Friday, December 9, 2011

Cordray Does Not Play Well With Others

As Michelle Malkin puts it in her recent article...Ixnay on Cordray the US does not need this one man, a total Obama / legal crony running roughshod over our economy. We in Ohio know very well what kind of techniques that would be applied by just such a Czar to choose the winners and losers.

"While crusading as a consumer watchdog who’ll take on Wall Street, Cordray (whom voters booted from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office last fall) is tight with securities class-action lawyers."

"As Daniel Fisher at Forbes Magazine reported, Cordray has a record of “taking money from lawyers who profit from private litigation that often follows closely on the heels of government investigations.” In other words: Exactly the kind of cozy, crony relationships that created our financial crisis in the first place."

"As for Cordray’s ability to police shady behavior by others, his own record as Ohio Attorney General raises more doubts than it allays. When local papers spotlighted shady campaign account-shifting involving nearly $800,000, even a liberal Ohio Citizen Action leader responded: “I’m sure he’s following the letter of the law. It’s certainly not following the spirit of the law.”

On the left: Richard Cordray. Then…former contestant on Jeopardy. Now…Obama nominee in jeopardy.

A vote on Cordray is scheduled Thursday and the White House doesn’t have the support to secure a filibuster-proof approval. Thus, the taxpayer-funded barn-storming tour this week (which just happens to provide a handy pretext for targeting GOP senators in seven swing states).

But Obama’s radical supporters aren’t about to let the deliberative process stand in their way. They’re pushing the president to follow in TR’s footsteps and ram Cordray through by recess appointment. The George Soros-funded propaganda outfit Think Progress led the rallying cry.

In 1903, Theodore Roosevelt recess-appointed 160 officials during a recess of less than one day. “Such an appointment would not be without political controversy — but would likely be upheld as legal given the Roosevelt precedent,” a Soros operative opined. “Simply put, it’s time for President Obama to speak softly, and carry a big stick.”

Obama’s been thwacking the economy with a Chicago-crafted billy club and wielding brass knuckles against critics, whistleblowers, and true regulatory reformers for the past three years. Memo to the White House: This is not what TR meant when he used his favorite phrase. “Bully!”...Read the entire piece by Michelle Malkin.

I believe that we all know very well what the entire Obama regime feels that they can do under and around our legal system. "We don't need your stinkin' laws" is their mantra, and F*** your Constitution is their rallying cry.

As Bill Cunningham (conservative / libertarian radio host from Cincinnati) said on Hannity last night, "It really does not matter whether it is Cordray or any other Obama Czar; We do not need this huge bureaucracy ruling over all economic activity in the United States."

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