Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Comedy Fest

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Air bags deployed

The Black Prancers

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Nuff Said...

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Authorities in northwestern Pennsylvania say a man published an obituary for his living mother in a ploy to get paid bereavement time off from work.

Relatives called The Jeffersonian Democrat newspaper in Brookville after the obit appeared to report the woman was actually alive and well. The woman herself then visited the paper.

Brookville police charged Scott Bennett, 45, with disorderly conduct on Tuesday.

Democrat editor Randy Bartley says he accepted the obituary in good faith after being unable to confirm the funeral arrangements at press time. He told The Derrick newspaper on Friday that the woman was very understanding.

Police Chief Ken Dworek says Bennett wrote up the memorial notice because he didn't want to get fired for taking time off.

He seems smart enough to work as Obamas jobs Czar.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Great collection ... I can't pick a favorite. Aw heck, the tooth brush.

Scott said...

HAAA...How about that, Mine too...That's the one that got me started!