Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crazy Man Speaking...Golden Oldies

This clip that we posted last year demonstrates quite well the insanity of Ron Paul’s foreign policies. This interview took place back June of 2010, just days after the infamous flotilla incident in which Ron Paul came out against Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip saying that embargoes were an act of war, and charging that Israel was not permitting humanitarian aid in to the people that he described were “almost like in concentration camps”:
I think sanctions, embargoes and boycotts, preventing goods from going in, is actually an act of war. …
I think it’s absolutely wrong to prevent people that are starving and having problems that are almost like in concentration camps and saying “yes we endorse this whole concept that we can’t allow ships to go in there in a humanitarian way”.
I think it’s just terrible and I don’t think we should be part of it. Even though if we weren’t involved I would say nothing. So I think this would be a perfect opportunity to argue the case that, you know, “Israel, if you want to do this, you’re on your own. We’re not backing you up!”
What has he been reading, Palestinian propaganda? He’s not even educated on what is actually going on in the Middle East!

Then, when confronted with the truth that they were allowing humanitarian aid in, but were simply trying to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of Hamas, he defended Hamas as a legitimate government as though they should be allowed to get whatever weapons they want. Unbelievable!

The Ron Paul double feature is showing at The Right Scoop.
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