Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pixsburg City Council Endorses Occupiers

"BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh does support and declare solidarity with Occupy Pittsburgh and the Occupy Wall Street movement, exercising First Amendment rights in a free, open, peaceful, and productive manner, toward the better condition of our citizens and of these United States."

What makes this even more significant is that Occupy Pittsburgh sits on Mellon Green, the property of the financial giant BNY Mellon, last seen trying to use the occupy movement in its marketing materials. Under the pretense of the Occupiers’ safety as the temperature drops, BNY Mellon has issued a warning that they will forcibly evict the encampment. The result of this standoff may set a precedent for the country – are the actions of police forces dictated by large financial institutions, local City Councils, or Mayors? And who currently exerts the most influence over Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl: BNY Mellon or his own Council? BNY Mellon gave Sunday, December 11 as the deadline to evacuate Mellon Green, but as of Monday evening, the encampment remains...Main Street (AFL-CIO)

Here is the reality from the ground in Pittsburgh, however...

BNY Mellon asked a judge to remove members of the Occupy Pittsburgh movement from the small park outside its building early Monday, but protesters showed no signs of leaving anytime soon.

It was the first legal step in the bank's efforts to clear its Downtown property of campers, who have been there for about two months. A sign added to the front of the encampment said, "We're not going anywhere!"

Attorneys for BNY Mellon filed a civil complaint in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court saying the protesters are trespassing and creating a nuisance at the park, called Mellon Green. Yet protesters at the site, near Sixth Avenue and Grant Street, refused to accept a copy of the lawsuit delivered by a pair of sheriff's deputies.

"We are absolutely not here to evict anybody," Sheriff's Lt. Leo O'Neill told the small group gathered at the camp's entrance at about 2 p.m. "(The paperwork) will give you a chance to go to court and have your concerns heard."

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Fire hoses and rubber bullets!

Scott said...

These Pixburgh punks would run home and whine to their mommies...and the lawyers would have a field day. The Oakland port protesters are a much tougher bunch...Hell the women in the top photo are from CA and THEY look pretty tough!