Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wheee..I Can See Israel From Here!

Ron Paul discussing his foreign policy sounds an awful lot like my brain dead progressive brother, who doesn’t know a thing about anything, let alone the middle east.

When Billo tries to warn our potential commander-in-chief that Iran is a threat to the world because they are seeking nuclear weapons, the potential commander says, well what about Pakistan? What about Saudi Arabia. (My brother does that.)

When Billo correctly states that the situation is much different in that Iran’s stated policy is to wipe Israel off the planet, Ron Paul says this is blowback from past policies.
(This is also what my brother does. That statement, even if it is true, does nothing to advance the ball in the discussion. This is the person who tells you whose fault it is that the ship is going down, but offers absolutely no suggestions as to how to possibly keep from dying. )

The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: Focus, Ron, focus. Pakistan is not the problem. Neither is Saudi Arabia. The current problem is that Iran is seeking a nuke and you want out of the region. Isn’t that a bit foolish?

Crazy Man: The CIA says they are ten years away.

The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: The same CIA that you want to do away with?


The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: So, even if that is accurate, what you are saying is that you are going to let them develop the weapon that they say they are going to use as soon as it is made, and all during your administration you’re not going to do a thing about it, and this new policy is going to help us how?

CRAZY MAN: It’s going to prevent blowback.

The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: Are you serious?

CRAZY MAN: This is the neocon plan all along, and I’m not going to fall for it.

The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: Putting aside that jarringly stupid notion, let’s talk about blowback. What was the hostage taking at the Munich Olympics blowback from?


The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: What was the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran blowback from?


The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: Plane hijackings?


The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: Achille Lauro?


The Sane World Interviewing Ron Paul: So it’s all Israel?

CRAZY MAN: Why do you think I want to let Iran get their nuke? (wink)

Does anyone else notice that a large percentage of Ron Paul videos up on YouTube are titled “Ron Paul schools fill in the blank” ?
Another annoyance is that most pro-Paul videos have negative titles, like “Why Ron Paul is Wrong For America.” and then the video is an endorsement of Ron Paul. How dickish.

Look for my new series on youtube – “Ron Paul Supporters Are Mature and Intelligent.”

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Teresa said...

Ron Paul does act crazy as far as foreign policy is concerned.

Scott said...

Ron Paul has a history of lunacy on many fronts...His opinion of Commie fanatic Dennis Kusinich of OH for one...His interview concerning the legalization of all drugs tells much for another example. I will link to these...following. I have little respect for Paul other than his strong Constitutionality. That can be coopted however.

Scott said...

Paul unplugged...

Paul coopted by a Commie...