Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Real Employment Records

by Tom Blumer | Newsbusters

The establishment press will never tell their readers, listeners and viewers that the five best-performing states in job growth through the first eleven months of this year, as well as nine of the top eleven, have relatively conservative Republicans occupying their respective governors’ mansions. If these eleven star performers had only performed as well as the rest of the nation, over 300,000 fewer people would be working, and the unemployment rate would be at least 0.2% higher.

The list, based on date released today by Uncle Sam’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, includes several against which the Obama administration has undertaken significant job-killing or job-deferring actions (i.e., these states have outperformed despite the handicaps, and would have done much better without them):

Here it is:

Nine red states with 21% of the population are responsible for almost one-third of this year’s seasonally adjusted job growth. Only two blue states have been relatively strong contributors. Job growth in the rest of the country has been barely half of that seen in the eleven listed states.

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