITY NEAR YOU!

I will give you the Cliff Notes version of the story. An FBI agent once transferred here to Pittsburgh from Chicago. He told his fellow officers at home "So you thought Chicago was corrupt? Just come to Pittsburgh! At least in Chickago they tried to hide it; Here they do it right out in the open!

An Allegheny County based steel company has been the target of a union takeover attempt for years. The company pays its EMPLOYEES well and gives them good a benefit plan. The company also offers work to LEGAL refugees from nations that have oppressed them. They offer them classes in English and trains them at their own expense. And--remember this--The company also has a stellar record with OSHA.

Now comes the union lawyers and the Democrat Allegheny County commissioners. They declare that this company; WNK Steel; has been running a SWEAT SHOP! A bill was passed in 2007 to help expose and rein in such practices. There are eight criteria that must be met in order to be declared a SWEAT SHOP and WNK Steel has not met any of them! Several complaints have been raised concerning other companies' practices in the past and not one was brought before the Commission. Only when WNK Steel employees refused to join the Ironworkers union did the union lawyers bring this hit job up to Allegheny County. You can look the story up in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette). 
     There are Commission hearings held without the company even being notified until the last day. Company employees and representatives showed up on the last hearings and weren't permitted to speak. Only the testimony from two disgrunted WORKERS was admitted. The Council voted; with four Republican Commissioners abstaining; and found the company to be guilty. Dan Anarato, Commission Head has gotten a lot of heat from locals and from listeners to "Quinn and Rose in the Morning" for this hit job and has promised to veto the ruling. Commissioner Fitzgerald (D) is looking for ten votes to overide Anarato's veto. Meanwhile this Leftist thug hit job has done severe harm to the reputation and future prospects of a thriving buisness. It is one of only three surviving in Rankin, and one of these is the local school district! 

This sounds a lot like the tactics of a Chickago thug we have in Wasington doesn't it!

Here; as well as in Washington; It is pay to play--Go along and get along--Do buisness as usual; and with union approval or we force you out! I have had to deal with the same intimidation in my own buisness for years--and in a so called "right to work state".

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Warrior Bard: "Progressive" Racism Rears It's Ugly Head

The Warrior Bard: "Progressive" Racism Rears It's Ugly Head: "In this deplorable attempt at 'fair' reporting Chauncey DeVega hits a new low at Leftist smear tactics on Conservative blacks.---Black History will look on this as a low point in what Democrats have written on their own playbook. ..."

Herman Cain to Obama at CPAC: "U.S. Will Not Become U.S. of Europe on ou...

This man deserves our full attention--not the derision he has recieved from the Left!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama Drops "S-Bomb" At Presser On Budget

The Slasher In Chief and great defender of the faith
??? sic....
drops another gaff as he explains how his budget will reduce the defecit while adding massive spending. These "cuts" as you know are smoke and mirrors and do not address any of the major monetary or tax issues facing the nation.Most will never see the light of day.--See this link for the real S*** hitting the fan--

Art by Rodney

San Diego Port Security Says WMD Found on American Soil

Nothing to see here! Move along--Move along!
Just another big government lie and coverup that's all!

We are under constant threat and you are too stupid to be told about it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Incredible! New George S Patton speech: Iraq & modern world

I dedicate these next two blogs to the true defenders of our nation. May God Bless them. I say let's hold our enemies by the nose, kick 'em in the ass, and go through them like crap through a goose! 

CPAC: Rep. Allen West Keynote Speech (3)

This is an excerpt from the most cogent and well crafted speech that I heard at the CPAC conference. This a true defender of our nation, it's citizens, the constitution, and OUR faith. If we could draft him into the Republican primary I would support him. Pretty boy Romney is not the solution and certainly is not leadership / Presidential timber.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thunderstruck - US Army Aviation


U.S. Army Aviation


Army Aviation Tribute


Obummer! by Christina Houston

I just love those old Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price flicks---Sucking out your brains and your lifeblood a little at a time--It does ring a bell doesn't it?

Obummer.wmv--The Mind of A Child

The sad part is---He has a brain and it has been corrupted beyond repair by Marxism and his father's "dream".

Friday, February 11, 2011

Big Sis Says The Border Is Now Secure

     I had planned on doing a post about all the testimony being done in front of Congress this week. The useful idiots spinning for the regime and the lying to Representatives and the American people is more rampant than ever. I thought that it was against the law to lie in a Congressional hearing. At least it is for baseball players and normal citizens. The government bureaucrat has immunity to the truth though--I forgot.
     However I must comment on border security and the new developments in our southwest region.
     Gov. Brewer has sued the federal govt. over it's lack of border control. The Big Sis approach will only work temporarily.
     Representative Royce along with others in Congress have recently visited the border and he has introduced a bill requiring the feds to finish the border fence construction. His bill in 2006 authorized the fence and funded it, but political wrangling and incompetence have halted it. He has included language that would prevent the Dept. of Agriculture or the Dept. of the Interior from interfering with the construction as they have done consistently in the past.
     This should be the hot button issue facing us this year. With the budgetary constraints alone facing states and local communities this should be a TOP priority! This is the third tier of the Soros/Obama plan for the demise of our national sovereignty. Open borders and amnesty must be stopped!
     Recently a 16 year old girl was kidnapped in New Mexico and held by drug thugs for $80,000.00 ransom. Her parents did not report this for fear that the drug cartel would intercept phone transmissions from sophisticated listening posts that they have been manning ON FEDERAL LAND nearby.
     A Customs border stop was shot full of holes during a recent drug run.

     A border control agent; Brian Terry; was recently killed by a weapon that was smuggled into Mexico by the ATF in a botched sting operation where they were trying to pin gun trafficking charges on some nonexistent "Big Gun Runner". This must be investigated and this fish rots from the head down---This means you Big Sis.    

"I Just Get No Respect--No Respect"

 And you do not deserve respect Oprah--none from me at least. Little Barry will have to earn it the hard way and the narcissist in him says he has never had to earn anything and he will never work for your respect. Link here--POLITICO 44: Just a little bit

One World Church and Oprah Winfrey The Church of The Beast xvid

This woman is one evil sick B****. I don't care about her earthly works. This is a dangerous political move that she is planning!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hank says come get some BO!

Oh, sorry if that sounds hateful. Oh no--wrong again--Pelosi wants to ban the word hate too. Well H*** with it. F*** her anyway!

I'd Love To Knock The Hell Out Of You

The Warrior Bard: "I am the Infidel (that your Imam warned about)"

The Warrior Bard: "I am the Infidel (that your Imam warned about)"----I am feeling the MUSE today so check out a few new discoveries I made---Thanks to Van Helsing.

Send In The Clowns

And now for today's selected musical interlude---ENJOY---This is good stuff!

"Watching Freedom Burn" by

"And now for something completely different!"

The Police - Your Freindly Guides

I think these officers should go catch some real criminals---see below!

Sam the seagull stealing Doritos

This guy has to be a habitual Doritos addict--SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ABOUT THESE JUNK FOOD JUNKIES! However don't mess with those "healthy heroin addicts" in Calif. and New York.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now you had your little Super Bowl fling---Get in there and EAT YOUR CARROTS!

Art by Rodney

Weather Girls, February 8, 2011

I feel a warm spell coming,,,How about you?

Weather Girls, February 4, 2011

Yeah...It's definately warmer where I am. 17 degrees outside but I feel better1

Gates of Vienna: The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe

Gates of Vienna: The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe: "Below is the speech given by Geert Wilders on the opening day of his new trial on “hate speech” charges in Amsterdam. Many thanks to Vlaams..."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Willie The Wimp

"It's about time to send Willie The Wimp packin'.
You can't drive to heaven in a coffin."

Sound like anyone we know?--below---

The March of the Marxist-Fascio-Islamist Starts Here

Michael Savage reports on the Obama/Socialist/Soros Globalist ties to this Egyptian "Transfer of Power". See this link also-----Focus on the enemy within This is a well planned operation and there is much more to come.

"The Train Won't Stop, But It Could Slow Down"

And it marches on, and on, and on-----The emerging Muslim Union

Art By Rodney

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Is The Chaos The Left Wants

The Hutari Militia among others have called for the shooting death of police officers nationwide. Van Jones, formerly of "Police Watch" in Oakland--an anti-police group, has been speaking widely in California and elsewhere drumming up his support groups. 

I have 14 police officers killed this year, at my last count; largely due to senseless leftist violence.

It's time to step up and "protect and defend" our own!

I hear that California spends $46,000.00 per prisoner per year on medical coverage. If this is the mood of the Hispanic street that price may go up quite substantially.

Thanks to "Odie" for the heads up. 

Shotgun Girl - Jane Dear Girls

Well, I need a break from all this death and destruction, propaganda and hype...How about some real fine redneck chicks. Check out "Wildflower".

Muslims The First to Enslave Blacks

I have some history for you here and some real language from a REAL MAN! Some may not want to acknowledge it.

Hail Hitler, Hail Obama

Always remember who the Muslim Brothers were and who the Muslim Brotherhood is! 

They desire death for the Jews and all in the west who stand up against their Jihad. Christians are dying today at the hands of Jihadists as we speak and no one speaks out!

Remember the words of this proud and courageous minister, and remember the holocaust and how it began. I pray for the Jews. I support Israel and Zionism.

I decry all who stand with Wahhabi, Jihadist Islam, including their Leftist co-conspirators in high places here in the United States.

Barack Obama's Downfall

The day Is approaching for our deliverance. All things pass.

Diversity Starts With The Truth

Here is another site that I suggest for an honest depiction of Islamic trends and their true goals. The video is from Walid Shoebat's site.

Demonstrators Use Violence Against Israeli Navy Soldiers Attempting to B...

May I suggest this site for an insider's view of the middle eastern situation Also try this youtube link for interesting Israeli Defense force vids.