Monday, December 19, 2011

This Lunatic (and his Paulbots) Have Got To Go

No folks, I am not going to let this one go. Ron Paul's steady approval numbers and massive money bomb capabilities combined with Obama's numbers...dismal as they may seem...add up to a defeat for the GOP candidate in any scenario I can envision. We must not permit this to happen, and Paul's continued presence in this field of candidates must be terminated as soon as possible! Then he can back off, or show his true colors as the spoiler that I believe him to be.

After asking Ron Paul what 3 things he would do first after inauguration, Paul says there isn’t much one man could do very quickly, but the one thing he could do immediately is send a message to the world that America’s foreign policy has changed, and that we are not looking for wars and want peaceful solutions to problems...Alex Jones Video Here

So, the one thing that I absolutely disagree with Ron Paul on is the one thing he says he can probably get done immediately.

The recent drone incident, and Ron Paul’s reaction, should give you an indication of this Paul policy.

Paul says that it’s all just propaganda that Iran is getting close to making a nuclear bomb. Then when an information gathering drone went down over Iran the debate became, in his words, “should we ask for it back, or should we go in and destroy it?”
Paul pulls up his grandpa pants to chest level and shakes a bony fist while croaking, “we shouldn’t ought to be sending those trouble making flying machines over there.”

Well, big brain, how do we determine if Iran’s nuke capabilities is “just propaganda”? Or don’t you even want to know?

See, this is the danger of Ron Paul.

Why don’t you take a big swig of Milk of Magnesia and calm the frig down while the steely-eyed trouble makers protect the world, okay gramps?

H/T to BigFurHat

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