Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Required Leftist Reading...The Next Four Years?

Academic indoctrination by leftist professors is rampant in American college and university classrooms. This section of Discover The Networks shows examples of this indoctrination in action. The curricula and courses listed on this page do not represent comprehensive listings, either for the universities in question or for universities generally. They are intended only to illustrate the problem of academic indoctrination, where institutions of higher education fail to fulfill what UC Berkeley president Robert Gordon Sproul identified as "the function of the university" in 1934, or fail to protect the "academic freedom" that Professor Stanley Fish described in 2006.

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1) CURRICULAR STUDIES (Return to top):
* This section includes resources documenting the leftwing bias that pervades particular fields of study and particular universities.

* African American Studies / Black Studies
* English
* Labor Studies
* Multicultural Studies
* Peace Studies
* Raza (Race) Studies
* Social Work Education
* Sociology
* Whiteness Studies
* Women's Studies / Feminist Studies

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